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brethren and their teachers
in the country need ?”The frequent visita-
tions, which were made by pious Bishops in
their Dioceses, in which they were wont to be
accompanied by the clergy and laity of each
place, and which gave them an opportunity of
coming in nearer contact with the latter, more-
over, the Festivals to the memory of Martyrs in-
terred in the country, to which the Bishops came
from the city to the villages, accompanied by a
numerous attendance, tended to supply this de-
fect. Concerning this last, we will extract a
beautiful passage of Chrysostom from one of his
discourses, which he held at Antioch, on the
occasion of Bishop Flavian's attendance at a
Martyr-festival in the country:
was a Martyr-festival, and to-day is again a
Martyr-festival, not with us, but in the country,
or rather with us likewise. For the city and
the country in earthly concerns differ from each
other; but the concerns of religion have ren-
dered them common, and united them one with
the other. I look not to their barbarous tongue,3
but to the communion of faith. - What availeth
similitude of language, when minds are divided ?
What harmeth the diversity of language, when
faith uniteth together? In this respect the coun-
try is not inferior to the city, since religion, the
fountain of all good, imparteth to them equal
honor. Therefore our Lord tarried not only in
cities, and forsook the villages, but he went
about all the cities and villages preaching the
Gospel, and healing every sickness and every

Yesterday Tom. II. f.



οίεσθε διδασκαλιας δεισθαι τους υμετερους αδελφους τους επι των αγρων και τους εκεινων διδασκαλους.


2 Vid. Apolog. contra Arian. op. ed. Benedict. Tom. I. P. I. f. 191.

3 Greek was spoken in the city, and Syriac in the country.

Matt. IV. 24, and IX. 35.


CHURCHES IN THE COUNTRY. disease.' After his example our common Shepherd and Teacher hath forsaken us and departed to them; for he is gone to our brethren.

And as when the Festival of the Maccabees was celebrated here, all the country flocked into the city; so now, that a Martyr-festival is celebrated there, the whole city ought to flock into the country. On this account, God not only planted Martyrs in the cities, but likewise in the villages, in order that the celebration of their Festivals might give us an urgent occasion to hold intercourse one with another; and he hath even given more to the villages

than to the cities ; for“ he giveth more abun1 Cor. XII. dant honor to that part which lacketh. For the

country is our weaker member, wherefore it enjoyeth a greater care. For those, who dwell in cities, have constant instruction; but those, who dwell in the country, receive not the same so richly. Thus hath God supplied their want of teachers by the greater number of Martyrs, and hath ordained, that more should be interred among them, than with us. They hear not constantly the tongue of the teacher, but they hear the more mighty voice of the Martyr calling to them from the tomb."



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