Henry VIII and the English monasteries: an attempt to illustrate the history of their suppression, Nide 2


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Sivu 516 - Vagabond above the age of fourteen years shall be adjudged to be grievously whipped and burned through the Gristle of the right Ear with a hot Iron of the Compass of an Inch, unless some credible Person will take him into Service for a Year.
Sivu 348 - Councillors to give evidence against the abbot of Glaston, Richard Pollard, Lewis Forstell and Thomas Moyle. Item. To see that the evidence be well sorted and. the indictments well drawn against the said abbots and their accom* According to Wriothesley's " Chronicle " they were arraigned in the "Counter.
Sivu 422 - ... parlours were hung with altar-cloths ; their tables and beds covered with copes, instead of carpets and coverlids ; and many made carousing cups of the sacred chalices, as once Belshazzar celebrated his drunken feast in the sanctified vessels of the Temple. It was a sorry house, and not worth the naming, which had not somewhat of this furniture in it, though it were only a fair large cushion made of a cope or altar-cloth, to adorn their windows, or make their chairs appear to have somewhat in...
Sivu 68 - How presumptuous then are ye, the rude commons of one shire, and that one of the most brute and beastly of the whole realm and of least experience, to find fault with your prince for the electing of his counsellors and prelates,.
Sivu 492 - We will not receive the new service, because it is but like a Christmas game; but we will have our old service of matins, mass, even-song, and procession in Latin, as it was before. And so we the Cornish men, whereof certain of us understand no English, utterly refuse this new English.
Sivu 54 - Masters, there is a statute made whereby all persons be restrained to make their will upon their lands; for now the eldest son must have all his father's lands; and no person, to the payment of his debts, neither to the advancement of his daughters' marriages, can do nothing with their lands, nor cannot give to his youngest son any lands.
Sivu 517 - Competition, in fact, has only become in any considerable degree the governing principle of contracts, at a comparatively modern period. The farther we look back into history, the more we see all transactions and engagements under the influence of fixed customs. The reason is evident. Custom is the most powerful protector of the weak against the strong ; their sole protector where there are no laws or government adequate to the purpose.
Sivu 324 - ... of that day's evensong died away in the vaulted roof, there were not wanting those who. lingered in the solemn stillness of the old massive pile, and who, as the lights disappeared one by one, felt that for them there was now a void which could never be filled, because their old abbey, with its beautiful services, its frequent means of grace, its hospitality to strangers and its loving care for God's poor, had passed away like an early morning dream,, and was gone for ever."* CHAPTER IX.
Sivu 444 - ... turned to better use as hereafter shall follow, whereby God's word might the better be set forth, children brought up in learning, clerks nourished in the universities, old servants decayed to have livings, almshouses for poor folk to be sustained in, readers of Greek, Hebrew, and Latin to have good stipend, daily alms to be ministered, mending of highways, exhibition for ministers of the church...
Sivu 398 - But above all are their riches displayed in the church treasures ; for there is not a parish church in the kingdom so mean as not to possess crucifixes, candlesticks, censers, patens, and cups of silver ; nor is there a convent of mendicant friars so poor, as not to have all these same articles in silver, besides many other ornaments worthy of a cathedral church in the same metal.

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