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Descent (continued).
collateral consanguinity, ii., 204.
heirs apparent and presumptive, ii., 208.
canons of descent, ii., 208, et seq.
lineal descent to issue of person last
seized, ii., 208.

partible descent among daughters, ii.,


descent of title of honor to daughter,
ii., 216.

ancient partible descent in socage, ii.,


effect of union of legal and equitable ti-
tles, ii., 222, n.

different heirs to the same person, in
respect of different estates, ib.
immediate descent between brothers
and sisters, ii., 226, and 250.
half blood, ii., 227, 233, 240.
possessio patris, ii., 228.
preference of male stocks, ii., 234,


240, n.

rules of descent, subsequent to the year
1833, ii., 240, n.

descent now traced from the purchas-
er, ib.

inconvenience of this rule, ib.
lineal ascent, ib.

through an alien, ii., 226, n., 250, 251.
corruption of blood, ii., 251, 253.
escheat, ii., 244. See "Escheat."
modes of failure of hereditary blood,
ii., 246.

representation, ii., 216, 219.
collateral heir, ii., 220, 224.
fiction of feudum novum, held ut anti- Disabilities, iv., 377.
quum, ii., 221.

changing the stock of descent, ii., 240, n.
effect of partition on, ii., 191, n.
of equity, changed by merger in legal
estates, ii., 337, n.

change of, by recovery, ii., 362, n.
when heir takes by purchase, ii., 240, n.
limitation to the heirs of A., ii., 240, n.
of copyholds, admittance of heir, ii., 371.
rules of, followed in equity, iii., 430.
Desertion of children, i., 458.

by soldiers, i., 416; iv., 102.

Digests, i., 81.
Dignities, ii., 37, 91.
descent of, ii., 216.
courtesy of, ii., 126, n.
Dignity of the royal, i., 241.
Dilapidations, remedy for, iii., 91.
Dilatory pleas, iii., 301.

within what time to be pleaded, iii.,
301, n.

Diminishing the coin, iv., 90, 100, n.
Diminution of record, iv., 390.
Diocese, i., 111.

Direct prerogatives, i., 239.
Directory part of a law, i., 55.

particular words, ii., 19.

Detainer, forcible, iii., 179; iv., 148.

unlawful, iii., 151.

Determinable fee, ii., 109, n. See "Es-


Disfiguring, iv., 207, 208, n.
Dismembering, punishment by, iv., 377.
Dismission of bill, iii., 451.

| Disorderly houses, iv., 167.

on Sunday, iv., 64, n.
persons, iv., 169.
Disparagement, ii., 70.
Dispensing power of the king, i., 142, 186,
342; iv., 436, 440.
Dispossession, iii., 167, 198.

Dissection of murderers, iv., 202, and n.,
377, 453.

Detinet, action of debet and, iii., 156.
Detinue, action of, when it may be
brought, iii., 152.
judgment in, ib.
execution, iii., 413.

Devastation, ii., 508.

Devises, ii., 374; iv., 430. See "Wills."
executory, ii., 172, 175, n.

fraudulent, iii., 430, n.

Die eat sine, iii., 316, 399.

Diet, excess in, 171.

Diets, i., 147.

to purchase and convey, ii., 291.
plea to, iii., 301.

Disabling a man's limbs or members, iv.,
205-7, 208, n.

Disabling statutes, ii., 320; iv., 432.
Discipline, Church, Act, i., 381, n.
Disclaimer of tenure, ii., 275; iii., 233.
of estate, ii., 309.
Discontinuance, ii., 275; iii., 171, 295.
Discovery on oath, iii., 382, 437.
of accomplices, iv., 330, 331.
Discretion of judges, iii., 433.
Discretionary fines and imprisonment, iv


Disseizin, ii., 195, 302; iii., 169.
at election, iii., 170.

Description of property, construction of Dissuading witnesses, offense of, iv., 126.
Distrainers, must find a proper pound, iii.,

13, n.

Distress, remedy by, iii., 5; ii., 41, 42, 43,

writ of entry sur, iii., 183.
release of right, ii., 325.
Dissenters, Protestant, iv., 50

disturbing worship of, iv., 54, and n.
Dissolution of Parliament, i., 188.


for what it may be made, iii., 6.
limitation as to recovery by, ib.

right of, affected by bankruptcy of ten-
ant, iii., 6, n.

must be an actual demise at a fixed
rent, ib.

what may be distrained, iii., 6.
exemptions from, iii., 7.
benefit of trade, not of itself sufficient
ground of exemption, iii., 7, n.
goods in custody of the law, iii., 9, n.
when goods or cattle of a stranger may
be distrained, iii., 8.

