Van-ti, the Chinese magistrate; and other tales of other countries


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Sivu 15 - ... the wished-for consummation. The last scene in this tragic play is generally a room in the rear of the building, a species of dead-house, where lie stretched those who have passed into the state...
Sivu 15 - Some entering half distracted to feed the craving appetite they had been obliged to subdue during the day ; others laughing and talking wildly under the effects of a first pipe ; whilst the couches around are filled with their different occupants.
Sivu 143 - READINGS IN SCIENCE ; Being familiar EXPLANATIONS of some of the most interesting Appearances and Principles in NATURAL PHILOSOPHY.
Sivu 15 - A few days of this fearful luxury, when taken to excess, will give a pallid and haggard look to the face ; and a few months, or even weeks, will change the strong and healthy man into little better than au idiot skeleton. The pain they suffer when deprived of the drug, after long habit, no language can explain ; and it is only when to a certain extent under its influence that their faculties are alive.
Sivu 144 - A FAMILIAR HISTORY OF BIRDS ; Their Nature, Habits, and Instincts. By the Right Rev. E. STANLEY, DD, Lord Bishop of Norwich. With many Wood'Cuts, handsomely bound and gilt.
Sivu 15 - The drug is prepared with some kind of conserve, and a very small portion is sufficient to charge it, one or two whiffs being the utmost that can be inhaled from a single pipe, and the smoke is taken into the lungs as from the hookah in India.
Sivu 142 - Engravings, 4s., MANNERS AND CUSTOMS MENTIONED IN HOLY SCRIPTURE, Illustrated by Extracts from the WORKS of TRAVELLERS.
Sivu 11 - I did send for a cup of tea (a China drink), of which I had never drunk before.
Sivu 14 - ... of the latter. Pity, if possible, takes the place of other feelings, as we watch the faded cheek and haggard look of the being abandoned to the power of the drug; whilst disgust is uppermost at the sight of the human creature levelled to the beast by intoxication.
Sivu 15 - ... in India. On a beginner, one or two pipes will have an effect, but an old stager will continue smoking for hours.

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