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Conviction in general (continued).
before justices for disorderly offenses in
general, iv., 281.
by judgment, iv., 362.
appeal against, iv., 282, n.
Convocation, i., 279.

court of bishops in, iii., 67.
Coparceners, ii., 187. See " Estate."
Copper coin, counterfeiting, iv., 100,
and n.

Copper fixed to building, stealing, iv.,
233, n.

Coppice, setting fire to, iv., 246, n.
Copy of indictment, right of prisoner to,
iv., 351.

of record of indictment, iii., 126.
Copyhold, ii., 90, 95, 147.

varieties of tenures by custom, ii., 148.
tenant right of renewal, ii., 148, n.
customary freeholds, ii., 107, 149.
lands, parcel of the manor, ii., 97.
demisable immemorially by custom, ib.
inheritable, or for life, ii., 97, 98.
heriots, ii., 97, 422, 424.
wardship, ii., 98.

admittance of heir, ii., 97, n., 371.
customary court and court baron, ii.,
90, n., 366, n.

court of ancient demesne, ii., 101, n.
fines, ii., 98.

modes of alienation, ii., 365.
surrender, regrant, and admittance, ii.,
366, 368, et seq.

trusts of, ii., 365, n., 367, n.
customary bargain and sale, ii., 367, n.
devisee of, by unadmitted heir, devisee
or surrenderee, ii., 367, n., 371, n.
estate of surrenderor, ii., 368.
entails of, how barred, ii., 113, 372, n.
courtesy of, ii., 126, n.

free-bench, ii., 129, n., 132, n.
conveyance by feme-covert, ii., 293, n.
no general occupancy of, ii., 260, n.
prescription by tenant, ii., 265, n.
forfeiture for breach of custom, ii., 284.
enfranchisement and extinguishment,
ii., 150, n.

when affected by an act of Parliament,
ii., 113.

could not formerly be taken in execu-
tion, iii., 418.

but may now, iii., 419, n.
are assets in equity, iii., 430, n.
Copyright, ii., 405, et seq., 410.
prerogative copyright of crown in acts
of Parliament, Bibles, &c., ii., 410.
no monopoly can be granted in alma-
nacs, ii., 410, n.

Corn rents, ii., 322.

Cornage, ii., 74.

Cornwall, Duchy of, i., 225, n.

Corody, i., 284; ii., 40.

can not be granted in jointure, ii., 180, n.
Coronation oath, ancient, i., 236.

modern, i., 235.

Coronatore eligendo, writ de, i., 347.
exonerando, writ de, i., 348.
Coroner, i., 346; iv., 292, 413.
duration of office of, i., 348.
mode of appointing, i., 347.
power and duty of, i., 348.
of Duchy of Lancaster, i., 117, n.
when venire facias issues to, iii., 354.
his court, iv., 274, and n.
apprehending felon, iv., 292.
Saxon laws as to, iv., 413.
inquest of, equivalent to finding of
grand jury, when, iv., 274, n.
inquisition of, formal defects in, ib.
Coroners' inquisitions, i., 302, n.
Corporate counties, i., 120.
name, i., 474.

offices, remedy by mandamus, for re-
fusal to admit to, i., 264.
Corporation Act, iv., 58, 272, n., 439.
Corporations, i., 467.

aggregate, i., 469.
ecclesiastical, i., 470.
eleemosynary, ib.
dissolution of, i., 484.
duties of, i., 480.
how created, i., 472.

incidents and powers of, i., 476, 479.
lay, i., 470.

origin of, i., 468.

privileges and disabilities of, i., 476,


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Corporeal hereditaments, ii., 17.
Corpse, stealing of, ii., 429.
Corpus juris canonici, i., 82.
Corpus juris civilis, i., 81.
Correction of apprentices, i., 428.
of children, i., 452, 453; iv., 182.
of scholars, i., 453; iv., 182.
of servants, i., 428; iv., 182.
of wives, i., 444.

Corn, may be distrained, iii., 9.
destroying, iv., 246, and n.

sporting, &c., in, iv., 174.

house of, iv., 370, 371, 377.

stopping it going to market, iv., 158, Corrupton of blood, ii., 251; iv., 388, 389,
217, n.

n., 413, 438, 440.
Corse-present, ii., 425.

