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35. Tha

the i children of them which killed the Prophets. 32. ye up then the measure of your Fathers. 33. Ye ferpents, y

generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation o hell? 34. Wherefore behold, f n send unto you. Prophets and Wisemeil, and Scribes; and some of them ye shal kill and crucise, and some of them Mall ye • scourge in you Synagogues, and persecute them from city to city : (1) upon you may come all the righteous e. Blood shed upoi the earth, from the blood of righteous Abel, unto the 4 bloo of Zacharias, son of Barachias, whom ye flew between th temple and the altar. 36. Verily I say unto you, All thef

thing i + A&.7.52. ti Theff. 2. 15. 35. At. 22: 19. I faia, Lord See on Mat, 21. 35.

they know that I imprisoned, and k :: Gen. 15. 16. The Iniquity

beat in every Synagogue them thai of the Amorites is not yet full, believed on thee. Wild. 19. 4. The Destiny where.


• + Mat. 10. 17. Beware of men of they were worthy, drew them to for they will deliver you up to the this. End, and made them forget Councils, and they will Scourge you the things that had already hap in their Synagogues. t 2 Cor. 11. pened, that they might fulfil the

24,-25. Of the Jews five times re: Punishment which was wanting to Iceived I forty Stripes save one their Torments. f. Theff. 2. 16. Thrice was I beaten with Rods, once. -To fill up their (the Jews] Sins was I Noned. alway.


8. And Cain talked of Mat, 12, 34. + See on Mat. with Abel his Brother: And it 3. 7.

15 came to pass, when they were in Luk. 11. 49. Therefore the Field, that cain rofe up against faid the Wisdom of God, I will Abel his Brother, and fled him.. find them Prophets and Apostles, 9 t 2 Chron. 24. 20, 21. The and some of them they will flay Spirit of God came upon Zechariah and perfecute.

20 the Son of Jehoida the Priest, nt A&. 5:40. When they had which stood abuve the People, and called the Apoitles and beaten them, faid unto them, Thus faith God, they commanded thar tliey should Why transgress ye the Command. nct speak in the Name of Jesus, ments of the Lord, that ye cannot and let them go. A&. 12. 2. He 25 prosper? Because ye have forsaken killed Jame's the Brother of John the Lord, he hath also forsaken with the Sword. See on Mat. 21.


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(1) Almighty God did punish the Wickedness of those who flew the Prophets and righteous Men in the Ages wherein the Facts were cominitred, as appears in the Case of Cain, &c. But seeing the present Generation would fill up the Measure of their Fathers Sins; feeing they would commit a Crime which wou'd far exceed the Sin of any of their Fathers in killing the Prophets: namely, the putting to Death the Son of God, it was just that this greatest and most levere National Judgment Mould fall upon them, who were much more wicked than any that lived before them. See the Note on Luk. 11. 50.

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her Wings. + Pfal 91. 4. He shall 15 they are of God; because many under his Wings fhalt thou truft.

things shall come upon this generation. 37. * Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killeft the Prophets, and 6 stonest them which are fent unto thee, how often would I have gathered thy children together; even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and ye would not ! 38. Behold, your Houte is left unto you desolate. 39. For I say unto you, Ye thall not see me henceforth, till ye shall say, 4 Blesséd is he that cometh in the name of the Lord.



ND · Jesus went out and departed from the Temple;

and his difciples came to him for to fhew him thé buildings of the Temple. 2. And Jefus said unto them, See ye not all these things ? verily I fáy unto you, There shall not be left here one Stone upon another that shall not be thrown down.

3. T Ard as he fat upon the mount of Olives, the disciples came unto him $ privately, saying, “ Tell us, when shall these things be ? and what fliall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world? 4. And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that 110 mank deceive

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you. you. And they conspired against hi: i Thes. s. i. But of the him, and flowed him with Stones at Times and Seasons, Brethren, ye the Commandment of the King, have no need that I write unto you. in the Court of the House of the : + Eph. 5 6. Lêt no man deceive

5 you with vain Words. Col. 2. ** Luk: 13. 34. The same La 8, 18. Bedaré left any man spoil mentation as here.

you through Philosophy and vain **2 Chton, 24.21. The Words deceit, Let no man beguile you of tinder Ver. 35. See on Mat. 21.

your Retard, in a voluntary humio 35.

10 lity, and worshipping of Angels, t Pfal. 17. 8. Hide the under Cuci + 2 Thes. 2. 3. Let no man

* 2 Eldi. aeceive you by any means. † 1 Joli. 1. 30. I gathered you together, as 4. 1. Beloved, believe not every · Hen gathereth her Chickens under Spirit, but try the Spirits u hether cover thee with his Feathers, and false Prophets are gore out into

the World.
+ Pfal
. 118. 26. See on Mat.

k We are likewise cautioned,

that we neither deceive our silves, nor on Mar. 13. 1. 20 suffer our selves to te dici.u.d by

others in the following Text', Jer. Mar. 13. 3. And as he sat

Jer. 37. 9. upon the Mourit of Olives over Luk. 21. 8. i Cor. 3. 18.

