A Treatise on Hindu Law and Usage

Higginbotham & Company, 1883 - 682 sivua

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Different sorts of sons 63 Necessity for sous 64 Hindu notion
and endogamy 81 Mixed marriages 82 Capacity for marriage
adopted sons 92 Not founded oxclusively on religious motives
Beveral widows 8 103 Widows discretion 104 Assent of sapindas
Casto 121 Age 123 Previous performance of ceremonies
Only or eldest son 126 Necessary ceremonies 135 intentional
mother 155 whore legitimate son afterwards born 157 Removal
ponement of sous rights S 177 bow for bound by acts of widow 178
nities in the Fontairs Kandi perty 196 Village Communities in the Punjab 197 in Southern Indin 198 Fiction of common descent 199 Nairs Kandhs...
Traces of village rights in Sanskrit Inw 209 Self
and selfacqnired Innd 230 Contrary doctrines of the Daya Bhaga
torest of coparceners in their sbares 238 Rights of women
perty 248 effect of partition gift or devise 249 Jointly acquired
Gains of science 255 Savings of impartible property 258
enjoyment of joint property 264 Right to an account 266 to
without assets 274 Obligation now limited to extent of assets
Debts not a charge upon estate 283 nor upon share which has passed
Consent 299 Necessity 300 Fathers right to sell to pay his
sbare 307 of creditor to seize it 309 Power of gift or devise
alienation 320 Equities on setting it aside S 321 BENGAL Law
Bhoobam Moyoo v Ram Kishore 100 v Joy Kishore
Possession must follow 329 Whether delivery necessary where trans

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Sivu 538 - So much of any law or usage now in force within the territories subject to the government of the East India Company as inflicts on any person forfeiture of rights or ' property, or may be held in any way to impair or affect any right of inheritance, by reason of his or her renouncing, or having been excluded from the communion of any religion, or being deprived of caste, shall cease to be enforced as law in the courts of the East India Company, and in the courts established by Royal charter within...
Sivu 218 - and they who are yet unbegotten, and they " who are still in the womb, require the " means of support ; no gift or sale should
Sivu 297 - ... indispensable acts of duty, and for purposes prescribed by texts of law, as gifts through affection, support of the family, relief from distress, and so forth...
Sivu 273 - the son to pay it, the discharge of it, even though it affected ancestral estate, would still be an act of pious duty in the son. By the Hindu law the freedom of the son from the obligation to discharge the father's debt has respect to the nature of the debt and not to the nature of the estate, whether ancestral or acquired by the creator of the debt.
Sivu 55 - I am not aware that any attempt has hitherto been made to harmonise, or to account for, these apparent inconsistencies.
Sivu 310 - Even a single individual may conclude a donation, mortgage or sale of immovable property, during a season of distress, for the sake of the family and especially for pious...
Sivu 43 - What the law requires before an alleged custom can receive the recognition of the Court, and so acquire legal force, is satisfactory proof of usage, so long and invariably acted upon in practice, as to show that it has, by common consent, been submitted to as the established governing rule of the particular family, class, or district or country ; and the course of practice upon which the (i) Austin, i., 148, ii., 229.
Sivu 306 - who are born, and they who are yet unbegotten, and they who are " still in the womb, require the means of support ; no gift or sale
Sivu 500 - All rights and interests which any widow may have in her deceased husband's property by way of maintenance, or by inheritance to her husband or to his lineal successors or by virtue of any will or testamentary disposition conferring upon her, without express permission to remarry, only a limited interest in such property, with no power of alienating the same, shall, upon her remarriage, cease and determine as if she had then died; and the next heirs or her deceased husband, or other persons entitled...
Sivu 455 - As a Son., so does the Daughter of a man proceed from his several limbs ; how, then, should any other person take her Father s wealth ?

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