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so the result

that the


are charged each, as far as he is concerned,

with the execuriou of the present Ordinance. As if for the express purpose of show “ Given at the Palace of the Tuileries, ing the stupidity of Brodie's malignant Nov. 24, 1831. stuff, on which I have commented in

“ Louis Philie.

“ By the King, the preceding pages, and the inutility

“ The President of the Council. of his swaggering corps of unstrap-| “ Minister of the luterior,

22,5x1ally sbe

igas at this m ping attorneys and tax-eaters, as ap

“ CASIMIR PERIER." plicable in the case of a population

NON-OFFICIAL PART. like that of Manchester, comes this affair

a fim to-day of Lyons! I shall give an account of from a telegraphic dispatch from Lyons, dated

PARIS, Nov. 24.-We announced vesterday,

20 Gosenin

226 0f the ? this affair in the words of the Paris the 220 in the morning, that serious troubles a presented

. Nind als es papers; and when I have inserted these had taken place on the 21st in that city. The accounts, I shall have to add some re. Government has to-day received two reports marks. This is a very important affair. the evening-ove from the Prefect of the

by an orinary courier, both dated the 21st ia It may, before it be over, upset the Rhone, the other from Lieutenant General dire d Ivous

, las se government and dynasty of Louis Count Rouquet, commanding that division. PHILIPPE. It is hardly in nature that that The following are the facts that result from government should last long; but this

these reports :—" On Monday, the 21st, at

seven o'clock in the morning, the silk- en bed in the ma grand affair may lead to something that weavers, wbu inhabit the commune of the will settle it at once. The last intelli- Croix Rousse, rose in a rebellious manner, and gence is, that the working people, whom barricaded the quarters which they occupied. de Lvies bassue the insolent wretches in this country, shey disarmed some National Guards, and

They first assaulted several manufacturers;

Geraneut. who live upon the fruit of their toil, prepared to march against Lyons. This move

甚 cov'da call the lower orders," the peasuntry, ment was 'aunounced only by loud menaces and the “ mob,were masters of the city, 'azainst persous and property. The authorities, and had demanded a million of francs ; and sent troops agaiust the riviers. All eu

being warned, immediately took measures, or fifty thousand pounds sterling, as a deavours to disperse them by persuasion have ransom! Oh, the Devil, that Brodie's ing failed, it was vecessary to bave recourse battalion was not there! There were to force. The troops of the line and the Na. six thousand regulars, it appears, and tional Guards prepared to repel these crimiGod knows how many regiments of

nal aggressions ; the Prefect repaired to the te saaie et

spot; the workmen then desired to parley. national guards; the “lower ordrrs" beat « The Prefect and General Orlonneau, deall these ; but what would they have siring to stop the effusiou of blood, in fact done against Brodie's Salisbury.corps ? advanced towards thein, but they had scarcely However, let us now hear the details.

approached these madmen, when they were
seized aud made prioners.

At the same time General Roquet, who
being sick had caused himself to be conveyed
to the Town-ball, directed troops to attack and

surround the Croix Rousse: and, in fact, all [From the Moniteur of Friday, Nov. 25.]

the rioters were driven back into that com.

mune. The armed force remained masters at OFFICIAL PART.

all points, and occupied all the advances. “ Ordinances of the King Louis Philip, “ Fresh overtures baving been made by the King of the French.

rebels, General Ruquet declared that the Pre“ To all present and to come greeting. fect and General Ordonneau must be imme“We have ordained and ordain as follows: diately set at liberty. The Prefect, in fact,

“ Art. 1. Our beloved son, the Duke uf Or- immediately returneil tv Lyons, but the GeneJeans, and the Marshal Duke of Dalmatia, ral was detained. Afl'airs were in this situation our Minister of War, shall immediately re on the 21st. In the evening, troops, which pair to Lyons. The Marsbal Duke of Dal- had been sevt for from Bourguiu and Prevalida matia is authorised to give all the orders that were expected in the vight of the 21st. circumstances shall require.

