Bell's Edition, Niteet 57–58

J. Bell, 1784
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Sivu xxii - Or dost thou warn poor mortals left behind, A task well suited to thy gentle mind? Oh ! if sometimes thy spotless form descend : To me, thy aid, thou guardian genius, lend ! When rage misguides me, or when fear alarms, When pain distresses, or when pleasure charms, In silent whisperings purer thoughts impart, And turn from ill, a frail and feeble heart ; Lead through the paths thy virtue trod before, Till bliss shall join, nor death can part us more.
Sivu 76 - Heaven and Earth impart, The smiles of Nature, and the charms of Art; While proud Oppression in her valleys reigns, And Tyranny usurps her...
Sivu 155 - In vain the Tyrians on their arms rely, In vain attempt to fight, in vain to fly: All their endeavours and their hopes are vain ; Some die entangled in the winding train ; Some are devour'd; or feel a loathsome death, Swoln up with blasts of pestilential breath.
Sivu 172 - And now I faint with grief; my fate draws nigh; In all the pride of blooming youth I die: Death will the sorrows of my heart relieve. Oh might the visionary youth survive, I should with joy my latest breath resign ! But oh! I see his fate involv'd in mine.
Sivu xiv - Cato was not so much the wonder of Rome in his days, as he is of Britain in ours ; and though all the foolish industry possible has been used to make it thought a party play, yet what the author once said of another may the most properly in the world be applied to him on this occasion : " ' Envy itself is dumb — in wonder lost ; And factions strive who shall applaud him most.
Sivu 116 - The god sits high, exalted on a throne Of blazing gems, with purple garments on ; The hours, in order rang'd on either hand, And days, and months, and years, and ages stand. Here spring appears with...
Sivu 75 - And fhow th' immortal labours in my verfe, Where from the mingled ftrength of fhade and light, A new creation rifes to my fight, Such heav'nly figures from his pencil flow, So warm with life his blended colours glow. From theme to theme with fecret pleafure toft, Amidft the foft variety I'm loft...
Sivu 163 - Who now appear'd but one continued wound. With dropping tears his bitter fate he moans, And fills the mountain with his dying groans. His servants with a piteous look he spies, And turns about his supplicating eyes. His...
Sivu xxi - Oft let me range the gloomy ifles alone, (Sad luxury ! to vulgar minds unknown) Along the walls where fpeaking marbles fhow What worthies form the hallow'd mould below : Proud names, who once the reins of empire held ; In arms who triumph'd ; or in arts excell'd ; Chiefs, grac'd with fears, and prodigal of blood; Stern patriots, who for facred freedom...
Sivu 127 - And all the day stand round the tomb, and weep. Four times, revolving, the full moon return'd ; So long the mother and the daughters mourn'd : When now the...

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