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Then rouze thy feathers quickly, Daniel,
And to what course thou please thyself advance, 425
But most, nie seems, thy accent will excel
In tragic plaints and passionate mischance.
And there that Shepherd of the Ocean is
That spends his wit in love's consuming

smart ;
Full sweetly tempred is that muse of his,

430 That can impierce a prince's mighty heart. There also is (ah! no, he is not now!) But since I said he is he quite is gone, Amyntas quite is gone, and lies full low, Having his Amarillis left to mone!

435 Help, Oye Shepherds ! help ye all in this, Help Amarillis this her loss to mourn; Her loss is yours, your loss Amyntas is, Amyntas ! flower of shepherds pride forlorn : He, whilst he lived, was the noblest swain

440 That ever piped on an oaten quill; Both did he other which could pipe maintain, And eke could pipe himself with passing skill. And there, though last, not least, is Aetion, A gentler shepherd may no where be found, 445 Whose Muse full of high thoughts invention, Doth like himself heroically sound. All these, and many others moe remain, Ņow after Astrofell is dead and gone; But while as Astrofell did live and raign,

450 Amongst all these was none his paragon.

All these do flourish in their sundry kind,
And do their Cynthia immortal make,
Yet found I liking in her royal mind,
Not for my skill, but for that shepherd's sake." 455

Then spake a lovely lass hight Lucida;
“ Shepherd, enough of shepherds thou hast told,
Which favour thee and honour Cynthia ;
But of so many nymphs which she doth hold
In her retinew, thou hast nothing said, 460
That seems with none of them thou favour

foundest, Or art ingrateful to each gentle maid, That none of all their due deserts' resoundest."

“ Ah! far be it," quoth Colin Clout, “ fro me, That I of gentle maids should ill deserve, 465 For that my self I do professs to be Vassal to one whom all my days I serve; The beam of beauty sparkled from above, The flowre of virtue and pure chastitie; The blossom of sweet joy and perfect love, 470 The pearl of peerless grace and modesty; To her my thoughts I daily dedicate, To her my heart I nightly martyrize; To her my love I lowly do prostrate, To her my life I wholly sacrifice;

475 My thought, my heart, my love, my life, is she, And I her's ever only, ever one; · One ever I, all vowed her's to be, One ever I, and other's never nonc.

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Then thus Melissa said, “ Thrice happy maid, Whom thou doost so enforce to deify ; 481 That woods, and hills, and valleys, thou hast

made Her name to eccho unto heaven high : But


who else vouchsafed thee of grace?" “ They all,” quoth he, “ me graced goodly well, That all I praise ; but in the highest place

486 Urania, sister unto Astrofell, In whose brave mind, as in a golden coffer, All heavenly gifts and riches locked are, More rich than pearls of Inde, or gold of Opher, 490 And in her sex more wonderful and rare, Ne less praise-worthy I Theana read, Whose goodly beams tho they be over-dight With mourning stole of careful widowhead, Yet through that darksom veil do glister bright: 495 She is the well of bounty and brave mind, Excelling most in glory and great light ; She is the ornament of woman-kind, And Court's chief girlond, with all vertues dight; Therefore great Cynthia her in chiefest grace 500 Doth hold, and next unto her self advance ; Well worthy she so honourable place, For her great worth and noble governance. Ne less praise-worthy is her sister dear, Fair Marian, the Muses' only dearling, 505 Whose beauty shineth as the morning clear, With silver dew upon the roses pearling. Volume VI.


Ne less praise-worthy is Mansilia,
Best known by bearing up great Cynthia's

train ;

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That same is she to whom Daphnaida 510
Upon her neece's death I did complain :
She is the pattern of true womanhead,
And only mirror of feminity,
Worthy next after Cynthia to tredd,
As she is next her in nobility.

Ne less praise-worthy Galathea seems
Than best of all that honourable crew;
Fair Galathea ! with bright shining beams,
Inflaming feeble eyes that her do view :
She there then waited upon Cynthia,

Yet there is not her wonne ; but here with us
About the borders of our rich Cosma,
Now made of Maa, the nymph delicious.
Ne less praise-worthy fair Nezra is ;
Neæra! ours, not theirs, though there she be; 525
For of the famous Shure the nymph she is,
For high desert advaunst to that degree :
She is the bloom of grace and curtesie,
Adorned with all honourable parts ;
She is the branch of true nobility,

Belov'd of high and low with faithful hearts.
Ne less praise-worthy Stella do I read;
Tho' nought my praises of her needed are,
Whom verse of noblest shepherd, lately dead,
Hath prais'd, and rais'd above each other starre. 535

Ne less praise-worthy are the sisters three,
The honour of the noble familie
Of which I meanest boast myself to be,
And most that unto them I am so nie,
Phyllis, Charillis, and sweet Amarillis.

540 Phyllis, the fair is eldest of the three ; The next to her is bountiful Charillis ; But th' youngest is the highest in degree. Phyllis, the flow'r of rare perfection, Fair, spreading forth her leaves with fresh delight,

54 $ That with their beauty's amorous reflection Bereave of sense each rash beholder's sight; But sweet Charillis is the paragone Of peerless price and ornament of praise, Admir'd of all, yet envied of none,

550 Through the mild temperance of her goodly raies. Thrice happy do I hold thee, noble swain, The which art of so rich a spoil possest, And it embracing dear without disdain, Hast sole possession in so chaste a breast ! 555 Of all the shepherd's daughters which there be, (And yet there be the fairest under sky, Or that elsewhere I ever yet did see) A fairer nymph yet never saw mine eye ; She is pride and primrose of the rest, 360 Made by the Maker self to be admired; And like a goodly beacon high addrest, That is with sparks of heavenly beauty fired.

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