Archaeologia Cambrensis

W. Pickering, 1879

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Sivu 62 - These appearances, which are here denominated ancient garden-beds, indicate an earlier and. more perfect system of cultivation than that which now prevails; for the present Indians do not appear to possess the ideas of taste and order necessary to enable them to arrange objects in consecutive rows. Traces of this kind of cultivation, though not very abundant, are found in several parts of the State.
Sivu 198 - But the English conquest was a sheer dispossession and slaughter of the people whom the English conquered. In all the world- wide struggle between Rome and the German invaders, no land was so stubbornly fought for, or so hardly won. The conquest of Britain was, indeed, only partly wrought out after two centuries of bitter warfare. But...
Sivu xxviii - AQUITANIE archiepiscopis episcopis abbatibus prioribus comitibus baronibus justiciariis vicecomitibus prepositis ministris et omnibus ballivis et fidelibus suis salutem.
Sivu 206 - Medrod, who, with his men, united with the Saxons, that he might secure the kingdom to himself, against Arthur ; and in consequence of that treachery many of the Lloegrians became as Saxons. The third was Aeddan, the traitor of the north, who, with his men, made submission to the power of the Saxons, so that they might be able to support themselves by confusion and pillage, under the protection of the Saxons. On account of these three traitors, the...
Sivu xlix - Nos autem donaciones concessiones et confirmaciones predictas ratas habentes et gratas • eas pro nobis et heredibus nostris quantum in nobis est dilectis...
Sivu 198 - In the world-wide struggle between Rome and the German invaders no land was so stubbornly fought for or so hardly won. The conquest of Britain was indeed only partly wrought out after two centuries of bitter warfare. But it was just through the long and merciless nature of the struggle that of all the German conquests this proved the most thorough and complete. So far as the English sword in these earlier days reached, Britain became England, a land, that is, not of Britons, but of Englishmen.
Sivu 295 - The White Town between Tren and Traval. More common was the blood On the surface of the grass than the ploughed fallow.
Sivu 62 - of low, parallel ridges, as if corn had been planted in drills. They average four feet in width, twenty-five of them having been counted in the space of a hundred feet ; and the depth of the walk between them is about six: inches. These appearances, which are here denominated 'ancient garden-beds...
Sivu xxxv - Mercatoria et hansa et loth et scot cum eisdem burgensibus nostris, per unum annum et unum diem sine calumpnia, deinceps non possit repeti a domino suo, set in eodem burgo liber permaneat.
Sivu 158 - their alliance, partisans, and friends in all the countreys round thereabouts, to whome, as the manner of the time was, they sent such of their followers as committed murther or manslaughter, which were safely kept as very precious Jewells ; and they received the like from their friends.

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