Ordinances of the Settlements on the Gold Coast and of the Gold Coast Colony, in Force April 7th, 1887: With an Appendix Containing the Rules, Orders in Council, and Proclamations of Practical Utility, and an Index

Waterlow, 1887 - 777 sivua
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Sivu 475 - ... diseased, or unsound, or unwholesome, or unfit for the food of man, he may seize and carry away the same himself or b; an assistant, in order to have the same dealt with by a justice.
Sivu 691 - Act, or of any part thereof, so far as it relates to such foreign state, and so long as such law or ordinance continues in force there, and no longer ; or direct that such law or ordinance, or any part thereof, shall have effect in such British possession, with or without modifications and alterations, as if it were part of this Act.
Sivu 475 - Nuisances may at all reasonable times inspect and examine any animal, carcase, meat, poultry, game, flesh, fish, fruit, vegetables, corn, bread, flour, or milk exposed for sale, or deposited in any place for the purpose of sale, or of preparation for sale, and intended for the food of man...
Sivu 243 - ... not only on behalf of themselves and their respective heirs executors administrators and successors, but also for and on behalf of every person entitled in reversion remainder or expectancy after them or in defeasance of the estates of such parties...
Sivu 73 - ... or, by leave of the judge, prove that he has made at other times a statement inconsistent with his present testimony ; but before such last-mentioned proof can be given, the circumstances of the supposed statement, sufficient to designate the particular occasion, must be mentioned to the witness, and he must be asked whether or not he has made such statement.
Sivu 480 - ... may, on a certificate signed by a legally qualified medical practitioner, and with the consent of the superintending body of such hospital or place, be removed, by order of any justice, to such hospital...
Sivu 74 - ... a certificate containing the substance and effect only (omitting the formal part) of the indictment and conviction for such offence, purporting to be signed by the clerk of the Court, or other officer having the custody of the records of the Court where the offender was convicted, or by the deputy of such clerk or officer...
Sivu 702 - ... that in all cases where no time is already or shall hereafter be specially limited for making any such complaint or laying any such information in the act or acts of parliament relating to each particular case, such complaint shall be made and such information shall be laid within six calendar months from the time when the matter of such complaint or information respectively arose.
Sivu 115 - ... the court or a judge may at any time for sufficient reason order that any particular fact or facts may be proved by affidavit, or that the affidavit of any witness may be read at the hearing or trial...
Sivu 259 - ... otherwise ; and notice in writing of such action and of the cause thereof shall be given to the defendant one month at least before the commencement of the action...

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