Greenwich: Its History, Antiquities, Improvements, and Public Buildings

Simpkin & Marshall, 1834 - 130 sivua

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Sivu 91 - Catharine his wife, accompanied with many lords and ladies, rode a maying from Greenwich to the high ground of Shooter's Hill ; where as they passed by the way they espied a company of tall yeomen clothed all in green, with green hoods, and with bows and arrows to the number of 200.
Sivu 33 - Maskers came in, with sixe gentlemen disguised in silke bearyng staffe torches, and desired the ladies to daunce, some were content, and some that knewe the fashion of it refused, because it was not a thyng commonly seen. And after thei daunced and commoned together, as the fashion of the Maskes is, thei toke their leave and departed, and so did the Quene, and all the ladies.
Sivu 96 - Edward's dayes, Quene Mary, and Elizabeth our Quene. He maryed was, though children he had none, And lyv'd in love full thre and thirty yeres With loyal spowse, whos name yclypt was Jone, Who, here entomb'd, him company now bears.
Sivu 55 - ... in April 1715 ; near him is an old man with a pendulum, counting the seconds of time, as Mr. Flamstead makes his observations with his great mural arch...
Sivu 60 - The ascent to it is by three steps of black marble, on which is fixed an ornamental railing, representing festoons of ears of corn, and vine foliage.

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