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Appointed to London—Extent of Circuit-Painful Exercises

Deeper Baptism of the Holy Spirit-New year–James's lame-

ness—Second marriage Death of his Mother-in-law-Letter
from the Rev. J. Pawson-Mr. Pawson's illness and death-
Death of Mrs. Kilby, Mr. Rutherford, and Mr. Hallam-A
week's work—Appointed to Rochester-Low state of the Cir-
cuit—Sheerness—Pious Sea-officer-Narrow escape The work
prospers—Restitution—Liverpool Conference-Hürt by the fall
of the coach-Humbling sense of former sins-Increasing pros-
perity-Cobham-Riots-Gravesend-Upchurch-Rev. Thos.

Stanley's marriage—Finds an old purse-First preaching in

Gravesend — Letter to Mrs. Pawson, Forms a Society at

Gravesend—Birth-day-Kind notice of children-Invited to

Manchester—Bristol Conference Review of his labours in the

Rochester Circuit.

Appointed to Bradford, Yorkshire_Fruits of former labours
Refers to early religious friendship with Rev. R. Lomas-
Rheumatism-Difficulty of preserving purity of motiveRev.

Reriew of labours in Birmingham-Removal to Bristol-Col-

leagues-Circuit laborious-A defect in Methodism, that the
oldest man has most work--Rev. D. Stoner's death—The Cir-

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Bristol Conference-Appointment to Lambeth—Gracious pre-

servation-Continued domestic affliction-Depression of spirits
-Dependence upon God—Society meetings— The Circuit pros-
pers---Heat and confusion in his head— Rev. J. Storry lame>
Asiatic Cholera-Death of the Rev. T. Hill— Last letter from
the Rev. Dr. Clarke-Liverpool Conference—Intercession Meet-
ing-Letter from Rev. J. Storry–His death-Returns to Lam-
beth-Rev. T. Stead--Mortality caused by the Cholera—Death
of Dr. Clarke Restitution—Spiritual Quarterly Meeting-
Death of Rev. T. Stanley-Executorship-Rev. John James's
death-Solemnizing influence of these events—Death of Rev.
R. Watson-Catholic spirit-Thorner—Manchester Conference
-Blessed state of mind-Committee appointed to arrange a
plan for the improvement of the Junior Preachers— Theological
Institution projected-Applications from various circuits-ac-
cepts an invitation from Northampton—Article in the Maga-
zine on “Methodism and the present times”—Birth-day-
Visits Kettering—Mr. and Mrs. Moore ill-Mr. Edmondson's

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