A Companion to International History 1900-2001

Gordon Martel
Wiley, 23.7.2007 - 496 sivua
A comprehensive overview of the most important international events, movements, and controversies of the 20th century.

  • Written by distinguished scholars, each an authority in their field
  • Explores influential, underlying themes such as imperialism, nationalism, internationalism, technological developments, and changes in diplomatic methods
  • Addresses a broad range of topics, including diplomacy of wartime and peacemaking, the cold war era and the "new world order", the end of European empires, the rise of nationalism in the Third World, globalization, and terrorism
  • Chronological organization makes the volume easily accessible
  • Includes useful guides for further reading and research

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Gordon Martel is Professor of History at University of Northern British Columbia. He is author of Imperial Diplomacy (1985) and The Origins of the First World War (second edition, 1996), and editor of The Origins of the Second World War Reconsidered (second edition, 2002), and The Times and Appeasement (2002).

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