I Cor. against the Temple, Peter, and 6. 9. 1 Cor. 15.33. Gal. 6.7. James , and John, and Andrew, Ask-25 It is therefore our Duty to exa



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the Shadow of thy Wings.


*+ See on Luk. 19. 44.

29. 8.

Mar. 13. 5:

ed him privately

you. S.

For 1 many shall come in my name, sayir. Chrift: and shall m deceive many. 6. And ye shall Wars, and rumours of Wars : see that ye be not ntr for all these things must come to pass, but the end is i 7. For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom kingdom: and P there shall be famines, and pestilenc earthquakes in divers places. 8. All these are the 9 beş of Sorrows. 9. Then shall they' deliver you up to be

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mine, and judge of such Doctrines them, and they shall lay hole of Faith and Rules of Life as are one on the Hand of his Neig proposed to us.

and his Hand shall rife up + Jer. 14. 14. Then the Lord the Hand of his Neighbour. said unto me, The Prophets propheo s P 2 Efdr.9. 3. There shall E fie Lies in my Name, i fent them Earthquakes, and Uproarso not, neither have I commanded People in the World. 2 Erd them, neither spake unto them : 31. One shall undertake to f's They prophesie unto you a false gainst another, one City againti Vision, and Divination, and a thing rother, one place againšt another of nought, and the deceit of their People against another, and one R Heart. + Jer. 23. 25. I have heard against another.

2 Erdr. Is. 5 what the Prophets faid, that prophe Behold, faich the Lord, I will be fie Lies in my Name.- + Joh. s. Plagues upon the World: the sa 43. I am come in my Fathers 15 Famine, Death, and Deftru&tion Name, and ye receive me not : if Man shall have no pity upon another fali come in his own Name, Neighbour, but shall destroy th him

will receive.

Houses with the Sword, and fpo

their Goods, because of the lack in Psal. 46. 1, 2. God is our Re- 20 Bread, and for great Tribulatio fuge and Strength, a very present 2 Efdr. 16. 19, 21. Bebold, F Help in Trouble, therefore will we mine and plague, Tribulation an not fear, though the Earth be mov Anguilh are lene as Scourges fo ed, and though the Mountains be Amendment. Behold, Vi&ua carried into the midst of the Sea. 25 shall be so good cheap upor Pfal. 112.7. He shall not be afraid Earth, that they shall think them of any evil Tidings: his Heart is felves to be in good Cafe, and efixed, trusting in the Lord. ven then shall Evils grow upon che

0 :: 2 Chron. 15. 6. Nation was Earth, Sword, Famine, and great destroyed of Nation, and City of Ci- 30 Confufion. ty: for God did vex them with all 9 2 Efdr. 14. 16. Greater Evils Adversity. + Hag. 2. 22. I will than these thou hast leen happen, overthrow the Throne of Kingdoms, shall be done hereafter. and I will destroy the strength of the ** Mar. 10. 17. Beware of men, Kingdoms of the Heathen, and I will 35 for they will deliver you up to the overthrow theChariots,and those that Councils, and they will Scourge you ride in them,and the lorses and cheir in their Synagogues. + Mar. 13. Riders shall come down, every one 9: Take heed to your felves : for by the Sword of his Brother. they fall deliver you up to + Zech. 14. 13. Iç shall come to 40 Councils, and in the Synagogues ye pass in that Day, that a great Tu shall be beaten, and ye shall be mult from the Lord shall be


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1 See on 2 Pet. 2. I.

K 3

ver his


Dearh, and I will give thee a Crown be increased above that which now

ed, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all Nations for or my names fake. 10. And then shall many be offended, and

fhall betray one another, and thall hate one another. 11. And

many • falfe Prophets shall rise, and thall ► deceive maity. 12. And because s iniquity shall abound, the love of many fhall wax cold. 13. But he that shall - endure unto the end, the fame shall be faved.' 14. And this f gospel of the kingdom shall be s preached in all the world, for a wit

ness brought before Rulers and Kings knoweft, that all they which are in for my fake, for a Testimony to Asia be turned away from me. them.' Lük. 21. 12. They Thall

Heb. 10. 25. Not forsaking the Af- lay their Hands on you, and perfe- Sembling our felves together as the cure you, delivering you up to the s manner of some is

.. Synagogues, and into Prifons, be et Mat. 10. 22.

