The History of the Town of Taunton, in the County of Somerset

T. Norris, 1791 - 192 sivua

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Sivu 135 - Be of good courage, and let us play the men for our people, and for the cities of our God : and the LORD do that which seemeth him good.
Sivu 132 - I'll run the hazard of being thought anything rather than a rash inconsiderate man. And to tell you my thoughts without disguise, I am now so much in love with a retired life, that I am never like to be fond of making a bustle in the world again.
Sivu 142 - I may have that happiness as to speak to your majesty; for I have that to say to you, sir, that I hope may give you a long and happy reign. " I am sure, sir, when you hear me, you will be convinced of the zeal I have of your preservation, and how heartily I repent of what I have done.
Sivu 142 - I did not really think myself the most in the wrong that ever a man was, and had not from the bottom of my heart an abhorrence for those that put me upon it, and for the action itself. I hope, sir, God Almighty will strike your heart with mercy and compassion for me, as he has done mine with the abhorrence of what I have done...
Sivu 142 - I would never stir against you. But my misfortune was such as to meet with some horrid people, that made me believe things of your majesty, and gave me so many false arguments, that I was fully led away to believe, that it was a shame and a sin before God not to do it.
Sivu 131 - Bruflels, defperately in love with him ; and both he and me came to fancy that he being married to his Duchefs, while he was indeed of the age of confent, but not capable of a free one, the marriage was null : fo they lived together ; and fhe had heated both herfelf and him with fuch enthufiaftical conceits, that they fancied what they did was approved of God...
Sivu 117 - These are to let you know, that as we neither fear your menaces nor accept your proffers, so we wish you for the time to come to desist from all overtures of the like nature to us, who are resolved, to the last drop of our blood, to maintain the quarrel...
Sivu 158 - Upon which he asked, with eagerness, "Aye, who gave it him?" The nobleman replied, "A greater than your Majesty, the King of kings ;" with which the King seemed greatly struck, and remained silent.
Sivu 180 - An act for erecting a market-house and holding a market in the town of Taunton, in the county of Somerset, and for preventing the holding of any market in the streets of the said town, and for cleansing the streets and preventing nuisances and obstructions therein, and for lighting certain streets in the said town...
Sivu 114 - Subjects, your forwardnesse and disbursements shall be considered to your best Advantage. And so presuming you will not faile to expresse your Affection herein, We bid you farewell. Given at Our Court at OXFORD, the 14 day of February, in the Nineteenth year of Our Raigne. 1643.

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