Corsned, trial by, iv., 345, 414.
Cosinage, writ of, iii., 186.

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president of the, i., 230, n.
the great, i., 148.

Councils of the king, i., 227.
Counsel, iii., 26.

king's, iii., 27.

can not maintain an action for his fees,
iii., 28.

action against, iii., 164.

not answerable for any matter spoken
by him, iii., 29.

for prisoners, iv., 296, n., 356, and n.
Count, i., 116, 398.

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of appeal, iii., 441.

of equity, i., 62, 92.

of equity, jurisdiction of, iii., 443.
of equity, of proceedings in, iii., 425,
et seq. See" Chancery," "Equity,"
"" Practice."
Christian, and others which receive pe-
culiar laws, i., 83; iii., 64.
martial, i., 416.
profits of, i., 289.

of ancient demesne, ii., 101, n.
customary court, ii., 90, 91, n.
of Bankruptcy, ii., 488, n.

for relief of insolvent debtors, ii., 488, n.
of Review, ib.; iii., 428, n.
of wards and liveries, ii., 69.

of Exchequer, equitable jurisdiction of,
iii., 426.

Exchequer, jurisdiction of, in respect
of royal matters, iii., 428.
of High Commission, iii., 447.
Duchy Court of Lancaster, iii., 429.
Master of Rolls, iii., 451.
Vice-chancellors', iii., 426.
Criminal, iv., 259, et seq.
of Parliament, iv., 259.
of lord high steward, iv., 261.
of King's Bench, iv., 265, and n.
of Star Chamber, iv., 266.
of Chivalry, iv., 267.

of Admiralty, iv., 268, 269, n.
of Oyer and Terminer, iv., 269.
commission of assize and nisi prius, ib.
of general Quarter Sessions, iv., 271
and n.

central criminal court, iv., 271, n.
sheriff's tourn, iv., 273.

court-leet, or view of frank-pledge, ib.
of coroner, iv., 274.

of clerk of market, iv., 275.

of special and private jurisdiction, ib.

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writ of, ii., 350; iii., 156.
Covert-baron, i., 442.
Coverture, i., 442. See "Husband and
Craven, iv., 348.

meaning of the word, iii., 340, n.
Credible witness, iii., 370.
Creditors, remedies against devisees, iii.,
430, n.

remedies against land, ib.
favored in equity, iii., 431, n.
executor, iii., 18.
conveyances and assignments,
fraudulent against, ii., 296.
Crimes, divisions of, iv., 1, 2, 5.
Criminal conversation, iii., 139.
information, iv., 308.

punishments, i., 133.

power of, i., 335*-337*.

all lands are held of, ii., 51.

Cross-bill, iii., 448, 451.
Cross-remainders, implication of, ü., 381.
Crown, descent of the, i., 191; iv., 413.
office, iv., 265, 308.
lands, i., 286.

leases, i., 287.

royal mines, ii., 18, 43.

royal fish, ü., 403.

title to chattels by prerogative, ii., 408,

Crown (continued).

forfeiture of lands to, ii., 267.


ancient jewels of, are heir-looms, ii.,


may take a chattel by succession, ii.,

can not be joint owner of a chattle with
a subject, ii., 409.

prerogative copyright, ii., 410.
property in game, ib.

tithes of extra-parochial lands, ii., 26,
may have rent out of an incorporeal her-
editament, ii., 42, n.

prerogative presentation to a living, ii.,
24, n.

no lapse of right to present by, ü., 277.
mortuary on death of bishop, ü., 413,


no general occupancy against, ii., 259.
words of limitation in grants to, ii., 109.
descent of, to collateral relation of the
half-blood allowed, ii., 253.

when Cumberland, theft in, iv., 238.
Curate, i., 393.

extent for crown debts, ii., 161, n.
reversion in, not barrable, ü., 118.
not bound by sale in market overt, ü.,


grants by, i., 308, 346.
restrictions on alienations by, ii., 346, n.
mistake or deceit, ii., 348.

can not grant monopolies, except for
inventions, ii., 407.

injuries to, remedied by usual common
law actions or inquest of office, iii., 257.
represented by attorney-general in
equity, iii., 428, n.