+ Mar. 13. 13. ing brought before Kings and Ru. Ye shall be haced of all men for my lers for my Names fake. + Joh. 15. Name's fake : but he that endureth 20. Remember che Word that I

to the End, the same shall be saved. faid unto you, the Servant is not so + Heb. 3. 6,14. Christ as a Son ogreater than the Lord. If they

House: Whose have perfecuted me, they will also House are we, if we hold fast the perfecute you : if they have kept Confidence, and the rejoicing

of the my Saying, they will keep yours Hope firm

unto the End. For we allo . "Joh. 16. 2. They fall put 15 are made partakers of Christ

, if you out of the Synagogues: yea,

we hold the Beginning of our Confi. the Time cometh, that whosoever dence stedfast unto the End. Heb. billeth you, will think that he doth

10. 38, 39-If any man draw back, A &. 5.18. (They) my Soul shall have no Pleasure in laid their Hands on the Apostles, 20 him. But we are not of them wbo and put them in the common Pri drev back unto Perdition, but of Son. A&. 16. 22. The Multitude them that believe to che saving of

up together against them : the Soul. Rev. 2. 10. The Words and the Magistrates rent off their

under Ver. 10. Heb. 6. II. We Clothes

, and commanded to beat 25 defire that every one of you do them. + Rev. 2.10. Fear none of thew the fame Diligence to the those things which thou fhalt fuffir, full sfurance of Hope unto the behold, the Devil thall caft fome End. of you into Prifon, that ye may be

€ Mat. 4. 23. Jesus went a. E

shall have Tribulation 30 bout all Galilee, teaching in their ten Days: be thou faithful unto

Synagogues, and preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom. + Mat. 9. 35." Jefus went about all the Cis

ties and Villages teaching in their

35 Synagogues, and preaching the Go..2 Efdr." 5. 2, 10. Iniquity shall Spel of the Kingdom.

* † Rom. 10. 18. Have they not or that thou haft heard heard ? Yes verily, their Sound long ago. Then shall unrighteous

went into all the Earth, and their efs and incontinency be multipli- 40 Words unto the end of the World. upon Earth.

+ Col. 1.6, 23. Which is ceme un3 Tim, d. 15. This thou

God service:

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tried, and


of Life.

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chou cest,

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ness unto all nations, and then shall the end come.

15 ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, of by i Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place,

readeth, let him understand). 16. Then let them þę in Judea, flee into the mountains. 17. Let him w on the house-top, not come down to take any thing his house: 18. Neither let him which is in the field, back to take his clothes. '19. And 'wo unto them ti with child, and to them that give fuck in those days But pray ye that your flight be not in the Winter, neiti the m fábbath-day : 21. For then shall be " great tribu such as was not since the beginning of the world to this



to you, as it is in all the World, and to build Jerusalem, unt and bringeth forth Fruit as it doth Meffiah the Prince, shall be also in you, since the Day ye heard Weeks; and threescore and of it, and knew the Grace of God Weeks the Street shall be bu in Truth - Which (Gospel) yes gain, and the Wall, even in 1 have heard, and which was preached blous Times. to every Creature which is under

Luk. 33. 29. Behold, the L Heaven. - Pral. 19. 4. Their line are coming, in the which they i is gone out through all the Earth, o say, Blessed are the Barren and and their words to the End of the Wombs that never bare, and World,

Paps which never gave fuck. Mạr. 13. 14. When ye

shall A&. 1. 12. Then return see the Abomination of Desolation, they unto Jerusalem, from spoken of by Daniel the Prophet, Mount called Olivet, which is fro ftanding where it ought not, (let's Jerufalem a Sabbath Days Journe him that readeth understand then ń :: Dan. 9, 26, -The Peop let them which be in Judea tleg to

of the Prince that shall come, ha the Mountains. + Luk. 21. 20. destroy the City and the Sanétuary When ye fhall see Jerusalem com-, and the End thereof ihall be wit passed with Armies, then know ?0 a Flood, and funto the End of th. that the Desolation thereof is nigh. War Defolations are determined

i* Dan.9. 27. - In the midity of t Dan. 12. 4. - There thall be a the Week he shall cause the Sacri. Time of Trouble, such as never was fice and the Oblation to cease, and since there was a Nation even to for the overspreading of Alomina: 25 that fame Time and tions, he fball make it defolate. - Time thy People

Hall be delivered, † Dan. 12. 1+. From the Time that every one that fhall be found write the daily Sacrifice shall be taken ten in the Book. Luk. 21. 23, 24, away, and the Abomination thag - There fhall be great Distress in maketh defolate fet up, there shall 39 the Land,and Wrath upon this peo: be one Thousand two Hundred ple. And they shall fall by the and ninety Days,

Edge of the Sword, and thall bd kDan. 9;.:23, 25. -Under, led away Captive into all Nations: stand the Matter, and consider the and Jerusalem shall be trodden Vision. Know therefore and un


down of the Gentiles, until the derstand, that from the going forth Times of the Gentiles be fulfils of the Commandment to restore led,

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