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and C. H 1 t c H, J, and J. PeMBerton, R. WA R E, C. RivingtoN, F. CLAY, A. WAR D, J. and P. KNAPTon, T. Lo NG MAN, R. Hett, and J. Wood.

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2. A New TREATISE of GEOGRAPH ri containing, 1. The Rudiments of the Science, with a general Account of our Globe. 2. An Explication of the several Parts of Land and Water; as Continents,

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four great Parts of the World, with the several Empires, Kingdoms, Republicks, and Countries; shewing their Bounds, Divisions, Capital and other Cities and Towns in Alphabetical Order, and the Bearing of each Province from the Center of the Country; the Latitude and Longitude of such Center, and its Distance and Bearing from the Metropolis, and from London; Things most remarkable in each Country, with their Commodities, Religion, Government, Language, &c. 4. Distinét Alphabetical Accounts of Islands; Peninsula's, and Isthmus's; Capes, Promontories, and Mountains; Banks, Sholes, and Estuaries; Streights, Channels, and Canals; Lakes; Gulfs; Bays, Harbours, Havens, Sounds, and Friths; Rivers; Seas, and Oceans. The Whole after a new, easy, and comprehenfive Method, and containing more Particulars, in many Respects, than any Treatise of the like Kind yet extant. By E. HAT Ton, Gent.

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With No T E s, on the o 2. •

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Words, and Phrases of the N E w TE s T A M E N T,
excepting the Revelation.

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By T H O M A S P r L E, M. A.
Minister of Lyn-Regis in Norfolk, and Prebendary of the
Cathedral Church of Sarum.

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Printed for D. MIDw INTER, A. Bettesworth and C. H. 1 r ch,
J. and J. Pe MBER to N, R. WAR E, C. Rivington, F. Clay,
A. WAR D, J. and P. KNAPTon, T. Long MAN, R. Hett, and

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My Lok D,

o, OT only the Relation I have the Happiness * to bear to You, as my Reverend Diocesan, but the just Sense I ever had of that truly

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Religious Wisdom You have exerted as a Bishop of this Church ; and the difficult and constant Part You have acted in Parliament, under the most critical Juncture of Affairs, may, I hope, warrant my Address of the following Papers to You.

Your Lordship's great Abilities, and known Disposition for advancing of whatever tends to good Learning, real Piety, and the true Interests of our Reformed Religion, is what gives heart to any fincere (tho’ but mean) Contributor to sue for Your favourable Protection.

My L or D, These Papers being a Supplement to the Work

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