Sivut kuvina
[blocks in formation]

Do., narrow gauge ...

Carding machines, machines for cleaning and
matters, winding and twisting machines

Knitting machines
Tulle and lace machines

Paper-making machines
Printing machines

Agricultural machines (not including motors).
Sewing machines

Do., heads of


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Do., old, worn-out .....

Stereo plates

Woven Metal:


Steam engines, fixed, and marine engines (without boilers), stearn
pumps, and gas, petroleum, hot air and compressed air engines
weighing 250 kilos. and more
...100 kilos.

Do., less than 250 kilos.

Steam engines, semi-fixed, or movable, boilers included
Locomotives and traction engines, ordinary gauge......
Do., narrow gauge...

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Tools, iron

Do., iron or steel faced with steel

Do., copper....

Printing type, new

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Hydraulic engines (with wheels, pistons, or turbines), pumps, and

........100 kilos.

air exhausters, weighing 250 kilos and more Do., less than 250 kilos. Locomotive tenders, ordinary gauge

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Dynamos (according to size)

Machine tools (according to size)

Other machinery.........

Engine boilers, iron or steel, without tubes


Engine boilers, iron or steel, tubular ..................................
Parts of multitubular boilers
Open boilers, gasometers, &c....
Sugar-heating apparatus for brewers, distillers, &c., in which
copper or iron predominates in weight, weighing 250 kilos. or


more ....

100 kilos.


Do., less than 250 kilos.


Freezing apparatus weighing 250 kilos. or more.


300 .. 500 .. 200 150 Do., less than 250 kilos. 30°0 .. 25'0 Detached pieces of machinery (according to nature and descrip- 180 to 120 to tion) ... 100 kilos. (2000 150'0

Metal Manufactures, various.

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Copper or brass, ordinary.
Do., for paper-machines, weighing more than 500 grms. per
sq. m.
100 kilos.


60.0 .. 2000..

300 .. 2000.. 100'0 ..

Do., weighing 500 grms. and less do...
Wire-work, iron or steel, with meshes of 25 mms, and above


100 kilos.

18.0 ..
30°0 ..



Do., with meshes of less than 25 mms.. Perforated sheets of any metal, having at least 500 holes per sq. m.: same as plain sheets, plus to f.

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240.. 1870


1570 ..


1570 .. 100 250 .. 1570


150 .. 18.0


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1270 270



60 9'0

15.0 ..
100 .. 80


380 450





150 to (70'0

12'0 20°0

50°0 ..

350 300 to 200 to 100'0 80'0 10'0 to 50'0

15.0 ..

Iron or steel wires from 5-10th of mm. upwards in diameter.. ( 300 to

100 kilos.




180 ..
12.0 .. 8:0

11 Ὁ

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Girders, columns, &c., for buildings and bridges
Small iron or steel manufactures, not denominated
Iron-work for carriages and railways cars



Umbrella ribs

Nails (according to size and weight)..


Tacks, iron or steel, machine-made (according to size)..
Screws, hinges, hooks, rivets, nuts, bolts, and pins of iron,
Pipes, iron or steel, not welded (according to diameter)..

Buckles and harness fittings
Copper-ware of all kinds

Fcs. 100 kilos. 300'0

Table knives, with ivory or mother-of-pearl handles
Cylinders, copper or brass, for printing...
Statues, metal, not less than life size: same as the metal of which
they are made.

Railway-chairs, cast iron

Do., enamelled, plain, tinned

Do., enamelled and ornamented...

Coffee-mills, and similar articles of domestic economy.

Objects of art and ornament
Lamps and tin-ware

Pipes, and other articles of lead

100 kilos.

Tubing, cylindrical, straight, cast iron
Objects, rough, in cast iron or cast steel (according to weight)

100 kilos.

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Electric accumulators
Brass utensils, pure, or alloyed with antimony
Zinc goods of all kinds, common

Do., varnished, polished, and nickelled.

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Do., printed in colours, decorated, and gilded...
Nickel goods, alloyed with copper or zinc

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Locks, padlocks, keys, bolts, of iron
Do., partly or wholly of copper or brass
Anchors, chains, and cables, dredged up in or off French ports

100 kilos.


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Cables of iron or steel (according to thickness of link)..
Anchors, buffers, hooks of traction chain cables, in iron or steel
100 kilos.

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O'25.. 0'25 15'0 10 11010 30.0 21.0 12'0.. 8'0 30'0 6'ot


9'0 to 40'0


20'0 ..



