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Charming his oaten pipe unto


peers ;;
The shepherd swains, that did about him play,
Who all the while with greedy listful ears,
Did stand astonish d'at his curious skill,
Like heartless deere, dismay'd with thunder's

At last, wbenas he piped had his fill,
He rested him, and sitting then around,
One of those grooms (a jolly groom was he,
As ever piped on an oaten reeds
And loy'd this shepherd, dearest

, in degree, Hight Hobbinol) gan thus to him areed :

15 Colin, my Life!: my. Life ! how great a loss Had all the shepherds' nation by thy lack? And I, poor swain ! of many greatest cross, That sith thy Muse first since thy turning, back Was heard to sound, as she was wont on high, 20 Hast made us all so blessed and so blythe. Whilst thou wast hence, all dead in, dole did lies The woods were heard to wail full many a sythe, And all their birds with silence to complain ; The fields with faded flowers did seem to mourn, 25 And all their flocks from feeding to refrain ; , The running waters wept for thy return, And all their fish with languor did lament But now both woods, and fields, and floods re

vive, Sith thou art come, their cause of merriment, 3@ That us late dead hast made again alive.

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But were it not too painful to repeat
The passed fortunes which to thee befel
In thy late voyage, we would thee intreat,
Now at thy leisure, them to us to tell.

To whom the shepherd gently answer'd thus ;
« Hobbin, thou temptest me to that I covet,
For of good passed newly to discuss,
By double usury doth twise renew it :
And since I saw that angel's blessed eye, 40
Her world's bright sun, her heaven's fairest light,
My mind, full of my thought's satiety,
Doth feed on sweet contentment of that sight :)
Since that same day in nought I take delight,
Ne feeling have in any earthly pleasure, 45
But in remembrance of that glory bright,
My life's sole bliss, my heart's eternal treasure.
Wake, then, my Pipe ! my sleepy-Muse! awake,
Till I have told her praises lasting long;
Hobbin desires thou mayst it not forsake;

50 Hark, then, ye jolly shepherds ! to my song.' With that they all 'gan throng about him

With hungry ears to hear his harmony,
The whiles their flocks, devoid of danger's fear,
Did round about them feed at liberty.

55 6 One day (quoth he) I sate (as was my trade) Under the foot of Mole, that mountain hore, Keeping my sheep amongst the cooly shade Of the green alders by the Mulla's shore ;


There a strange shepherd chaunc'd to find me out, 6o
Whether allured with my pipe's delight,
Whose pleasing sound ysbrilled far about,
Or thither led by chance, I know not right į
Whom when I asked from what place he came,
And how, he hight? himself he did ycleep
The Shepherd of the Ocean by name,
And said he came far from the main-sea deep..
He sitting me beside in that same shade,

d me to play some pleasant fit;
And when be heard the musicķ which I made, 70
He found himself full greatly pleas'd at it;
Yet, æmuling my pipe, he took in hond
My pipe, before that æmuled of many,
And plaid thereon, (for well that skill he

cond) Himself as skilful in that art as any.

75 He pip’d, I sung; and when he şung I pipedy By change of turns each making other merry, Neither envying other, mor envied ; So, piped we until we both were weary."

There interrupting him, a bonny swain, 80 That Cuddy hight, bim thus atween, bespake i, " And should it not thy ready course restrain, I would request thee, Colin, for my, sake, To tell what thoy didst sing when he did play:; For well I ween it worth recounting was, Whether it were some hymn of moral lay, Or carol made to praise thy loved lass ?"



“ Nor of my love, nor of my lass,” quoth he; “ I then did sing, as then 'occasion fell; For love had me forlorn, forlorn of me,

That made me in that desárt choose to dwell; - But of my river Bregoģ’s love I song,

Which to the shiny Mulla he did bear,
And yet doth bear, and ever will, so long
As water doth within his banks appear.” 95

“ Of fellowship,” said then that bonny boy, “ Record to us that lovely lay again, The stay whereof shall nought these ears annoy, Who all that Colin makes do covet fain."

“ Hearthen,"quoth he," the tenor of my tale, 100 In sort as I it to that shepherd told ; "No leasing new, nor grandame's fable stale, But antient truth, confirm’d with credence old. “ Old Father Molė, (Mole hight that mountain

gray' That walls the nortli-side of Armulla dale) 105 He had a daughter fresh as flower of May, Which gave that name ưnto that pleasant vale; Mulla, the daughter of old Mole, so hight The nymph, which of that water-course has charge, That springing out of Mole doth run down right 110 To Buttevant, where, spreading forth at large,

It giveth name unto that antient city
df Which Kilnemullah cleeped is of old,

Whose cragged ruines breed great ruth and pity
To travellers which it from far behold. its

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Full fain she lov’d, and was belov’d full fain
Of her own brother river, Bregog hight,
So hight because of this deceitful train
Which he with Mulla wrought to win delight;
But her old sire, more careful of her good,
And meaning her much better to prefer,
Did think to match her with the neighboui

Which Alla hight, Broad-water called far,
And wrought so well with his continual pain,
That he that river for his daughter won; 125
The dowre agreed, the day assigned plain,
The place appointed where it should be done.
Nath less the nymph her former liking held,
For Love will not be drawn, but must be led,
And Bregog did so well her fancy weld,

130 That her good-will he got her first to wed ; But for her father, sitting still on high, Did warily still watch which way she went, And eke from far observ'd with jealous eye Which way his course the wanton Bregog bent, 135 Him to deceive for all his watchful ward, The wily lover did devise this slight; First into many parts his stream he shar'd, That whilst the one was watch, the other might Pass unespy'd to meet her by the way; 140 And then besides those little streams, so broken, He under ground so closely did convey, That of their passage doth appear no token,

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