these serious troubles there are seve “ During the absence of our said Minister, forlunes to be deplored. National the functious of Minister of War shall be per- officers, and soldiers of the live, and formed ad interim by Lieutenant-General manufacturers have fallen victims to Count Sebastiaui, our Minister for Foreign courage. Among the latter M. Schir Affairs.

meutivped. “ II. Our President of the Council, Minis “ As for the 22d, the state of the atmo. ter of the loterior, and our Minister of War, spbere has noi ceased to hiuder the communi

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cation, the Government having received only (From the Messager des Chambru, dated that which was published yesterday in the Mo.

Saturday, Nov. 26.) siteur. The director of the telegraphs writes

Paris, Nov, 25.—The post from Lyons bad du-day to the President of the Council, " The not arrived at eleven o'cluck this morning; we telegraphic correspondence with Lyons is have, therefore, not received either the joursopped by the state of the atmosphere at the nals vrour private correspondence from Lyons, foot of Semur. The fugs are very tenacious Grenoble, Nismes, Montpellier, Marseilles, at this season of the year, especially when and the whole line. there is no wiod. The fog exists at this mo. bent at the post of Saffres, which is six (From the Gazette de France, dated Saturday.) lagues beyond Semur.'” This news has been affirmed to-day on

Paris, Nov, 25.- After quoting letters from 'Change, by a bulletin which the Government Lyons, in the Quotidienne and the Constitutioncaused to be posted up. Letters of the 22d in nel, the Guzelte adds :the evening were spoken of. Nobody could

“ All the letters from the banking houses at have received any, for no extraordinary courier Lyons agree in the following details :bad arrived. The Government itself opiy re

" For these three days we have been in a ceired by the ordinary courier this news of state of siege, the whole quarter of the Tertbe ?lit.

reau, the Capucins, and the environs, are Mr. Pranelle, Mayor of Lyons, las set out

closed. to-day for that eity.

“ Five P.M.—The cannon have been firing for these three hours on the people ; and the

people return the fire with advantage, because Paris, Nw. 25, four o'clock in the morning. they are masters of the heights. M.Schirmer, P.S. The President of the Council has re- partner in the house of Dessouilly, was one of ceived, at midnight, an estafette, which a line first killed; also several artillerymen. M. persun bigb ia office at Lyons bas succeeded Armand is dangerously wounded. in dispatebing to the Government. His let. “ The weather bas been very gloomy, and ter, written on the 231, at one o'clock in the it has rained almost the whole day, so that the murning, anderunces that the revolt of the telegraph will hardly have been able to work. work meu has recommenced-that they have If the same weather continues to-morrow, made themselves masters of the bridges, these particulars will reach very opportunely. and iutercepted the communications. The “ Seven P.M.- Forty of our Naiional Guards troops were defeoding the town-ball, the are killed ; above 150 wounded. Despondency arsenal

, and the powder magazine. General has filled every heart. When will this frightOrdoanean bad been given up by the rebels. sul carnage cease ? The jusurgents cry, The writer upened his letter again at five Long live Napoleon, Chief of the Republic? o'clock in tbe morning of the same day, to say

“ The General and the Prefect have been that the Town Hall bad been evacuated, after eight hours prisoners in the hands of the inau obstinate resistance, and that it seemed surgents. They we.e not released till three that the authorities and the troops, as well to cannon belouging to the National Guards were avond a further effusion of blood as to combine employed. their union with forces which they expected ** Two of these capnon bave fallen into the fron several points, had retired by the Faux- hands of the insurgents. bourg of St. Clair.

At the departure of the post they were Such are the only accounts that have reached masters of all the heights that surround the Government up to this hour. There is Lyous." every reason to hope that the reports of the Prefect and the General will arrive to-day.

