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let thy meditation be there, let thy soul be there every day; there is thy portion, search it out and know it for thy good.

Delight. Fruition is taking the pleasure of what we have. We cannot enjoy what we do not love, and love implies delight. We cannot enjoy that wherein we do not joy. “Delight thyself in the Lord.” Psa. 37:4. "I sat down under his shadow with great delight.” Sol. Song 2:3. If his shadow be so pleasant, what will his sunbeams be? “O taste, and see that the Lord is good.” Psa. 34:8. Our senses help our understandings; we cannot by the most rational discourse perceive what the sweetness of honey is; taste it, and you shall perceive it. “His fruit was sweet unto my taste.” Dwell in the light of the Lord, and let thy soul be always ravished with his love. Get out the marrow and the fatness that thy portion yields thee. Let fools learn by beholding thy face, how dim their blazes are to the brightness of thy day.

Let thy delights in God be pure and unmixed delights. Let thy spirit be so filled with God, and so raised above carnal joys, that it be no damp upon thee to have nothing but God. Live above, in that serene air which is not defiled with earthly exhalations. Sickly bodies, and so sickly souls cannot live in too pure an air. Be so wholly spiritual, that spiritual joys, spiritual delights may be suited to thee and sufficient for thee. Do not say, I want the joy of the vintage and of the harvest; I want the joy of the bridegroom and of the bride ; I want the sound of the testones and the tabs of the cane, to make ray ariri fol Let the joy of the Lord be thy & rengin and thy me; say with the prophet, - Althan the fig-tree shall not Bossom, Deither shall fruit be in the vines; the labor of the olive shall fail, and the fiel is shali yield no meat; the tlock shall be cat si from the fod, and there shaž be no herd in the stabı; yet I wiil rejoice in the Lord, I will joy in the Gol of my salvation." Hab. 3:17, 13.

Satisfaction. The quiet, or resting of the soul in its portion. Therefore the schools say that the last end only is the proper object of fruition. The carnal world, whatever they possess, cannot be said properly to enjoy it, though it be their god that they live upon; as their drag is their god, their gold is their god, their plough and their plenty and their pleasure is their god; they burn incense to them, yet they cannot enjoy them; there is no rest for them in their god. " What man is he that feareth the Lord ? his soul shall dwell at ease.” Psa. 25:12, 13. In the original it is, “shall lodge in goodness.” The soul is never at easo while it is in want, every want wrings it; it can never take up its lodging where it cannot take its rest. His soul shall be at ease; shall lodge, that is, shall take up its rest in the goodness of God: when we find rest in our beds, then we enjoy them. Is thy noul lodged in God? O enjoy thy lodging. “Return to thy rest, O my soul, for the Lord hath dealt bountifully with thee.” As it was said to, so let it be said hy the church and every saint, “ This is my rest, here

1 I dwell for ever.” Here thou mayest find rest when thou hast no other rock to lean upon; thou mayest be at rest in thy God, in thy most restless state, in a weary land, in a barren wilderness, in a tempestuous ocean. However it was in the vision of the prophet, yet thou mayest say, If the wind rise, the Lord is in the wind ; if after the wind an earthquake, the Lord is in the earthquake; if after the earthquake a fire, the Lord God is in the fire; and wherever thou findest God, thou mayest find rest. If thou find God in a wilderness, thou wilt find rest in the wilderness; if thou find God in the earthquake, or the tempest, or the fire, even there also thy soul shall find rest. When thou canst not rest in thy bed, nor in thy house, nor in thy land, thou mayest still rest in thy God. Say, Christian, say again, “Return to thy rest, O my soul, for the Lord hath dealt bountifully with thee.” Though my helps fail me, and my friends fail me, and my flesh and my heart fail me, “God is the strength of my heart and my portion for ever. This is my rest, here will I dwell for ever.”

To these I might add a fourth thing wherein fruition consists the making use of our portion. He enjoys, who uses what he has. We enjoy our portion, when we have a power and heart to make use of it on all occasions. “I am thine, soul; come and make use of me as thou wilt, thou mayest freely; I have nothing that is not for thee; thou mayest freely come to my store; and the oftener, the better welcome.” Have thou not a God lying by thee to no purpose; let not thy God be as others gods, serving only for a show. Have not a name only that thou hast a God: since he allows thee, having such a Friend, use him daily: “My God shall supply all your wants;" never want while thou hast a God, never fear or faint while thou hast a God: go to thy treasure, and take whatever thou needest; there are bread and clothes, and health and life, and all that thou needest. 0, Christian, learn the divine skill to make God thine all, to find in thy God bread and water and health and friends and ease; he can supply thee with all these; or, which is better, he can be, instead of all these, thy food, thy clothing, thy friend, thy life. All this he has said to thee in this one word, “I am thy God;" and hereupon thou mayest say, I have no husband, and yet I am no widow; my Maker is my husband. I have no father nor friend, and yet I am neither fatherless nor friendless; my God is both my Father and my Friend. I have no child; but is not he better to me than ten children? I have no house, but yet I have a home; I have made the Most High my habitation. I am left alone, but yet I am not alone; my God is good company for me; with him I can walk, with him I can take sweet counsel, find sweet repose; at my lying down, at my rising up, while I am in the house, as I walk by the way, my God is ever with me; with him I travel, I dwell, I lodge, I live, and shall live for ever.

2. Live up to your privilege. Live according to your rank and quality, according to your riches laid up for you in God. The rich men of this world live like rich men, they sort themselves with persons of their own quality, attend on the courts of princes, are employed about the palace ; you may read their estates in the whole way of their life; they wear them on their backs, spread their tables with them; they live sumptuously, and fare delicately. Christians, feed not on ashes or husks, you have better meat; you have milk and honey, marrow and fatness, the hidden manna, the bread that comes down from heaven, the water of life; you have blessed privileges, precious promises, lively hopes, living comforts, glorious joys, the fountain of life to feed your souls upon : come eat, О friends; drink, yea, drink abundantly, O beloved; outfare the rich man, who fared sumptuously every day; you have enough to maintain it; let every day be a glad day, a feast-day with you.

Let your clothing be according to your feeding. Be clothed with the sun; put on the Lord Jesus. “ The King's daughter is"--and so let all the King's sons be— all glorious within;" let their clothing be of wrought gold. Be clothed with humility, put on love, bowels of compassion, gentleness, meekness; put on the garments of salvation.

Let your company and converse be according to your clothing. Live among the excellent, among the generation of the just. Get you up to the "general assembly and church of the first-born,” to that

innumerable company of angels, and to the spirits of just men made perfect.” Live in the courts of the great King, behold his face, wait at his throne, bear his name, show forth his virtues, set forth his praises, advance his honor, uphold his interest: let vile per

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