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N the end of the è fabbath, as it began to dawn towards

the first day of the week, came Mary Magdalene, and the fother Mary, to lee the fepulchre. 2. And behold, there * was [Or, had been] a great earthquake; for the 3 angel of the Lord descended from heaven, and came and rolled back the stone from the door, and fat upon it. 3. His countenance was like lightning, and his raiment white as snow. 4. And for fear of him the keepers did Thake, and became as dead men. 5. And the angel answered and said unto the women, Fear not ye: for I know that ye leek Jesus which was crucified. 6. He is not here: for he is risen, h as he said : come, see the place where the Lord lay. 7. And go quickly, and tell his disciples that he is risen from the dead; and behold, he goeth before you into Galilee, there shall ye fee him, lo, I have told you. 8. And they departed quickly from the fepulchre, with fear, and great joy, and did run to bring his disciples word. 9. T And as they went to tell his disciples, behold, k Jesus met "them, saying, All hail. And they came and held him by the feet, and worshipped him. 10. Then said Jesus unto them, Be not afraid : go tell 'my brethren, that they go into Galilee, and there shall they fee me. u. T Now when they were going, behold, fome of the warch "came into the city, and thewed unto the chief



e* Mar. 16. 1. When the Sab h † Mat. 12. 40. As Jonas was Darh was past, Mary Magdalene, three Days and three Nights in the and Mary the Mother of James Whales Belly: So shall the Son and Salome, had bought sweet Spi- of Man be three Days and three ces, that they might come and a- s Nights in the Heart of the Earth. noint him. + Luk. 24. 1. Upon + Mat. 16. 21. Mat. 17. 23. Mat. the first Day of the Week, very ear

19. The Word's under Mar. ly in the Morning, they came unto

27: 63. the Sepulchre, bringing the Spices it Mar. 16. 97. See on Mat. which they had prepared, and cer- 1026, 32, tain others with them. Joh. 20. k't Mar. 16. 9. He appeared for

A 1. The forft Day of the Week com to Mary Magdalene.

+ Joh. 20. eth Mary Magdalene, early when it 14. She turned her self back, and was yet dark, unto the Sepulchre, faw Jesus ftanding, and knew not and seeth the Stone taken away 15 that it was Jesus. from the Sepulchre.

Joh. 20. 17.

Go to my Bres f Mat. 27. 56.

thren, and say unto them, I ascend 8 + Luk 24; 4. + Tch. 29, 12.

to my Father and your Father, and See on i Thef. 3. 16.

to my God, and your God Tim.

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Luk. 10. 22.

Dominion, and every Name that + Phil. 2. 10, 11. That at the Name Earth, and Things under the Earth, and that every Tongue 30 had taught many, they returned da Thould confess that Jesus Christ is Lørd, to the Glory of God the Fa. ther. Col. 1. 16. By him were all St. MATTHEW XXVIIT. Year of our Lord 33. 157 priests all the things that were done. 12. And when they were affęmbled with the elders, and had taken counsel, they gavé large money unto the soldiers, 13. Saying, Say ye, His disciples came by night, and stole him away while we lept

. 14. And if this come to the goverrours ears, we will perswade him, and secure you. 15. So they took the money, and did as they were taught: and this saying is commonly reported among the Jews until this day. i6. q Then the eleven difciples went away into Galilée, into a mountain ** where Jesus had appointed them. 17. And when they faw him, they worshipped him: but some doubted. 18. And Jelus came, and spake unto them, saying, * All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. 19. To Go ye therefore and * P teach all nations [Or, make disciples; or, christians M

of **Se on Mat. 26.33.

Things created thać

eated that are in Hea*+ Mat. 11. 27. All things are

ven, and that are in Earth, vifible, delivered to me of my father.

and invisible, whether they be Pfal. 8. 6. - Thou Thrones, or Dominions, or Prinhat put all things under his Feet. s cipalities, or Powers; all things + Joh

. 3.35. The Father loveth are created by him, and for him. the Son, and hathi given all things + Heb. 1.2. (God) hath in these into his Hand. + Joh. s. 22. The

last Days spoken unto us by his no Man; but hath Son, whom he hath appointed Hesir committed all Judgment unto the 10 of all things, by whom alfo he Son. +Joh. 17. 2. Thou hast giv

made the Worlds. + Heb. 2.8. en bim Power oveě all Flesh; that he Thou hast put all things in SubShould give eternal Life to aś mia

jection under his Feet. For in that ny as thou hast given him. Rom. he put all Things in Subje&tion un

19. To this end, Christ both di- us der him, he left nothing that is ed , rose, and revived, that he might

not put under him. 1 Pet. 3: 22. be Lord both of the Dead and Live

Who is gone into Heaven, and is ing. A&. 2. 36. Let all the House on the right Hand of God, Angels, of Israel know afsuředly, that God

and Authorities, and Powers, bė. back made that same Jesus whom ye 20 ing made subject unto him. Rev. crucified both Lord and Chrift.