(From the Constitutionnel.) The National Guards and the troups of the Paris, Nov. 25.- Private letters arrived tolize have done their duty with equal courage day from Lyons, dated the 21st, are not so and devokedness. This revolt, accompanied consolatory as the two official publications. by threats of burning and pillage, is directed Most of them agree with the dispatches recuk agajost property aud industry. In onch ceived by the Government, in saying, that the a case the issue cannot be doubtful, for it is a insurrection of the workmen has no political matter which cucerns all citizens as well as object. We read, however, in one of these the Goverament. The Guvernment has im- letters, that the cries of “Vive Napoleon IT." biediately taken further measures. The Coun- were heard ; and in another, that the working cil met this morning at tbree o'clock, at the classes are excited and directed by a faction of botel of the President.

the Congregation, which is very powerful in Orders bave beeu dispatched to send troops the city. The presence of a persou in the city to the department of the Rhone. The Prefects who repdered himself notorious in the sanwho were at Paris on leave of absence have guinary re-actions of 1815 bas been looked hees ordered to return immediately to their upou as an inauspicious sign. It is said that posts

. His Royal Highness the Duke of the Magistrates had previously received inforOrleans sets out for Lyons this morning, ac- mation of attempts to bribe the working euinpanied by ibe Marshal, Minister of War. classes, and this information was imprudently

veglected. The narration of the events on

the 21st is sufficiently afiicting. It is unfor- and even ammunition was not forthcoming till tunately too true that the blood of Frenchmen late, and then only iu small quanti:ies." It has been profusely slied by their countrymeu ; may be seen from this that the business was and, what is more to be deplore:t, all the got over on the night of the 21st, and reports murders committed on this terrible day were are in circulation, tbat letters dated the 221 not done with arms in the baud. Three as- have reached Paris, announcing the recomsassinations are spoken of, coinmitted at the mencement of the contest. houses of three citizens.- According to a letter wbich we have not ourselves seen, disturb

(From Journal des Debats.) ances have broken out at Grenoble. Persons corresponding with Lycus did not yesterday Paris, Vor, 25.- It is with the deepest paio receive their letters. The following is an ex- that we yesterday received the confirmation of tract from a letter written by a young artillery- the unpleasant reports that were in circulation man, the truth of which is guaranteed to us : concerning Lyous. The movement has no 6. We are in an important crisis-siuce 8 political features. For some time agitation o'clock this morning, Nov. 21, the drum has prevailed among the work men, but the is beating 10 arms throughout the town. The tarif for the wages of the silk-manufacturers workmen of the Croix Rousse have displayed was the only cause. Ou Sunday, the 20th, the intention of coming down into the quarter numerous mobs assembled at the Croix of the Capuchins and the Terraux, to require Rousse, but they dispersed without force being the execution of the new tarif. In fact, since necessary; but in the evening the Magistrates eight o'clock this morning, masses of work were informed that great preparations were men have descended armed with pikes, mus- making for the following day. In fact, on kets, and stones, on the side of Si. Sebastian. Mvuday, fron 10,000 to 12,000 workmen, They encountered there a detachment of the mostly armed with muskets, and a great national guard, who prevented their proceed number dressed in the uniform of the Naing further. Threats were used on both sides, tional Guard, assembled at the Croix Rousse, and the workmen very soon began to fire, and and came down into the town. The drums hit several national guards. It is said that immediately beat to arins, and the National the pumber of wouoded is 150, and of the Guard, headed by its chiefs, went to meet the killed twenty. Probably the latter number is insurgents. The Prefect of the Rhone and tbe too much by half. Several attempts have been Commandant ordered the garrison under arms, made to force the barricades which the rebels which, unfortunately, was at this moment not have formed in their quarter, but without very numerous; the detachments of the troops

