Sivut kuvina

of a Pen so much Superior in every Qualification, make their approach to you with a perfect Sense how little Comparison there is between that Happy Beginning, and this Imperfect Continuation of so useful an Undertaking. They skreen themselves therefore under Your Lordship's Goodness and Candor; Virtues that always incline the most Able and Judicious Minds to Veil the Defects of what is honestly design'd for a General Good. They come also as the slender

Tribute of One thankful for

the Countenance and Respect You have been hitherto pleased


to favour Him with, and ever
desirous to improve all the In-
stances of it, to the Honour of
God, and the Benefit of our
Holy Religion, by a more chear-
ful Application to the Studies
of his Calling, and the Duties
of his Station. . . .

Now that GoD, the Saviour
of his Church, would grant to
-Your Lordship, and the rest of
our Spiritual Fathers, who have
had the Judgment to Discern,
and the Courage to Defend, the
real Interests of ourChurch and
State, a prolonged and happy
Life; whereinto reapthepresent
and due Reward of Universal

Honour, Esteem,and Reverence,


and which may terminate in the late, but sure, Enjoyment of those consummate Glories, that are the future Portion of Great and Good Men, is the most hearty Prayer of

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