Miscellaneous Correspondence, Nide 1

W. Owen., 1759
Containing a variety of subjects, relative to natural and civil history, geography, mathematics, poetry, memoirs of monthly occurrences, catalogues of new books, &c...

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Sivu 159 - But when the gloomy reign of Night returns, Stript of her fading pride, all Nature mourns: The trees no more their wonted verdure boast.
Sivu 341 - A planet seen between the Earth and Sun, A prize which merit never yet has won, A loss which prudence seldom can retrieve, The death of Judas and the fault of Eve, A part between the...
Sivu 121 - s dragonish, A vapour sometime like a bear or lion, A tower'd citadel, a pendent rock, A forked mountain, or blue promontory With trees upon 't, that nod unto the world And mock our eyes with air : thou hast seen these signs ; They are black vesper's pageants.
Sivu 275 - Britain, our lieutenants of our several counties, governors of our forts and garrisons, and all other officers and soldiers under them, by sea and land, to do and execute all acts of hostility, in the prosecution of this war against the said King of Spain, his vassals and subjects, and to oppose their attempts.
Sivu 275 - French king ; declaring, that whatfoever fhip or veflel (hall be met withal, tranfporting or carrying any loldiers, arms, powder, ammunition, or other contraband goods, to any of the territories, lands, plantations, or countries of the faid French king, the fame being taken, (hall be condemned as good and lawful prize.
Sivu 275 - Vessel shall be met withal, transporting or carrying any soldiers, Arms, Powder, Ammunition, or any other Contraband Goods, to any of the Territories, Lands, Plantations, or Countries of the said French King, the same, being taken, shall be condemned as good and lawful Prize.
Sivu 159 - We view the traces of th' almighty hand ; Millions of ftars in heaven's wide vault appear, And with new glories hang the boundlefs fphere.: The filver moon her weftern couch forfakes, And o'er the fkies her nightly circle makes, Her folid globe beats back the funny rays, And to the world her borrow'd light repays. Whether thofe...
Sivu 165 - ProtenionofourPofieffions in America, and to the Regaining of fuch Parts thereof, as had been encroached upon, or invaded, in Violation of the Peace, and contrary to the Faith of the moft folemn Treaties. For this Purpofe, the Maritime Force of this Kingdom has been got ready with the utmoft...
Sivu 402 - Addrefs fhould be prefented to his Majefty, that he would be gracioufly pleafed to give Directions to the proper Officer or Officers to lay before the Houfe, the following Account, which was accordingly laid before the Houfe on the ayth of the fame Month, and was as follows, jin Account of.
Sivu 130 - Indians to our Intereft. — I cannot clofe my Letter to you, Sir, without taking Notice how much I am obliged to Lieut. Col. Monckton's military Skill, and good Conduit, for our Succefs at Beaufejour ; Capt.

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