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c. 90.

C. 93.

-C. 82. prevents frauds in the sale of grain in 586.3. c.82. Ireland, by making any corn, &c. spoiled or adul. terated, or rotten or damaged, which shall be sold or offered for sale, liable to forfeiture, and every person guilty of any such fraud liable to a penalty of 40 shillings.

-0.90. U. K. amends the 51 Geo.3. c.1. (which respects the administration of the royal authority, &c. during his majesty's illness, &c.) by encreasing the number of her majesty's council ; and by providing for the mode of summoning parliament in the several events therein mentioned. —c. 91. E. provides for appointing commis

c. 91. sioners to inquire concerning charities in England for the education of the poor.

--Ċ. 93. U. K. enacts that no bill of exchange or promissory note, that shall be drawn or made after the passing of this act, (June 10, 1818) shall, though it may have been given for an usurious consideration, &c. be void in the hands of an indorsee for valuable consideration, without notice, &c.

-c. 95. E. and W. regulates the place, time, and mode of electing coroners in England and Wales. -c. 98.U.K. explains and amends the 51 Geo.3.

c. 98. c. 23. which respects the abolition of the slave trade.

The table of such statutes as are abridged or referred to in the Supplement, is prefixed to the Index: and it is to be observed that the duration of acts, as well as the statutes which continue or perpetuate others, will be found by reference to the chronological tables ; which

of the plan of the work, though detailed in the pre



c. 95.

face, has appeared to me to have not been sufficiently understood.

This Supplement and Preface exhibit some instances of statutes, which were originally framed with relation to England or Great Britain, being by subsequent statutes extended to Ireland; but it appears to me to be desirable that this principle of assimilation should have been acted upon to a greater extent; and I should hope that the next parliament may take the subject into its consideration, and not satisfy itself with a gradual or piecemeal assimilation of the laws of the respective parts of the united kingdom ; in those cases,, I mean, where they are not rendered peculiar by local circumstances : I presume also to hope, that these labours of mine may be subservient to this good purpose, amongst others.






The Statutes


The statutes marked thus are but partially abridged.

fc. in the first column means “ and to the end of the next session of parliament," and in the third column, (&c.) after the figures, supplies the words “ and in pages immediately following."

U. K. in the second column means that the act extends to the united kingdom ; G. B. Great Britain ; E. England ; E & W. England and Wales ; E. &c. England, Wales and Berwick ; S. Scotland ; I. Ireland.

The statutes are perpetual, or their duration indefinite, unless otherwise mentioned in the first column, or in the botton notes,

To what part of the Pošt Union Acts. united kingdom ex.. Subject matter. Pages where founda

tending or relating. GEORGE III. 52 Geo. 3. c. 12.


Naval stores embezzling, 361 c. force to June 15, 1818, by 57)


Watching and warding, 38€, &c,
Geo. 3. c. 38.

c. 32.

Militia, 156
c. 31.

Wandering soldiers, 431

Infant suitors' stock transferred, 322
c. 34,

Insolvent debtors, 295, &c.
*c. 38.
E. &W

Local militia, 158, &c.
SC, 50,
IU, K.
Inhancing coin. Depreciating notes,

(512, &c,
*c. 51.

Commissioners of military accounts, 8 *c. 52.

Commissioners of public accounts, 8

Coadjutors of bishops, 510
U. K.

Embezzling securities deposited, 439, &c,
c. 64.
G, B.
Obtaining bonds, &c. by false pretences

448 E.

Assessments for poor, 84
*c. 78.

Commissioners of appeals, 29
c. 101.
U. K.

Charitable trusts, 309
c. 102,
E. & W.

Charitable donations registered, 190
c. 104,
G. B,

Unlawful oaths, 368
c. 110.

County rates. Bridges, &c. 83

Militia, 159
G. B.

Malicious mischief, 373
c. 138,

Counterfeiting tokens, &c. 336, &c. 44 1G, B. Revenue offerces capital, 423, &c. 4419.

&c. 452-3 462-4 5 Revived and continued by 54 Geo. 3. c. 52, during restrictions on payments in cash.

c. 62. c. 63.

C, 73.


c. 116. c. 130,

U. K.

c. 143,

Post Union Acts.

52 Geo, 3. c. 144.

c. 146, c. 155. c. 156. c. 157.

To what part of the
united kingdom ex. Subject matter. Pages where found.
tending or relating
U. K.

Bankrupts' seats in parliament, 212

Register of births, marriages, &c. 181
E & W.

Dissenters relieved, 328
U. K.

Aiding escape of prisoners of war, 363
U. K.
Circulation of tokens restrained, 338,

&c. E.

Infant suitors', &c. stock transferred, 322

c. 158.

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*c. 160.

E. & W. *c. 161.

E. 53 Geo. 3. c. 13.

U. K. *c. 20.

E. *c. 24.

c. 40.

G, B.

c. 48.

c, 49.

E. c. 54,

I. c. 66.

I. c. 71.

G. B.
c. 76.


G. B.
c. 87.

G, B. c. 89.

U. K.
c. 92.

c. force E.
to Nov, 1, 18i8, &c. S
c. 106.

c. 107.

c. 112.

