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Number of, and Accommodation for, Passengers.--Sections 291 to 294. Regulations as to carrying passengers generally. Limit of number of steerage passengers not to exceed number stated in regulations in roth Schedule

to Act. Penalty for excess passengers. Regulations as to accommodation of steerage passengers to be in accordance with uth Schedule to Act, and penalty for non-compliance. Stowage of goods debarred in certain places, and penalty for contravention.

Provisions, Water, and Medical Stores.-Sections 295 to 300. Supply of provisions and water to be of good condition and quality, Extent of supply and penalty for improper provision. Mode of carrying water defined--penalty for contravention.

Provision may be made for touching at intermediate ports to take in water under certain conditions. Issue of water and provisions during voyage, and penalty for failure. Board of Trade may add to dieiary scale by notices in London Gazette. l'ower of Board of Trade to exempt certain ships from this part of Act. Medical stores to be carried : penalty for failure.

Dangerous Goods, and Carriage of Cattle.--Sections 301, 302. Regulations as to carriage of dangerous goods, and of horses and cattle. Vessels not to clear outwards where cargo comes within Explosives Act, 1875, or certain other articles endangering health or life of steerage passengers, or with horses, cattle, or other animals carried contrary to conditions of 13th Schedule to Act. Penalty for breach. Carriage of military stores by order of Secretary of State, and penalty for refusal.

Niedical Officer, Staff, and Crew.-Sections 303 to 305. A duly authorised medical practitioner shall be carried in an emigrant ship (a) where number of steerage passengers exceeds 50; and also (b where number of persons on board (including cabn passengers, officers, and crew) exceeds 300. Qualification of medical officer, and rating. With steerage passengers, certain stewards, cooks, and inte rpreters to be carried. Crew of emigrant ship to be efficient and passed by Emigration officer. Penaliies for non-compliance.

Medical Inspection.-Sections 306 to 308. Emigrant ship to be subjected to medical inspection of passengers and crew before clear. ance outwards; penalty for non-compliance. Relanding of persons for medical reasons ; penalties for non-compliance. Return of passage money provided for persons relanded for medical reasons.

Masters' Bond.-Sections 309 to 310. Bond to be given by master of an emigrant ship belore clearance. Evidence of bond.

Passengers' Lists.—Sections 311 to 313. List of all passengers in duplicate to be given where ship carries steerage passengers before clearance. Penalty for non-observance. Separate list of passengers embarked after clearance to be rendered under penalty. Attempt to gain passage without payment, and penalty.

Certificate for Clearance.-Sections 314 to 319. Certificate for clearance of emigrant ship to be issued by Emigration officer. Facilities to be given for the inspection of ships, and penalty for failure. Ships putting back to replenish stores, provisions, &c., to be re-examined and obtain clearance certificate in certain cases ; penalty for non-compliance. Emigrant ships putting back to be reported to Emigration officer ; penalty on master for failure. Appeal to Court of Survey provided for aggrieved owner. Forfeiture of ship proceeding to sea without certificate for clearance.

Passengers' Contracts.-Sections 320 to 323. Contract tickets for

passengers to be provided ; penalty for failure to comply. Summary remedy for breach of contract. Penalty on passengers failing to produce contract tickets. Penalty for altering or inducing anyone to part with contract ticket.

Regulations as to Sleeraye Passengers.--Sections 324 to 326. Subject to Sanitary and other regulations by Order in Council. Dis. cipline on board to be maintained and penalties for breach of. Sale of spirits to steerage passengers forbidden on board, and penalty for contravention.

Maintenance after Arrival.--Section 327. Steerage passengers to be maintained on board forty-eight hours after arrival in port at the end of voyage.

Detention and ilrong ful Landing of Passengers.-Sections 328 to 330. Return of passage money and compensation to passengers when passage not provided according to contract. Subsistence money to passengers in case of detention. Penalty for landing steerage passengers at wrong place.

Provisions in cuse of Wreck.--Sections 331 to 335. Provisions for passengers in case of an emigrant ship being wrecked or damaged in or near British Islands. Expenses of rescue and con• veyance of wrecked passengers. Provision for forwarding of passengers by Governors or Consuls. Receiving of expenses iocurred in conveying wrecked passengers from owner, charterer, and master. Validity of insurance of passage money.

Voyages to the United Kingdom.-Sections 336 to 338. Lists of steerage passengers to be brought to British Islands. Number of steerage passengers on ships bringing steerage passengers to British Islands and penalty for excess. Issue of provisions and water in ships carrying steerage passengers to British Islands, and penalty for non-compliance.

Registration of Births and Deaths. --Section 339 Application to foreign ships carrying passengers to and irom British Islands and provisions of Part II. re Births and Deaths.

Saving of Right of Action.--Section 340. Saving of right of action to steerage passenger or other person on contract for passage.

