Flowering Plants of the Galápagos

Cornell University Press, 5.9.2018 - 384 sivua

The Galápagos are home to a wide-ranging assortment of unusual plants and animals. The islands became famous as the site of Charles Darwin's research leading to his theory of evolution by natural selection, and their magnificent flora and fauna continue to draw visitors from around the world. Based on the author's 16 years of fieldwork and featuring his exceptional photography, Flowering Plants of the Galápagos is the first accessible, in-depth yet compact guide to the plant life of the area.

An invaluable resource for tourists, natural history enthusiasts, and professionals, the book:

• Introduces the botanical history of the islands and their varied ecological zones
• Allows easy identification of 436 flowering plants (77 families, 192 genera, and 390 species)
• Covers endemic plants found exclusively on the islands; native plants, which grow on the Galápagos and elsewhere; and exotic plants present as a result of human actions
• Offers thorough accounts of the plants which give the scientific, common, and family names; range; islands inhabited; habitat; description; and additional notes of interest
• Is richly illustrated with 266 color photographs of flowering plants and 117 of plant pollinators, vegetation zones, non-flowering plants, and the islands themselves
• Organizes species by form, leaf arrangement, and flower color and includes descriptive plant drawings to aid in identification
• Provides a map of the Galápagos and a list of plants likely to be seen at popular tourist sites


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How to Use This Guide
A Brief Introduction to the Galápagos Islands
Plant Descriptions
Literature Cited
List of Galápagos Islands Flowering Plants Treated in the Text
Selected Visitor Sites and Flowering Plants Likely to Be Encountered

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Conley K. McMullen is Assistant Professor of Biology at James Madison University.

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