U. K.
C. 114.

U. K.
c. 127.



*c. 77. *c 81.

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Parochial relief. Poor prisoners, 45
Crown lands, 32

Issuing, &c. of tokens restrained, 343
Militia, 153
Vice chancellor appointed, 221
Rate of wages, 170
Militia, 157
Splittióg votes. Parliament, 4
Sale of offices, 179
Parish churches, 148
Controverted elections, 20, &C.
Presentment roads, 63
Toll bridges, 84
Militia, 157
Salvage, 444, &c.
Election writs. Parliament, 8
Bishops' leases. Mensal lands, 198
Insolvent debtors, 255, &c.

Counterfeiting tokens. 353
Endowed schools regulated, 310
Slave trade, 422
Issuing, &c. of tokens restrained, 343
Church rates Ecclesiastical courts,

Tithes, 150. 224-5.228, &c.
Roman catholics' oaths, 88.
Sale of offices, 179
Court houses, 223
Militia, 153
Insolvent debiors, 255 to 287. 296, &c.

Bank of England notes, iinitating, 450 Annuities registered, 207 to 212 Post roads, 2 Admiralty registrar, 454 Judges' pensions, 29 Ship owners' responsibility, 237, &c. Dissenters relieved. Heresy. Blasphe

my, 328

Clergyable felonies.


503 Issuing, &c. of tokens restrained, 345 Militia, 106 Accountant general of chancery, 326 Scats in parliament vacated, 7 Insolvent debtors, 287, &c,

Inhancing notes. Depreciating notes,

516 Copyright. Models and casts of busts,

205, &c. Embezzletpent. Cordage. 362 Public infirmaries or hospitals, 87

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# In force during restrictions on payments in cash,

*c. 70.

*c. 86.

*c. 15.

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c. 131.

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|To what part of the TT Post Union Acts, united kingdom ex- Subject matter, Pages where found,

tending or relating 54 Geo. *. c. 68.


Ecclesiastical courts. Tithes. Church

rates, 152, 225-8, &c, 511

Crown lands. Forgery. 33. 452

Michaelmas quarter sessions, 467
U, K.

Personating soldiers, Forgery, &c, 462
c. 90,

Bridges, &c maintained, 82

Overseers of the poor, 84

Judges' annuities, Ireland, 29
c. 96,
E. & W.

Apprentices, &c. 172
c. 101.
E. & I.

Child stealing, 439
E. & W.

Parish apprentices, &c. $4
c. 109.

Highways. Statute duty, 59
c. 112,

Fever hospitals, 87
c.114. in force 2 \I.

Insolvent debtors, 29.)
to Nov. 1, 1817, &c.
c. 115

Burning land, 431
c. 116

Wages recovered, 170
c. 117,

Churches. Church yards, 149
County police. Constables, &c. 46 to 51

223 *c. 133. G. B.

Stamps, Forgery, 454
c. 14,
U. K.

Attainder for felony, 507
c. 146,
U. K.

Sentence in high treason, 505
c, 156.
U K.

Copyright. Books, 200, &c.
*c. 159.
U. K.

Regulation of ports, barbours, &c. 30,&c.
c. 168.
U. K.

Attestation of deeds, &c. in exccution of *c. 170.

powers, 196 E & W

Settlement of poor, &c, 508, &c,
tc. 180.

Peace preservation, 377, &c,
c. 181.
Remedy for assaults,

226, &c.
c. 186.
U. K.

Prisoners escaping 55 Geo. 3. c. 13.

Warrants, 469, 1. Superintending magistrates. Coustables

51, &c.
c. 43.
E. & W.

Examiners of measures, 426, &c.
c. 46,

Lunatics. Paupers. Criminals, 35
E. & W.

Clergymen. Gaols, fc, 45
c. 49.
E. & W.
Returns of prisoners committed, tried,

&c. 490, &
c. 511,

Gaol fees abolished, 45. 486, &c.
c. 65.

Militia, 153
c. 68.

Highways, 57, &c.
c. 88.

Assaults, 227

Court-houses, 295
c. 91.

Costs. Witnesses. Felony, 489

Gaols building, 46
c. 10:1.

Stamp duties. Forgery, 460
c 114.

Master of the Rolls. Six-clerks, 179
c. 127.
U, K.

Naval and ordnance stores. Embezzling, c. 134.

Pre-emption of ore, 35
*c. 143.

County bridges, 82
c. 147.
E. & W.

Exchange of glebes, 152, &c.
c. 157.
(U. K.
Commissioners of affidavits, &c. 253

324 c. 158. I.

Constables, compensation to, 05. 470 *c. 161.

502 I,

Stamp duties. Forgery, 460
G. B.

Stamp duties, Forgery, 455
c. 185.
G, B.

Stamp duties. Forgery. 453. 465
c. 152.

E. & I. 56 Geo. 3. c. 5.

Wills. Copyholds, 198, &c.
U. K.
Naval courts martial. Pardon, &c.

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c. 48

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*c. 89.

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c. 92.

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+ In force for one year from the end of the session of 1817, by 57 Geo, 3, 4, 50.

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