Passage Brokers.--Sections 341 to 346. Definition of passage broker. Passage brokers to enter into bond and obtain licence. Granting of licences to passage brokers. Forfeiture of licence by Court. Passage broker agents to hold appointments and penalty for non-compliance. Lists of agents and runners to be exhibited by brokers and sent to Emigration officers. Penalty for non-compli

Ei migrant Runners.--Sections 347 to 352. Emigrant runners, detipition of. Emigrant runner's licence and regulations. Renewal of badges provided. Penalties on persons acting without licence or badge, using badge not Jawfully issued, or employing unlicensed persons. Penalties on einigrant runners for certain acts of misconduct. Emigrant runner's commission and fees and penalties for unauthorised charges on steerage passengers.

Frauds in procuring Emigration.--Sections 353, 354. Punishment for frauds in procuring passages.

Penalties for fraud in connection with assisting emigration.

Emigration Officers.- Section 355. In British Islands to be appointed by Board of Trade and in British possessions by Governor.


Legal Proceedings.-Sections 356 to 358. Recovery of fines under this part of Act. Recovery of passage and subsistence money. Compensation and damages may be had in Court of Summary Jurisdiction. Protection of persons executing Act.

Supplemental.-Sections 359 to 363. Owner responsible for default in absence of any agreement. Forms and fees to be as defined in 14th Schedule to Act. Fees for survey of emigrant ships to be as defined in gth Schedule Act. Board of Trade may prepare abstracts of Part III. of Act to be posted in emigrant ships, penalty for failure. Bye laws re emigrant ships by harbour authority. Exemption from survey of foreign passenger steamer or emigrant ship in certain cases where Board of Trade satisfied.

- Application of Part III. as regarls Emigrant Ships.--Sections 364 to 368. Provisions of this part of Act respecting emigrant ships to voyages from British Islands to any port out of Europe, and not within Mediterranean Sea. Limited application of Part III. of det to Colonial voyages exempting certain matters. Moditication of provisions of Part III. in their application to British possessions where proclamation dealing with certain matters made by Governors. Powers of Governors of Colonies as to number of steerage passengers. Power for Legislature of India to apply Part III.

PART IV.-Fishing Boats. Application of Part 1!'.-Sections 369 to 372. Application of Part IV. partly to-(a) All fishing boats and to the whole fishing service ; and (6) to all fisbing boats of twenty-five tons and upwards; and (c) to fishing trawlers of twenty-five tons and upwards, and where provided, to fishing trawlers of whatever tonnage. Definition of " fishing boats," second hands, and “voyage.” Ascertainment of tonnage of fishing boat. Part IV, not to apply to Scotland, except where expressly provided.

Provisions applying to all Fishing Boats, and to whole Fishing Service, Fishing Boats' Register.-Sections 373 to 375. Registry of British fishing boats. Effect of registry of fishing boats with respect to offences, &c. Rules as to boats and life-buoys to be in accordance with 15th Schedule to Act. Penalty for default.

Discipline. -Sections 376 to 384. Offences by seamen and apprentices in the fishing service and punishment. Civil rights unaffected by criminal provisions. Application of fines and forfeitures to consolidated sund. Deserters and others may be sent back to their boats. Provision for apprehension of seamen or apprentices guilty of certain offences. Arrest of seamen or apprentices who refuse to proceed to sea.

Certain notice may be given by seaman that he intends to absent himself. Mode of calculation of wages. Facilities for proving desertion so far as concerns forfeiture of wages.

Provisions as to Deaths, Injuries, Ill-treatment, Punishments, and Casualties in Fishing Boats.-Sections 385, 386. Record of to be kept and sent to superintendent. Inquiry as to death, injury, ill-treatment, punishment, &c., by superintendent.

Settlement of Disputes. --Section 387. Decision of disputes by superintendent to be final, and enforceable by Justices' order.

Provisions for ascertaining Profits of Fishing Boats. -Section 388. Accounts to be rendered by owners under penalty.

Agreements for Fishing Vessels in Scotland.-Section 389. Agreements for fishing vessels in Scotland for payment by share only to apply to that country.

Fees and Control by Superintendent.-Sections 390, 391. Fees payable on engagements and discharges of crews of fishing boats. Control of Board of Trade over superintendent.

Provisions applying to all Fishing Boats of Twenty-five tons and upwards. -Sections 392 to 398. Restriction on apprenticeships and agreements in case of boys under thirteen. Boys to be properly apprenticed, or have proper agreements under Act. Penalties. Assistance by superintendents in apprenticeships and agreements. Apprenticeships and agreements with boys to be made before superintendent. Enforcement by superintendent of indentures or agreements. Powers of superintendent to execute provisions of indentures or agreements. Prohibition and penally on takirg money for apprenticeship and boys' agreements.

Provisions applying to Trawlerso-Sections 399 to 408. Engage. ment of seamen. Agreements with crew provided for in forms sanctioned by the Board of Trade. Statement of change in crew to be rendered in case of running agreements. Alterations, &c., in agreement: to be attested. Offences as to agreements with crew and penalties.

