Bell's Edition: The Poets of Great Britain Complete from Chaucer to Churchill ...

J. Bell, 1788

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Sivu 216 - His state and present plight. vertueis so fitting for a knight, Or for a ladie whom a knight should love, As curtesie, to beare themselves aright To all of each degree as doth behove ? For whether they be placed high above Or low beneath, yet ought they well to know Their good, that none them rightly may reprove Of rudenesse, for not yeelding what they owe ; Great skill it is such duties timely to bestow.
Sivu 165 - And the dull drops, that from his purpled bill, As from a limbeck, did adown distill. In his right hand a tipped staffe he held, With which his feeble steps he stayed still: For he was faint with cold, and weak with eld; That scarse his loosed limbes he hable was to weld.
Sivu 169 - Then came old January, wrapped well In many weeds to keep the cold away; Yet did he quake and quiver, like to quell, And blowe his nayles to warme them if he may; For they were numbd with holding all the day An hatchet keene, with which he felled wood...
Sivu 6 - Almighties stead, And with magnificke might and wondrous wit Doest to thy people righteous doome aread, That furthest nations filles with awfull dread, Pardon the boldnesse of thy basest thrall, That dare discourse of so divine a read, As thy great iustice praysed over all; The instrument whereof loe here thy Artegall.
Sivu 4 - Let none then blame me, if, in discipline Of vertue and of civill uses lore, I do not forme them to the common line Of present dayes which are corrupted sore...
Sivu 82 - In vaine' (said then old Meliboe) 'doe men The heavens of their fortunes fault accuse, Sith they know best what is the best for them; For they to each such fortune doe diffuse, As they doe know each can most aptly use: For not that which men covet most is best, Nor that thing worst which men do most refuse ; But fittest is, that all contented rest With that they hold : each hath his fortune in his brest.
Sivu 93 - All they without were raunged in a ring, And daunced round; but in the midst of them Three other Ladies did both daunce and sing, The whilest the rest them round about did hemme, And like a girlond did in compasse stemme...
Sivu 138 - Nature had establisht first In good estate, and in meet order ranged, She did pervert, and all their statutes burst : And all the worlds faire frame (which none yet durst Of gods or men to alter or misguide...
Sivu 165 - Then came the Autumn, all in yellow clad, As though he joyed in his plenteous store, Laden with fruits that made him laugh, full glad That he had...
Sivu 111 - As beauties lovely baite, that doth procure Great warriours oft their rigour to represse, And mighty hands forget their manlinesse ; Drawne with the powre of an heart-robbing eye, And wrapt in fetters of a golden tresse.

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