Running Encyclopedia

Human Kinetics, 2002 - 417 sivua

Written by two of the most popular authors on running, the Running Encyclopedia provides a complete look at the sport's history, key figures, major events, and primary training theories and terms.

More than 1,000 listings highlight the most influential runners, coaches, races, training methods, and events in modern history. You can use the book to look up reliable information on training topics such as threshold training, negative splits, and carbo loading. You'll also find more than 100 photographs that capture the history of road racing, including some rarely seen photographs from the early days of the sport. The race accounts, photos, and commentary will make you feel as though you witnessed each event.

More than five million runners in the United States compete in road races from the 5K to the marathon every year, and millions more watch everything from regional road races to the Olympics. Despite such widespread popularity and a history of spectacular races and intriguing personalities, no one ever before has compiled a comprehensive encyclopedia of the sport. Now two of the most popular writers on running have joined forces to give runners the definitive reference on the sport.

The Running Encyclopedia is an omnibus history of road racing, an easy-to-use source of solid information, and, at the same time, simply a good read. The book provides a complete look at the sport's history, key figures, major events, and primary training theories and terms. It brings together the incredible, the outrageous, the seemingly mundane, the startling, the astounding, and the unforgettable people and places that have made road racing perhaps the most popular adult sport in the world. The authors' personal experiences lend a new perspective on events and figures that you may already be familiar with.

Whether you choose to let the book fall open to a random listing, look up a specific subject, or read the tome through from A to Z, you'll pull the Running Encyclopedia from your shelf again and again.


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Currently the editor of Marathon & Beyond, Richard Benyo is a former editor of Runner's World (1977-84), a veteran distance runner, and the author of 16 previous books on running, health, and fitness. He also served as the running columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle, and in 1998 he was named Journalist of the Year by the Road Runners Club of America (RRCA).

Benyo first became interested in road racing after participating in college cross country. He lives in Forestville, California, with his wife, Rhonda Provost. In his leisure time he enjoys running, reading, and sailing.

Joe Henderson has been running and writing for more than 40 years since his early experiences in high school track. Like Benyo, he is a former editor of Runner's World (1970-77) and a prolific author, having written 22 previous books on running and fitness. He was RRCA's Journalist of the Year in both 1979 and 1997--making him the only person to receive this distinction twice--and he has been a member of the RRCA Hall of Fame since 1979.

Henderson is highly regarded in the running community and is currently the West Coast editor of Runner's World. He and his wife, Barbara Shaw, live in Eugene, Oregon. His hobbies, like his work, include reading, writing, and running.

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