A Commentary on Homer's Odyssey, Kirjat 17–24

Oxford University Press, 1993 - 460 sivua
Now available in paperback, this is the final instalment of a three-volume presentation in English of a commentary on Homer's Odyssey compiled by an international team of scholars and published in Italian under the auspices of the Fondazione Lorenzo Valla. In this volume the commentary byRusso (books xvii-xx), Fernandez-Galiano (books xxi-xxii), and Huebeck (books xxiii-xxiv) is preceded by introductions dealing with the books in question. For this English version the introduction and commentary have been thoroughly revised and adapted to the text of T. W. Allen in the OxfordClassical Texts series. There is also a consolidated index at the end of this volume.

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A. Heubeck was contributor to Volumes I and II of the commentary on Homer's Odyssey

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