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Quid magis est durum faxo, quid mollius unda ? This is a Imall fragment of an Idyllium on the Dura tamen molli fara cavantur aqua. death of Hyacinthus, whom Apollo unfortunately And, flew as he was playing with him at quoits.

Ver. 2. Apollo is said to have invented phyfic. | Gutta cavat lapidem non vi, sed sæpe cadendo. He tells Daphne, Ovid Metamorph. book i.

Inventum medicina meum eft, opiferque per orbem
Dicor, et herborum subjecta potentia nobis,

This seems to have been part of a speech of Po

lyphemus, in an idyllium on the subject of Acis Medicine is mine ; what herbs and simples grow In fields and forests, all their powers I know; }

| and Galatea ; which Ovid probably imitated in

his Metamorph. Book 13. For, similar to this And am the great phylician callid below.

fragment, are the following lines ; Dryden.

-gradiens ingenti littora passu FRAGMENT II.

Degravat ! I have always thought, that this fragment | -- with Talking pace he ftrodc.

should be underttond, allegorically, of those who, And stamp'd the margin of the briny flood.
though they have riches (or talents) in abundance,
yet make no use of them. . Longepierre. And,

Prominet in pontum, &c.
Thus Apollo, in Ovid, Metamorph. Books. A promontory, sharpening by degrees,
Hei mihi, quod nullis amor eft medicabilis herbis !

On either side, below, the water flows;
To cure the pains of love, no plant avails. Dryden. This airy walk the giant lover chose. - Drgda

This proverb is common almost to every nation.
Thus Ovid,

Similar to this is the second Ode of Anacreon

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