Reports from the Consuls of the United States, Numerot 73–75

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1887
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Sivu 371 - ... connected with the jail, without being seen by or mingled with the public. Cleanliness is well provided for; in some of the jails there are bathing rooms. To each jail belong as well under as outer clothing, but the prisoners are permitted to wear their own clothes when they are suitable. Twice a day — half an hour in the forenoon, and half an hour in the afternoon — the prisoners are led out to take exercise in the court-yard, which is separated from that of the jailer. The ordinary fare...
Sivu 625 - It is now sought to establish an entirely new form of government. Care must, therefore, be taken to preserve intact both one central body of government, and one universal authority. The land in which your servants live is the land of the Emperor, and the people whom they govern are his subjects.
Sivu 31 - ... of Nature, no place is left for Man. He is reduced to insignificance by the majesty with which he is surrounded. The forces that oppose him are so formidable, that he has never been able to make head against them, never able to rally against their accumulated pressure. The whole of Brazil, notwithstanding its immense apparent advantages, has always remained entirely uncivilized ; its inhabitants wandering savages, incompetent to resist those obstacles which the very bounty of Nature had put in...
Sivu 115 - Relations, and ordered to be printed. To the Senate and House of Representatives : I transmit herewith a letter from the Secretary of State...
Sivu 269 - All articles and things whatsoever imported by the local government for the police or for public institutions. All articles specially imported for the use or decoration or building or repairing of any place of worship, and not imported for sale, on the certificate to that effect of the officiating minister. All articles and things of every description imported by...
Sivu 406 - Standard Library of Tales." There Is a great difference of opinion as to the relative merits of the two sisters as authors. While some critics assign the superiority to Harriet Lee, others claim with equal confidence, that the tales of Sophia Lee are the gems of the original collection.
Sivu 239 - Newfoundland, or either of them, have made changes in their tariffs of duties imposed upon articles imported from Canada, in reduction or repeal of the duties in force in the said countries respectively.
Sivu 464 - The gigantic laurel (Laur-us camphora) that yields the camphor, covers the whole line of high mountains extending north and south throughout Formosa. But as the greater part of this range is in the hands of the aborigines, the Chinese are able to gain access only to those parts of the mountains contiguous to their own territories that are possessed by the more docile tribes. The trees, as they are required, are selected for the abundance of their sap, as many are too dry to repay the labor and trouble...
Sivu 31 - Of its nutritive powers, it is enough to say, that an acre sown with it will support more than fifty persons ; whereas the same amount of land sown with wheat in Europe will only support two persons.
Sivu 639 - ... that goods be compared therewith prior to being shipped, and provided, also, that the officer of customs in every case satisfies himself and certifies on the entry that such goods are in all respects in the same condition and are of the same value as when entered for duty on importation.

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