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And Its Phenomena,





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12/30/53 V

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To my beloved wife, Caroline M. Cleveland, Edwin Stanley, and my daughter Ella Maria, all residents of the spirit world, whose memory is a loving inspiration to all my efforts; whose co-operation with my work continue as a living benediction from their heavenly home; whose approval and helpful guidance are a source of sustaining comfort and satisfaction, and a constant light on my path; with loving reverence and sweet anticipations of the full reunion of these sacred family ties, in a land of light and bloom. I dedicate this book,and hope it may serve as a beacon light to many who may find in its pages helpful hints, useful knowledge adapted to their needs for developing mental liberty and a larger philosophy of life here and hereafter. May it prove a blessing to all bereaved hearts, and a solace to all who mourn the loss of their departed loved ones. For this the author will feel that his efforts have not been in vain.


When Dr. Cleveland contracted for the publication of this book, he gave a verbal digest of its contents and the aim he had in view, both of which touched us favorably. Seeing no objections we undertook the work, but found it was a compilation of abstract thoughts-in essay form-rather than a serial philosophy. The MSS. were somewhat crude in collocation—due to inexperience of the authorbut, considering the limited time we had to prepare copy for the printers already engaged in advance, we did the best under the circumstances. Dr. Cleveland is quite an original thinker, but makes no claims to literary genius. The reader, therefore must overlook discrepancies and accept the will for the deed. The author's aim is good; and said in his honest off-hand way, may reach the hearts of those whom he is addressing, more readily than had it been robbed of its virgin purity by an uninspired cold revision, however perfect. All may not agree with him in his philosophy, but that is often an incentive to interesting commentary and mutual felicity. All may not approve of the manner in which he says it, but none need wear the cap unless it fits. All may not see his points, but they must sound deeply. All may not be elated; then let them laugh,

“A little nonsense now and tben,

Is cherished by the best of men" A book that cannot elicit tears and smiles as well as comment is narrow-scoped. This book will stir all the emotions in the reader if he but reads it in the right spirit. Not to condemn, but to learn to be charitable—the principle which the author is endeavoring to show as the only one that can redeem mankind from sin and lead to soul salvation.


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