A shower of stones compelled the of the line were distributed amoug the Na. national guards and the troops of the line to tional Guard. retreat. We left our quarters with our guns It seems certain that the first shots were and lighted matches. It was quite necessary fired by the workmen at a company of the to establish a regular siege, but the impossi. Natioual Guard, posted at the end of the Kue bility of using guns was soon acknowledged. des Capuchins. Two National Guards were For those who knew the patbs which lead to mortally wounded. All the efforts used to perthe Croix Rousse, it is demonstrated, that it suade the rioters to disperse were fruitle 45 is impossible to force them. On yesterday | After the legal summouses, several charges (Suuday) there was a review by General Or. were made, and they succeeded iu driving back donueau, appointed General of the national the insurgents into the old suburb, now the guard at Lyons. He wished this inorning to town of Croix Rousse. That is their central satisfy himself of the disposition of the work-point of union, and that is situated ou one of ing classes; he was accompanied, it is said, byline hills which command Lyons. The workthe prefect, but they were surrounded by se meu carried on the contest there with more veral hundred workinen, and made prisoners. boldness, and the firing was twice resumed. It is now seven o'clock, aud the place of con- A detachment of National Guards, commanded test is tranquil-each party has kept his by Gen. Ordonucau, supported by a company ground. The workmen are still masters of of the 66:b, mounted the hill by a street their entreuchments and of all the Croix that is very steer, and is almost wholly Rousse. To surround such a place we require occupied by the houses of workmen. They two or three regiments, and we have only had 'hardly reached a certain height be

The whole of the national guards fore a thundering discharge was made from did not comply with the call, vuly three almost all the windows. Takeu between two or four thousand men repaired to ihe ap- fires, and not having much ammunition, the pointed spot. The artillery is placed at the ar- troups were obliged to retreat, but vot without senal. We have just heard that M. Schiriner, leaving some dead and some wounded. At the associate of M. Depouilly, is killed. Capt. this inoment some of the workmen having B. is dangervusly wounded. We expect a demanded a pariey, the Prefect and General tranquil night, but anticipate a terrible 'inoru- Ordouneau, willing to stop the effusion of ing. The Magistrates' have wanted prudence. blood, went in the midst of them, inaccumiFor several days it was known that the work- panied. They began to speak to them and meu were amming, and yet the authorities were persuade tbein to returu to their duty, when in a manner surprised. Nuthing was prepared, they were surrouuded, made prisoners, and



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confined in a house. The Prefect was threat. an incvitable chaange in the condition of thi
ened to be hanged if he did not, before ten manufacture."
o'clock, deliver powder to the iusurgenis. Paris, Nov. 25, ELEVEN AT NIGHT.-We

Lieutenant General Roquet caused the men are happy to be able to give more satisfactory
who came to demand a parley to be iustantly accounts from Lyons. "The city was tranquil
arrested, and sent a demand that Geveral Or- on the 23d in the afternoon, at the departure
congeau and tbe Prefect should be immediately of the mail, which the insurgents suffered to
set at liberty, otherwise he should shoot his leave the city, not to prolong the alarm which
prisoners and set fire to Croix Rousse. The it was justly presumed must be felt in the ca-
General and Prefect were speedily set at li- pital.
berty; the former is said to have received a The mail arrived this evening a little before
bluw with a sword on the head. Among the nine ; beyond Melun it met the Duke of Or-
victims are M. Schirmer, a partner in the leans and the Minister of War. The Duke
house of Depouilly, and an artist of great talent. alighted from his carriage to make some in-
Some other manufacturers have perished, and quiries respecting the situation of Lyons, from
persons of great mildness have been wounded a merchant in the mail, with his wife. He
by paving stones, when they went among the was able to learn, as we have done, that on the
workmen. It is hoped, however, that they 23d, about three in the afternoon, the insur-
will recover. On the side of the insurgents it rection had not taken any political character,
is supposed that the loss has been greater. the workmen were formed into regiments,
The grenadiers of the 66th, on seeing the of- and their chiefs had announced the penalty of
ficer fall who commanded ihem, made a ter- death against any individual guilty of burning
rible discharge. A great number uf arrests or pillage. It is said they even wanted to have
bave taken place.