17. 14. These shall make War with .: Eph. 1. 21. Far above all Princi.

the Lamb; and the Lamb fhall overs pality and Power, and Might, and

come them: for he is Lord of Lords,

and King of King's. See on Mat, is named, not only in this World, but also in that which is to come.

25 o * Mar. 16. 15. Go ye into all

the World, and Preach the Gospel to of Jesus every knee thould bow, of

every Creature. Things in Heaven, and Things in

PA&. 14,21. When they had preached the Gosp:l to that City, and gain Have they not heard? Yes verily, theit


ii. 27.

of all nations], baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son, and of the holy Ghost: 20. . Teachin them to observe all things whatsoever I have commande you: and lo,'I am with you alway, even unto the end of th world. Amen.


A R K I.



Year of our Lord 26 ending.
HE beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ the o So

of God. 2. As it is written in the prophets, Behold 1 * send my messenger before thy face, which shall prepar thy way before thee. 3. The e voice of one crying in th: wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make his path straight. 4. John did baptize in the wilderness, an

3 preach found went into all the Earth, and his Paths straight. Luk. 1. 76 their Words unto the End of the Thou, Child, shalt be called the World. Col. 1.-23. Which [Go. Prophet of the Highest : for thoz. spel] was preached to every Creature fhalt go before the Face of th which is under Heaven.

5 Lord to prepare his Way. * Luk A&t. 2. 42. They continued 3. 4. As it is written in the Bool stedfastly in the Apostles Doctrine of the Words of Efaias the Pro and Fellowship, and in breaking of phet, saying, &c. as in Mat.3.3 Bread, and Prayers.

Joh. 1. 15,23. John bare witnesse b See on Mat. 3. 17.

Io him, and cried, saying, This was he o Mal. 3. 1. Behold, I will whom I fpake, He that cometh af Send my Messenger, and he shall pre ter me, is preferred before for pare the Way before me. + Mat. he was before me. He said, I am 11. 10. This is he of whom it is the Voice of one crying in the Wil. written, Behold, I send my Messenger 15 derness, make 'Straight the Way of before thy Face, which shall prepare the Lord, as faid the Prophet E. thy Way before thee.


f * Mat. 3. 1. In those Days € * Isa. 40. 3. The Voice of him came John the Baptist, preaching that crieth in the Wilderness, Pre-20 in the Wilderness of Judea. Luk. pare ye the Way of the Lord, make 13. 3. He came into all the Country straight in the Defart a high Way about Jordan, Preaching the Bapfor our God. + Mat. 3. 3. This is tism of Repentance, for the Rehe that was spoken of by the Pro mission of Sins. Joh. 3. 23.

phet Esaias, saying, The Voiceof one 25 John also was Baptizing in Enon, :crying in the Wilderness, Prepare near to Salim, because there was ye the Way of the Lord, make

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me i

dot Luk. 7. 27.


b+ Mat. 3.5. Then went out to his Raiment of Camels Hair, and a Floods upon the dry Ground: I will post my Spirit upon thy

Offspring.'+ Joel 2. 28. It shall x!

preach the baptism of Repentance, * for [Or, unto] the remission of sins. 5. And there h went out unto him all the land of Judea, and they of Jerusalem, and were all baptized of him in the river of Jordan, confefsing their sins. . 6. And John was i clothed with * camels hair, and with a girdle of a skin about his loyns: and he did eat' : locufts and wild honey. 7. And preached, saying, "There cometh one mightier than I after me, the latchet of whose shoes I am not wora thy to stoop down and unloose. 8. I indeed have n baptized you with water : but he shall baptize you with the holy Ghoft .

9. And it came to pass in thote days, that Jesus came from Nazareth of Galilee, and was baptized of John in Jordan. 10. And straightway coming up out of the water, he saw the heavens * opened, [Or, cloven, or, rent;] and the Spirit like a dove descending upon him.

