The Eccentric Mirror:: Reflecting a Faithful and Interesting Delineation of Male and Female Characters, Ancient and Modern, who Have Been Particularly Distinguished by Extraordinary Qualificatons, Talents, and Propensities, Natural Or Acquired ... with a Faithful Narration of Every Instance of Singularity, Manifested in the Lives and Conduct of Characters who Have Rendered Themselves Eminently Conspicuous by Their Eccentricities ...

James Cundee, 1806
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Sivu 5 - He drank a glass or two of wine at meals; very often syrup of gilliflower in his sack ; and had always a tun glass, without feet, stood by him, holding a pint of small beer which he often stirred with rosemary.
Sivu 36 - After the completion of the ceremony, the maid threw herself at the king's feet, embraced his knees, and with a flood of tears which pleasure and tenderness extorted from her, she congratulated him on this singular and marvellous event.
Sivu 20 - The more the king and his ministers were determined to give into the illusion, the more scruples they pretended. An assembly of grave doctors and theologians cautiously examined Joan's mission, and pronounced it undoubted and supernatural. She was sent to the parliament, then...
Sivu 3 - ... and huntsmen's poles in abundance. The parlour was a large long room, as properly furnished ; on a great hearth paved with brick lay some terriers and the choicest hounds and spaniels ; seldom but two of the great chairs had litters of young cats in them, which were not to be disturbed, he having always three or four attending him at dinner, and a little white round stick...
Sivu 24 - Stittle made his way through the snow till he was able to reach her ; she eagerly grasped his hand, and implored him not to leave her. " I have been here a long time,
Sivu 22 - Turkey carpets, to have been expressly designed not to resemble anything in the heavens above, in the earth beneath, or in the waters under the earth.
Sivu 29 - It was in vain even for the English generals to oppose with their soldiers the prevailing opinion of supernatural influence: they themselves were probably...
Sivu 5 - ... frequently lost his beast from under him, or, at least from out of his hands, it being his frequent practice to dismount and lead the horse, putting the bridle under his arm, which the horse sometimes shook off, or the intervention of a post occasioned it to fall ; sometimes it was taken off by the boys, when the parson was seen drawing his bridle after him ; and if any one asked him after the animal, he could not give the least account of it, or how he had lost it.
Sivu 10 - Germany, sent him to solve, which he never failed to answer ; and, from the minute enquiry he made into natural philosophy, there was scarcely a phenomenon in nature, that ever came to his knowledge or observation, but he could, in some measure or. other, reasonably account for it.

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