this proclamatiou sanctioned by the Prefect,

who remained in the city ; that magistrate (From the Journal du Commerce of

had answered that his authority bad ceased,

but that he recoinmended them to content Saturday, Nov. 26.)

themselves with incarcerating the maleParis, Nov. 25.—No letters from Lyons factors. baving been received to·day, as appears by the Deplorable excesses bad taken place beofficial notice posted up on 'Change, we have fore this resolution was agreed on. Several no details of what passed on the 22d, and inagazines had been cleared, and the goods even the events of the 20th are not perfectly carried into the streets aud burnt. At the knowo.

house of Mrs. Guerei, widow, all ibe houseWe bave received the Courier de St. Ain, hold furniture was thrown out of the windows. which gives an interesting but evidently soft- A coffee house, on the Quai de la Saone, had eved account of the transactions of that day. been plundered and demolished. Serious acts This article concludes as follows :

of violence had been coinmitted on several .: The dispersion of these workmen by force persous. The number of killed on both sides will, doubtless, cause numbers of them to re- is estimated at 600. At first it was said that treat into those parts of the Department of the workmen from the neighbouring towns bad Ain which are near Lyons. The gendarmerie come to join those of Lyons. This does not is going to send all the men that can be spared seem to be the case. w reiuforce tbe brigades at that point; but The troops sent for from other places had not the national guard especially is interested in yet arrived. All the authorities had in fact left the maintenance of order and respect to pro- lihe city, except the Prefect, who remained as perty, which the appearance of these bands a private individual, aud whom the workmen may endanger.

respected, doubtless because he was favourable "Oriers have been given to all the mayors to them on the establishing of the Tariff. of the Cantons of Monituel, Trevoux, Mexi. These are the facts, we have collected at the mieur, immediately to take such measures as post-office, and from a merchant who arrived are required for the public safety. We learn this evening. that the mayors of most of those communes We may add, that on the road from Lyons bad anticipated these orders at the first news to Paris, all was tranquil, but uneasy. It is of the troubles, aud have stationed posts on hoped that the mail, which was to leave Lyons all the roads ; tbeir zeal and foresight are very on the 23d, will arrive to-night at the usual commendable.

hour. “ The manufacture of silks, drawn from That which arrived this evening has brought Lacca by civil wars; from Vienna by heavy the bags from all the roads that led to Lyons, tales; had been fixed for many years at Lyons, and those of that city. They are all uns and seemed to be for ever attached to that touched. The letters will be delivered togreat city. Such events are the signal for its morrow morning at seven o'clock. It is said ruin. ii is a branch of commerce tbat is that there are only about 50 letters written leaving us, and by which Switzerland, Prus- from Lyons itself, and that none of them are sia, band Englaod, are acquiring riches. Their addressed to the ministers. competition already crushes us, and what is pastung at Lyons is, properly speaking, a revolt against the necessity of erportation, and against

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(From the Messager des Chambres, dated released unless they signed bonds for the furSunday.)

nishing of a certain quantity of arms and amThere is no description of alarming accounts munition. Every condition was refused. that bas not been circulated to-day at Paris, On Tuesday, ihe 22d, the fusillade comin the Bourse and elsewhere. One account menced in the streets wbich bordered on Croixwas that Toulouse, another that Grenuble Rousse, and coutinued during the day. The now that Strasburg, then Montpellier, were working population of Britteaux, of the Guilloin a state of insurrection. At the hour that we tiene, and Saint-Just, put themselves in moare going to press, no dispatch bas arrived tion in the moroing, and towards teu o'clock to confirm these reports. We affirm that General Roquet, who had planted a battery at they are invented by malevolence."