II. And there came a voice from heaven, saying, 9 Thou art my beloved M 2

Sơn, thuck Water there and they came

pour out my Spirit upon all Flesh, and were baptized.

and your Sons and your Daughters A&. 19. 4. John verily bapti shall prophesie, your old Men shall zed with the Baptism of Repentance, dream Dreams, your young Men laying unto the People, That they shall fee Visions. | A&. 2. 4 should believe on him that should

They were all filled with the Holy come after him, that is, on Christ Ghost, and began to speak with co

ther Tongues as the Spirit gave

them utterance. t A&. il: 15 him Jerusalem, and all Judea, and 10 The Holy Ghoft fell on them,

(Cora All the Region round about fornelius, &c.) as on us at the Begine

ning. I Cor. 12. 13. By one Spia *Mat . 3. 4. The same John had

rit are

we all baptized into one

Body, whether we be Jews or kathern Girdle about his Loins 15 Gentiles. and his Meat was Locufts and wild P + Luk 3. 21.

* See on Maf. Mat. 3.4.

9 7 Isa. 42. 1. Behold,my Servanit if Lev. 11. 22. These of them whom I uphold, mine Elect in whom e may eat: the Locuft after his 20 my Soul delighteth, I have put my Kind, and the bald Locust after

Spirit upon him, and he shall the ti his kind.

forth Judgment to che Gentiles: .. mt See on Mar. 3. 11.

+ Pfal. 2. 7. I will declare the + A&. II. 16. Decree : the Lord hath faid unto. See on Mat. 3. 11.


me, Thou art my Son, this Day liave of

# Ifa. 44 3. I will pour Wa I begotten thee. + Mat. 3. 17. Lo, fer on him that is Thirsty, and à Voice from Heaven, faying, This

is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased. + Mar. 9. 7. There them; and a Voice came cut of

the come to pass afterward, that I will




See on

3. 13:


+ A&. 1. 5.

A&. 19. 4:

Son, in whom I am well pleased. 12. And immediately the Spirit driveth him into the wilderness. 13. And he was there in the wilderness forty days tempted of Satan, and was with the wild beasts, and the 6 angels ministred unto him

14. Now after that John was put in prison Year of our Lord Jelus came into “Galilee, preaching thi 30 ending,

gospel of the kingdom of God, 15. And

faying, The time is fulfilled, and the king dom of heaven is at hand: repent ye and believe the gospel 16. Now as he & walked by the sea of Galilee, he law Si mon, and Andrew his brother, casting a Net into the sea (for they were fishers.) 17. And Jesus faid unto them, Come ye after me, and I will make you to become fishers of men. 18. And straightway they h forsook their nets and followed him. 19. And when he had i gone a little further thence, he saw James the son of Zebedee, and John his brother, who - also were in the thip mending their nets. 20. And straightway he k called tliem: and they left their father Zebedee in the ship with the hired servants, and went after him.


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the Cloud, saying, This is my nances imposed on them until the beloved Son: hear him.

See on

Tirac of Reformation. Heb. 1. 2. Mat. 3. 17.

(God) hath in these last Days spoken a * See on Mat. 4. I.

to us by his Son. 1 Pet. 1. 20. b.:: Mat. 4. 11.' Then the De


-was manifest in these left vil leaveth him, and behold, Ano Times for you. Dan. 9. 24. Seventy gels came and miniftred unto him. Weeks are determined upon thy Peo

c* Mat. 4. 12. When Jefus had ple, and upon thy holy city heard that John was cast into Prifon,


See on Mat. he departed into Galilee.

104. 17. dľ Mat. 4. 23. Jesus went about * Mat. 4. 18. Jesus walking by, all Galilee, teaching in their Syna- theSea of Galilee,faw twoBrethren, gogues, and Preaching the Gospel Simon called Peter, and Andrew of the Kingdom, and healing all his Brother, casting a Net inro manner of Sickness, and all man-15 the Sea : (for they were Fishers.) ner of Disease among the People

.: Luk. 5.4. He said unto Simon, + Gal. 4. 4. When the Fulness Lanch out into the Deep, and let of Time was come, God sent forth down your Nets for a Draught. his Son, made of a Woman, made

h I See on Mat. 19. 27. under the Law. f Eph. 1. i Mar. 4. 21. Going on from That in the Difpenfation of the thence, he saw other two Brechren, Fulness of Times, he might gather James the Son of Zebedee, and together in one all things in John his Brother,

and he cal Christ, both which are in Heaven, led them. and which are on Earth, even in


I Cor. him. Heb. 9. 19. Which stood chosen the weak things of the only in Meats and Drinks, and di. World to confound the things yers Washings, and carnal Ordi, which are Mighry,




I. 27. --God hath

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