[blocks in formation]

can not be made twice, iii., 11.

must not be excessive, ib.
remedy for excessive, ib.
how to be disposed of, iii., 12.
impounding, ib.

sale of, iii., 13.
party distraining not to be deemed tres-
passer ab initio, iii., 14.
irregularity in, does not make the land-
lord a trespasser ab initio, iii., 213.
illegal for crown debts, iv., 423.
infinite, iii., 231, 280; iv., 285, 318.
Distribution of intestate effects, ii., 315;
iv., 408, 424, 439.

law of domicil, ii., 387, n.
Distringas, iii., 280.

modern writ of, iii., 287, n.
how issued, iii., 287, n.
notice to defendant to appear, ib.
its execution and return, ib.

in detinue, iii., 413.
in equity, iii., 445.
Disturbance, iii., 236.

[blocks in formation]

of common, iii., 237.
of franchises, iii., 236.
of patronage, iii., 242.
of tenure, ib.

of ways, iii., 241.
Disturbance of religious assemblies, iv., Dukes, i., 397, 409.

54, and n.

[blocks in formation]

Dower, title by, in general, iv., 424.
estate in, its origin, nature, and inci-
dents, ii., 129, et seq.

of wife of heir, who died without hav-
ing been seized, ii., 209, n.
of a trust, ii., 127, n., 132, n.
of wife of felon, ii., 253.
how prevented, ii., 136.
jointure in lieu of, ii., 137.
unde nihil habet, writ of, iii.,
writ of right of, ib.
writ of admeasurement of, ib.
Downing College, i., 28, n.
Draft for money, ii., 467.
Dramatic piece, right to represent, ii.,


407, n.
Drawbacks, i., 315.

Drawing to the gallows, iv., 92, 337.
Driving, furious, offense of, iv., 217, n.
Drover, traveling on Sunday, iv., 64, n.
Drowning, attempt to murder by, iv.,
208, n.

mine, iv., 246, n.

Druids, their customs, i., 63; iv., 408.
Drunkenness, how far it excuses crime,
iv., 25.

punishment for, &c., iv., 64, n.
Duchy court of Lancaster, iii., 78.
Ducking-stool, iv., 169, 377.

Dueling, iii., 337, 351; iv., 145, 185, 199,
and n.

Dumb and deaf persons, trial of, iv., 324
and n.

Dum fuit infra ætatem, writ of, iii., 183.
non compos mentis, writ of, ib.
Duodecima manus, iii., 343.
Duplex querela, iii., 246.
Duplicates, iii., 310.

Duplicity in pleading, iii., 308, 311.
Duress of imprisonment, i., 131, 136.
per minas, i., 131.

Duress, conveyance by person under, ii.,


of testator, ii., 497.

Durham, county palatine of, i., 117, 118.
palatine jurisdiction of, separated from
the bishopric, iii., 79, n.

court of the county of, abolished, ib.
practice of Court of Pleas of, improved,

Duties of persons, i., 123.
of the king, i,, 233.

[blocks in formation]

Ejectment (continued).

must specify in the rule of court the
premises for which he intends to de-
fend, iii., 204, n.

if lease, entry, and ouster not confessed
at the trial, plaintiff must be non-
suited, iii., 204.

invention of new method of trying ti
tles by, ib.

notice to tenant in possession, iii., 203.
tenant may defend, ib.
landlord may be made defendant, iii.,

tenant must confess lease, entry, and
ouster, iii., 203.

[blocks in formation]

Egyptians, iv., 4, 126.

Ejectione firmæ, writ of, iii., 199.
Ejectment, action of, iv., 441.

now the only mode of trying title of Embargo, i., 270.

when capias ad satisfaciendum
sue after, iii., 419.
Elisors, i., 349; iii., 355.
Elopement, i., 442.
Ely, Isle of, i., 120.

Isle of, now a division of the county of
Cambridge, iii., 79, n.

secular authority of bishop of, determ-
ined, ib.
destroying powdikes in, iv., 244.



by artificers, &c., iv., 160. n.
Emblements, right to, ii., 403.