Payment of Waçes and Discharge of Seamen.-Sections 409 to 412. Account of wages to be rendered to each seaman. Certificate of discharge to be issued. Compensation provided for seamen improperly discharged. Provisions as to discharge and payment of wages to apply in the case of any sort of agreement.

Certificates of Skippers and Second Hands.-Sections 413 to 416. Skippers and second hands to hold certificates of competency. Granting of certificates of competency by Board of Trade. Certificates of service to be issued in certain cases. Register of certificates to be kept as Board of Trade direct. Conveyance of Fish from Trawlers.--Section 417. Board of

red to make regulations as to conveyance of fish from trawlers.

PART V.--Safety. Prevention of Collisions.-Sections 418 to 424. Regulations for prevention of collisions at sea may be made by Order in Courcil, also to be observed by foreign ships within British jurisdiction. Observance of collision regulations by owners and masters of ships. Inspection as to lights and fog signals by Board of Trade ; saving for local rules of navigation in harbours, &c. Duty of vessel to assist the other in collision ; failure, a misdemeanour. Collisions to be entered in the official log ; penalty for non-compliance. Application of collision regulations to foreign ships.

Report of Accidents and Loss of Ship-Sections, 425 426. Report to Board of Trade of accidents to steamships applies to all British ships and to foreign steamships carrying passengers between places in United Kingdom--penalties. Notice of loss of British ship to be given to Board of Trade.

Life-saving Appliances.--Sections 427 to 431. Rules as to lifesaving appliances and class fication of ships by Board of Tradetishing boats duly registered exempted. Duties of owners and nasters as to life-saving appliances. Appointment by Board of Trade of consultative committee for framning rules in accordance

Trade emp

with 17th Schedule to Act. Penalty for breach of rules. Survey of ship with respect to life-saving appliances.

General Equipment.--Sections 432, 433. Adjustment of compasses and provision of hose in British sea-going steamships ; penalty tor default. Placing undue weight on safety valve-penalty.

Signals of Distress.--Sections 434, 435. Signals of distress to be regulated by Order in Council. Provisions for signals of distress, inextinguishable lights, and lifebuoys, in seagoing passenger steamships and emigrant ships-penalties.

Draught of Water and Load-line.--Sections 436 to 445. Ship’s draught of water to be recorded on departure under penalty. Deck lines to be marked on all British ships. Ships under So tous register in coasting trade, fishing vessels, pleasure yachts, and ships employed solely in rivers and inland waters exemptel. Mark of load-line on all British, excepting coasting vessels under 80 tons register, fishing vessels and pleasure yachts. Ships with submerged load-lines deemed unsafe. Time and regulation for marking loadlire in case of foreign-going ships. Time, &c., for marking loadline in case of coasting vessels ; penalty for default. Rules as to load-line under regulations of Board of Trade. Provision as to Colonial ships with respect to load-lines. Provisions as to foreiga ships with respect to load-lines.

Dangerous Good's.--Sections 446 to 450. Restrictions on carriage of certain dangerous goods in British or foreign vessels. Penalty for misdescriprion of dangerous goods. Power to deal with goods suspected of being dangerous. Forfeiture of dangerous goods improperly sent or carried. Saving for other enactments relating to dangerous goods.

Loaning of Timber.-Section 451. Deck cargoes of wood goods forbidden on British or foreign vessels arriving between last day of October and April 16 in any year. Qualifications and penalties.

Unseaworthy Ships.-Sections 457 to 463. Sending unseaworthy ship to sea a misdemeanour. Obligation of shipowner to crew with respect to use of reasonable efforts to secure seaworthiness. Power to detain unsafe ships and procedure for detention. Liability of Board of Trade in case of wrongful detention. Liability of owners. Power to require from complaioant security for costs. Exemption from fining security in case of seamen complaining if one-fourth of crew and not less than three. Application to foreign ship; of provisions as to detention, and modificarions. Survey of ships alleged by seamen to be unseaworthy, if number complaining equal on-fourth of crew, or if their number exceeds 20 by not less than 5; rigulation and procedure re survey. (See also Undermanning Act, 1897, p. 137.)

Carriage of Grain.-Sections 452 to 456. The Shipping Act provides that the precautions required by the said act to be adopted by ships laden with a grain cargo at Mediterranean or Black Sea ports, or on the coast of North America, shall not apply to ships loaded in accordance with regulations approved by the Board of Trade.” The Board of Trade accordingly approve of the regulations marle by the following bodies, viz. :-(1) Rules of ihe Board of Underwriters of New York; (2) Rules of the National Board of Marine Underwriters of New York; (3) Rules of The New Orleans Board of Underwriters ; (4) Rules and Regula. tions of the:Wheat Tariff Association at San Francisco for ships carrying wheat in bulk; (5) Regulations for the loading of grain

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