Proceedings of the ... Annual Convention, Nide 2

American Railway Engineering Association., 1901
List of members in v. 1-10.

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Sivu 445 - A bell of at least thiry pounds' weight, or a steam whistle, shall be placed on each locomotive engine, and shall be rung or whistled at the distance of at least eighty rods from the place where the said railroad shall cross any other road or street...
Sivu 425 - ... boards shall be elevated so as not to obstruct the travel, and to be easily seen by travelers ; and on each side of such boards, shall be painted in capital letters of at least the size of nine inches each, the words " railroad crossing, look out for the cars...
Sivu 436 - They shall be instructed as to their duties and the law of the case by the justice, and shall retire under the charge of an officer and render their verdict in the same manner as on the trial of an ordinary civil case, but the same shall be in writing and be signed by all the jurors.
Sivu 394 - Until such fences and cattle-guards shall be duly made, the corporation and its agents shall be liable for all damages which shall be done by their agents or engines to cattle, horses, or other animals thereon ; and after such fences and guards shall be duly made and maintained, the corporation shall not be liable for any such damages, unless negligently or willfully done...
Sivu 450 - Notice of intention to lay out such street, avenue or highway, or new portion of a street, avenue or highway, across a steam surface railroad, shall be given to such railroad company by the municipal corporation at least fifteen days prior to the making of the order laying out such street, avenue or highway by service personally on the president or vice-president of the railroad corporation, or any general officer thereof.
Sivu 134 - The first order of business this morning is the Report of the Committee on Heavy Electric Traction, and the Chair with pleasure announces that Mr.
Sivu 391 - ... determination was in existence when the railroad was constructed over it at grade, or if the layout of the highway was changed for the benefit of the railroad after the layout of the railroad, order an amount not exceeding...
Sivu 236 - THE PRESIDENT. — The next in order is the report of the Committee of Arrangements, Dr.
Sivu 425 - ... go to the informer and the other half to the county; and the corporation shall also be liable for all damages which shall be sustained by any person by reason of such neglect.
Sivu 144 - At least one tensile and one bending test shall be made from each melt of steel as rolled. In case steel differing f in.

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