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XLVIII. By this the other came in place likewise, And couching close his speare and all his powre, As bent to some malicious enterprise, He bad him stand, t'abide the bitter stoure Of his sore vengeaunce, or to make avoure Of the lewd words and deedes which he had done : With that ran at him, as he would devoure His life attonce; who nought could do but shun The perill of his pride, or else be over-run.

XLIX. Yet he him still pursew'd from place to place, With full intent him cruelly to kill, And like a wilde goate round about did chace, Flying the fury of his bloudy will; But his best succour and refuge was still Behinde his ladies back, who to him cryde, And called oft with prayers loud and shrill, As ever he to lady was affyde, To spare her knight, and rest with reason pacifydes

L. But he the more thereby enraged was, And with more eager felnesse him pursew'd ; So that at length, after long weary chace, Having by chaunce a close advantage vew'd, He over-raught him, having long eschew'd His violence in vaine, and with his spere Strooke through his shoulder, that the blood ensew'd In great aboundance, as a well it were, That forth out of an hill fresh gushing did app

LI. Yet ceast he not for all that cruell wound, But chaste him still for all his ladies cry, Not satisfyde till on the fatall ground He saw his life powrd forth dispiteously; The which was certes in great ieopardy, Had not a wondrous chaunce his reskue wrought, And saved from his cruell villany : Such chaunces oft exceed all humaine thought; That in another Canto shall to end be brought.

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