Embassadors, how appointed, i., 253.
their privileges, i., 254-256.
violation of privilege of, iv., 70, 441.
killing, iv., 86.
Embezzlement of the king's stores, &c.,

iv., 101, and n.

by clerks or servants, iv., 231, n.
by bankers or other agents, ib.
by factors, &c., ib.

by bankrupts, iv., 156, and n.
by officers and servants of Bank of En-
gland. iv., 231, n.

by persons in the public service, iv.,
122, n.

by persons employed in the post-office,
iv., 235, and n.

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proceedings ordered to be in, except
technical words, iii., 322.
Engravings, copyright in, ii., 407.
Engrossing, iv., 160.
Enlarging statutes, i., 87.

Enrollment of annuity, ii., 461.
of bargain and sale, ii., 338.
Entails, i., 112; iv., 427, 431. See "Es-


of personalty, ii., 398.

Entry, ii., 312; iii., 5, 174.

when it may be made, iii., 175.
within what time must be made, iii.,
177, n.

could not formerly be made after aliena-

tion by tenant in tail, iii., 178.
nor upon deforcement, iii., 178.
tolled by descent, iii., 176, 177.
writ of, ii., App.; iii., 179.

a speedy remedy in Saxon times, iii.,

forcible, iv., 148

in burglary, iv., 226, and n.

[blocks in formation]

jurisdiction founded on a common-law
right and the want of a remedy at
law, iii., 434, 442.

rules of property, interpretation, and
evidence, the same as at law, iii., 430,

general nature of, iii., 429.
can not alter the common law, ib.
follows the law, iii., 429, 430, 434, 441.
concurrent jurisdiction when exercised,
iii., 431, n.

sends some matters to law, iii., 431..
bound by precedents, iii., 432.
cognizance of fraud, iii., 430.
relieves against accident and mistake,
iii., 431.

remedies defective assurances in some
cases, ib.


interferes in whose favor, iii., 431, n.
proceedings in courts of, iii., 425, 442,
et seq.

jurisdiction in bankruptcy, iii., 428.
jurisdiction over charities, iii., 427.
jurisdiction over infants, lunatics, &c.,

iii., 426, 427.

favors creditors' children, &c., iii., 431, n.
jurisdiction in bankruptcy, iii., 428.
remedy in cases of bonds, mortgages,
&c., iii., 434, 439.

[blocks in formation]

Equity (continued).
reserved, iii., 453.
Equity of redemption, ii., 159.
of statute, i., 61, 62, n.; iii., 431.
Eriarch, iv., 313.
Error, writ of, iii., 406; iv., 391.
where prosecuted, iv., 391.
differences between appeals and writs
of, iii., 56.

plaintiff in, must find bail, iii., 411.
costs in, iii., 399, 410.
in equity, iii., 454.
in lunacy, iii., 427.
Escape, iii., 290, 415.

upon mesne process, action on the case
for, iii., 165.

after judgment, action of debt for, ib.
sheriff liable for, iii., 415.
voluntary, prisoner can not be taken
after, ib.

negligent, when sheriff is excused for,


offense of, iv., 129, and n.
assisting in, iv., 131.
of vagrants, iv., 170, n.

Escheat, i., 302; ii., 11, 72, 89, 214; iv.,
338, 413, 418.

distinguished from purchase and de-
scent, ii., 201.

[blocks in formation]

Essoign day, iii., 277, and n.
Estate in personalty, ii., 398.
tail in personalty, ib.

conditional limitations, conditions, and
remainders distinguished, ii., 175, n.
in reversion, ii., 175.

in remainder, ii., 163. See "Remain-

rules as to limitations by way of remain-
der, executory devise, and springing
uses, ii, 165, et seq.

freehold, to commence in futuro, ii., 144,

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

base fee, ii., 109.

tail, ii., 110, et seq.

tail, in an annuity, ii., 41, 112.
quasi in tail, iii., 113.

entail in personalty, ib.
frank-marriage, ii., 115.
incidents to estate-tail; waste, dower,
courtesy, ib.

destruction of entail, ii., 116, 348, 354,
n., 364.

tail, in copyholds, how barred, ii., 371.
forfeiture of entail, ii., 117.

tail, liable for debts to the crown, or of
a bankrupt, ii., 119.

tail, may be appointed to a charity, ib.
tail, can not merge, ii., 177.

tail, leases of, ii., 319.

[blocks in formation]

pour autre vie, is assets, ii., 260, 379, n.
pour autre vie, entail of, ii., 113, 260,
n., 398, n.

[blocks in formation]
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