Croft, what, ii., 19, n.

Crops of corn, &c., setting fire to, iv., 246, Curialitas, ii., 126.

and n.

Currency, i., 276-279.
Cursing, iv., 59.

Curtilage, breaking and stealing in build-
ing within, iv., 241, n.

Custody of idiots and lunatics, i., 303;
iii., 427.

peculiar jurisdiction of Exchequer, in
respect of, iii., 428.

petition of right, iii., 428, n.
Crown debtor, lands of, may be exonera-
ted by commissoners of the treasury,
iii., 420, n.
Cucking-stool, iv., 169.

Cui ante divortium, writ of, iii., 183.
Cui in vita, writ of, iii., 183.
Culprit, ii., 339.

his remedy for non-payment of his sti-
pend, iii., 90, and n.

Curator of infants, i., 460.
Curatores viarum, i., 358.
Curfew, iv., 419, 420.

of temporalities, i., 282.

Custom of London, i., 75, 76, 427, n.

of merchants, i., 75.

distinguished from prescription, ii., 263.
title to personalty by, ü., 422.

of York and London, as to distribution
of intestates' effects, ii., 517.
of London, how tried, iii., 334.
alienation by, ii., 365.
dower by, i., 132.
Customary court, ii., 91, n.
freeholds, ii., 100, 149.

Custom-house officers, shooting at, &c.,

iv., 154, n.

assaulting or obstructing, ib.
Customs, general, i., 68-74; iii., 50.
how proved, i., 70-74, 76.
how settled, i., 69.
Customs, particular, i., 74-79.
how allowed, i., 78.
when legal, i., 76-78.

Customs on merchandise, i., 314, 316,

317, n.

[blocks in formation]

increased, iii., 333.

abolished, iii., 405, n.

stipulated, distinguished from penalty, Decennary, i., 114; iv., 252.
iii., 435.

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Debts (continued).

promise to pay, when to be in writing,
ii., 466, n.
acknowledgment of, ib.
payment by executors, and priority of,
ii., 511.
Debtor, relief of insolvent, ii., 488, n.;
iii., 415, and n.; iv., 415, and n.
refusing to discover his effects, iv., 156,
and n.

Deceit, action of, iii., 165, 166, 405.
writ of, iii., 405.

See "Bond,"

Deception of the king in his grants, i.,

Decisions of the courts, i., 69.

Decisive oath, iii., 342.
Declaration, iii., 293.

different counts formerly inserted in,
iii., 294.

not now allowed, and consequences of,
iii., 294, n.

conclusion of, iii., 249.

Declaratory part of a law, i., 54.
statutes, i., 86.

Declinatory plea, iv., 333, 336.
De consuetudinibus et servitiis, writ, iii.,


abolished, iii., 232, n.

De contumace capiendo, writ, iii., 102, n.
Decree in equity, iii., 451.

has the force of a judgment, iii., 453.
Decretals, i., 82.
Decretum Gratiani, i.,
Dedimus potestatem, i., 352 ii., 351; iii.,


Deed, conveyance by, ii., 295.
what is, ib.

several species of deeds, ii., 309.
indenture, or deed-poll, ii., 295.
indenture, where essential, ii., 296, n.
original and counterpart, ii., 296.
covenants by or with persons not par-
ties, ib.

may be printed, ii., 297, n.
consideration not essential to, ii., 296, n.
by feme-covert, ii., 364, n.
construction of, ii., 19, 379.
effect of recitals, ii., 298, n.
deed-poll taken most strongly against
the grantor, ii., 121, 380.

the first of two repugnant clauses pre-
ferred, ii., 381.

intended to operate one way, may oper-
ate another, ii., 338, 379, n.
preference of operation at the common
law, ii., 379, n.

parol evidence to explain, &c., ii., 382, n.
latent ambiguities, ib.

falsa demonstratio non nocet, ib.
creation of estates by. See "Estate."
form of conveyance of estate for life,
ii., 120,

effect of conveyance without words of
limitation, ii., 120, n.

