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Sivu 214 - Hence in a season of calm weather Though inland far we be, Our Souls have sight of that immortal sea Which brought us hither, Can in a moment travel thither, And see the Children sport upon the shore, And hear the mighty waters rolling evermore.
Sivu 214 - But for those first affections Those shadowy recollections, Which, be they what they may, Are yet the fountain light of all our day, Are yet a master light of all our seeing ; Uphold us, cherish, and have power to make Our noisy years seem moments in the being Of the eternal silence : truths that wake, To perish never ; Which neither listlessness, nor mad endeavour, Nor man nor boy, Nor all that is at enmity with joy, Can utterly abolish or destroy...
Sivu 210 - ... terror to the imagination ; but pouring, withal, such floods of light upon the mind that you might for a season, like Paul, become blind in the very act of conversion.
Sivu 76 - In other parts of the island, where the population has never undergone the influence of the same causes of physical degradation, it is well known that the same race furnish the most perfect specimens of human beauty and vigor, both mental and bodily.
Sivu 265 - If the flesh,' says the great chemist, 'be introduced into the boiler when the water is in a state of brisk ebullition, and if the boiling be kept up for a few minutes, and the pot then placed in a warm place, so that the temperature of the water is kept at 158° to 165°, we have the united conditions for giving to the flesh the qualities which best fit it for being eaten.
Sivu 62 - The joints are said to have been longer, and the fore legs crooked. The shape of this animal rendering it unable to leap over fences, it was determined to propagate its peculiarities, and the experiment proved successful ; a new race of sheep was produced which, from the form of the body, has been termed the otter-breed. It seems to be uniformly...
Sivu vii - A TREATISE ON DISEASES OF THE AIR PASSAGES. Comprising an inquiry into the History, Pathology, Causes, and Treatment of those Affections of the Throat called Bronchitis, Chronic Laryngitis, Clergyman's Sore Throat, etc., etc.
Sivu 117 - day " and " daytime " mean between nine o'clock in the morning and six o'clock in the evening.
Sivu 531 - When visiting Messrs. Boulton and Watt's celebrated factory at the Soho, Birmingham, some years since, we were much struck by the Herculean aspect of a particular workman, who was engaged in forging the steel dies (used in coining) into the massive blocks of iron in which they are imbedded. This, we were informed, was the most laborious occupation in the whole factory, requiring a most powerful arm to wield the heavy hammer whose blows were necessary to ensure the union of the two metals, and involving...
Sivu 266 - ... to boiling ; and the liquid, after boiling briskly for a minute or two, is strained through a towel from the coagulated albumen and the fibrine, now become hard and horny, we obtain an equal weight of the most aromatic soup, of such strength as cannot be obtained, even by boiling for hours, from a piece of flesh. When mixed with salt and the other usual additions, by which soup is usually seasoned, and tinged somewhat darker by means of roasted onions or burnt sugar, it forms the very best soup...

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