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Tous celebrated poem on the Loves of Hero and Leander has been admired by the politeit scholars baner many ages : And though Mr. Waller, and several other writers of the finest tatte, have conjece tured it to be one of the florics

Which old Mufæus fo divinely fung, many convincing arguments might be brought to prove it to have been the work of a later au, chor, a grammarian of that name, who lived in the fifth century.

Nor let the English reader look upon the citle of grammarian as a term of reproach, though now frequently used as such. The profession styled by the ancients reupatixn, was the same with the belles lettres among the moderns : And the appellation of grammarian was particularly applied to those who excelled in every kind of polite writing.

The first English translation of the following poem appeared in the year 1647, by Sir Robert Staprizon. It has since that time been frequently attempted; but with what success, is left to the judgmaat of others.

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