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Deed (continued).

Delay of the law, iii., 423.

implication of cross-remainders, ii., 381. Delegates, Court of, iii., 66, 69.
formal parts of, ii., 298.
premises, ib.

its powers transferred to the king in
council, iii., 67, n.
Delegation not representation, i., 159.

recitals, effect of, ii., 298, n.
technical words how far essential to, ib. Delictum, challenge propter, iii., 352; iv.,
habendum, ii., 298.
tenendum, ib.

reddendum, ii., 299.

reservation, exception and grant distin-
guished, ii., 299, n.
condition, ii., 299.
warranty, ii., 300.

covenants for title, &c., ii., 304.
conclusion, date, &c., ib.
must be read on request, ib.
signing and sealing, ii., 305.
signature by mark, ii., 305, n.
Statute of Frauds, ii., 306, n., 318, n.
execution while incomplete, ii., 308, n.
delivery, ii., 306.

escrow, ib.

attestation, i., 307.

stamps on, ii., 297, n.

how waived, ii., 382, n.
defeasance to, ii., 327.

can not be discharged by parol, ii.,
327, n.

how avoided, ii., 308.

erasure or alteration of, ib.
breaking the seal, cancellation, ib.
filling up blanks, ii., 308, n.
disclaimer, ii., 309.

avoiding by judgment or decree, ib.
distinction between patent and latent
illegality, ü., 309, n.
right to custody of, ii., 428.
mortgage by deposit, ii., 160, n.
presumption of a lost deed, ii., 266, n.
stealing of, iv., 234, and n.
forging of, iv., 248, and 250, n.
Deer in a park are heir-looms, ii., 427.
Deer-stealing, iv., 235, and n., 239.

hunting, killing, &c., in general, iv.,


in disguise, iv., 144.
Deer-keepers, assaulting of, iv., 217, n.
Default, judgment by, iii., 296, 395.
Defeasance, ii., 327, 342.
Defectum, challenge propter, iii., 362;
iv., 352.

Defendant may make deposit with the
sheriff instead of putting in bail, iii.,
290, n. See "Practice in Equity."
Defense, its legal signification, iii., 296.
not now required, iii., 297, n.
Defensive allegation, iii., 100.
Deforcement, iii., 172.
Deforciant, ii., 350; iii., 174.
Definitive sentence, iii., 101.
Degrees couferred by the archbishop, i.,

of guilt, iv., 34.

in writs of entry, iii., 181.

De homine replegiando, writ of, iii., 128.
Dehors, matter, iii., 387; iv., 390.


Deliverance second, writ of, iii., 150.
Delivery of deed, ii., 306.

of goods, ii., 448, n., 449, n. See "Sale."
Demanding money, &c., with menaces, or
by force, iv., 244, n.

De medietate linguæ, jury, iii., 359.
Demesne, seizin in one's demesne, ii., 105.
lands, ii., 90, 100.

Demesnes of the crown, i., 286.
Demi-mark, tender of, iii., 5.

Demise, ii., 317.

Demise of the crown, i., 188, 249.
Demi-vills, i., 115.
Democracy, i., 49.

Demolishing churches, houses, &c., iv.,

143, and n.
Demurrer, iii., 314.
form of, ib.
joinder in, iii., 315.

matter of law must be stated in margin
of, iii., 315, n.

to evidence, iii., 372.
how decided, iii., 323.
in equity, iii., 446.
by the parol, iii., 430.
to indictment, iv., 333, and n.
Demurrer book, iii., 317.
Denizen, i., 374; ii., 249, 293.
Deodands, i., 300-302.

De odio et atia, writ of, iii., 128.
Departure in pleading, iii., 309.
Depopulatio agrorum, iv., 374.
Depositions, iii., 383.

against prisoners, copies of, iv., 296, n.
in equity, iii., 449.

in ecclesiastical courts, ii., 100.
Deprivation of clerks, i., 393.
De proprietate probanda, iii., 148.
Dereliction of property, ii., 9.

title to new land left by the sea, ii.,

[blocks in formation]
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