the Gate Saiut Clair to prevent the passage of On Sunday, the 20th instant, the report be the bridge Moraud and the bridge Lafayette, came pretty general that the silk weavers were gave orders to fire on Britteaux, from which about to make a violent attempt for the estab- place the workmen kept up a constant fire lishment of a scale of wages. Nothing along the quays of the Rhone. In the course was very distinctly stated as to the precise or of the day barricades of boards and thick special motive for this attempt, but sinister planks were erected on the quays of the Saone expressions were frequently uttered, and were and the Rhone, on the bridges of the Saoue, calculated to excite the serious attentiou of in the streets, &c. the authorities, who were, from other sources, The shops of three armourers were broken it is said, informed on the subject for several open and plundered. In the evening, the days.

military, and what remained under arms of Orders were, in fact, given to the National the National Guard, were shut up in the Place Guards, who were to assemble on Monday des Terreaux, and in the Hotel de Ville, morning, to preserve public order under all where the authorities of the city and of the circumstances. We are uninformed why it department were assembled. 'T'he powder was that the Guards had not appeared under magazine of Serin, and the arsenal established arms to an imposing extent until towards at Anai, were carried towards the night. eleven o'clock-a period when the weavers To-day, Wednesday the 23d, at two o'clock had already completed the organization of the in the morning, the earnest requests of the insurrection, and had made themselves abso- civil authorities induced General Roquet to lute masters of the Croix-Rousse, where the quit the city with the troops which he coru, lahouring classes principally reside.

manded, consisting of the 66th Regiment, and From the first discbarges, there were, on several batialions of the 40th and 13th Regiboth sides, several persovs killed, and a great inents of the line. The work men had a post number wounded. Even women and infauts at the barrier St. Clair, and it attempted to were shot, and nothing was wanting that could intercept the retreating columns. A general strengthen the horror of this catastrophe. discharge, and which it is said left only a few The work men who descended into the city living among the workmen, opened a passage when the contest took place returned to Croix- for the troops. We understand that General Rousse, the National Guard of which district Roquet is encamped at Moutessier, an elevated they had on this moroing disarmed. The position, which coinmands Croix Rousse, aud workmen had also seized on the two cannons is about a league from Lyous.-Precurseur. belonging to the National Guard, puinted We have received the Lyons journals, from them towards the city, erected barricades, which we make the followiug extracts : and, in fine, fortified that faubourg as a military position.

THE DAYS OF THE 21st and 220 NOVEMBER. This position is naturally very strong, and The dykes have been broken, and the poputhey have continued, up to the present even- lar torrent has inundated every part. We write ing, the fusillade of the respective out-posts. in the midst of general disorder, and an upea: Towards two o'clock, a detachment succeeded siness which is momentarily increasing. The in turning the position,

and in commanding it, impressions which we receive are terrible; by taking possession of the height. We are and we cannot yet foresee the issue of the informed, but we can scarcely credit the sanguinary drama which is being performed statement, that an order extorted from Gen. before our eyes. Ordonneau, and signed by him, forced the Commandant of this detachment to abandon the silk-weavers, exasperated at not seeing

It had been for several days announced that the position which he had taken.

their condition ameliorated, It is also said, that at four o'clock the depu. had formed, for the purpose of obtaining the ties from the workmen presented themselves enforcement of a scale of wages, an offensive armed to the Municipal Authorities, and that coalition, which was to burst forth last Sunday. they laid aside their arms at the Council-room, Nothing'; however, vccurred, and the day but upon the express condition of their being passed in the most perfect tranquillity. The restored to theni on their departure. We are National Guard, which was reviewed in the not aware what propositions these deputies morning, on the occasion of the iustallation were the bearers of, but it is said that they of General Ordonneau as its Commauder-i• declared, in the name of those who sent them, Chief, had not the least excess to repress. that the General and the Prefect should not be Notwithstauding, however, siuister rumours

as was expected,

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