15'0 to


20'0 ..

14'0 9'0 to

12'0 to



13'0 to

10'o to




Do., do., welded, in one joint (according to diameter) ..
Do., soft steel, drilled out or without weld (according to diameter)
50'0 to
100 kilos.5000'0
Household utensils, of iron, steel, or black sheet, not painted,
polished, or tinned
.100 kilos.

Do., painted or polished
Do., glazed

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250'0 1750 150'0 25.0 .. 1570 400'0 .. 300'0

125 O..


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Arms and Ammunition.

Rifles and carbines, military, in use in foreign countries Ico kilos. 6c0'o
Side-arms (swords, &c.)

500'0 .. 40'0 3000 to 240'0


Hunting-rifles (according to description)

1200'0 1000'9

Fes. Fes.

Fire-arms (carbines, pistols, revolvers, walking-stick guns)100 kilos.6000.. 5000
Gun-barrels, and parts of arms rough-wrought
750 .. 600
Parts of arms fitted together (other than rough-wrought): same as

arms of the category to which the pieces belong.

Parts not fitted together (other than rough-wrought)....100 kilos. 12000..1000°3 Guns, mounted, and their carriages: same as the material of which they are made.



Do., for hunting, and shots and detonators for mines....100 kilos.
Cartridges, military, or for hunting, full..

Do., do., empty

Do., for shooting clubs

Projectiles: according to the law of August 14, 1885.
Miners' wicks, ordinary..

Dynamite (not including the Excise duty)
Gun-caps, fulminating, military

Do., ribbon

Do., gutta-percha

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Do., in cabinet wood, plain

Do., do., carved, or otherwise ornamented



Other articles, not varnished

Do., varnished...

Turned goods, plain

[ocr errors]

Clogs, common

Do., painted, varnished, or stuffed

Boards, planed, rabeted, or grooved, of oak or hard wood.
Do., of deal or soft wood

Doors, sashes, wainscoting, and pieces of cabinet work,
of hard wood

Do., of soft wood

Boxes of white wood, brush backs, and small tool handles of less than 10 cms.

Bobbins, &c., for spinning and weaving, not longer than

10 cms.

Do., of a greater length..

Do., small, for winding cotton, of common wood, neither varnished nor dyed

Do., varnished

Wood squared for shuttles, under 500 grammes...........


[merged small][ocr errors]


Covered and stuffed furniture: 20% in addition to above duties in

gen. tar., and 15% in min. tar., according to category.
Frames, rods, and mouldings, rough or plastered
Do., varnished or gilded, plain
Do., carved and ornamented

100 kilos.

Wood Manufactures.

Casks, empty, ready for use, hooped in wood or iron.... 100 kilos.
Brooms of sorgho or camelina, with handles
Do., do., without handles.

Do., common birch and others, with handles

Do, do,, without handles..

Wood, fashioned, for carpenters or wheelwrights, hard..
Do., soft


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.100 kilos.

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[blocks in formation]

Musical Instruments.


Pianos, upright.
Do., grand




Organs, harmoniums, and other reed instruments, weighing less) 130 to
than 300 kilos. .....
..each S 2600 ..
300 kilos, and more
Organs for churches


Barrel pipe organs, weighing less than 400 kilos........

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400 kilos, and more..

Hand organs and other instruments with free reeds, weighing less
than 30 kilos.......

30 kilos, and more ......

...100 kilos.

Accordeons and concertinas
Violin bows, simple.....
Ditto, rich, with incrustations
Tom-toms and Chinese gongs

Harps, violins, and other stringed instruments..

.....each {

Flutes, flageolets, bagpipes, and ocarinas, small, only 1 key ..doz.
Do., large, and cornets and other similar wind instruments ..each


Do., of less than 3 mm., do.

Do.. varnished, of all diameters

Rattans, spun


Hats of bark, esparto, straw, palm-fibre, &c.
Rope of esparto, lime-tree, or rush...



Cases for musical instruments: same as the material of which they are made.

Strings, for harps, violins, &c., catgut...


Do., wire..

Hulls of vessels, wood, iron, or steel.
River boats of all dimensions, wood


Esparto and Wicker Goods. Plaits, mats, or bands, woven, of esparto, straw, bark, or white wood 100 kilos,

Do., iron or steel

Boats to take to pieces, wood

Do., sheathed with metal

100 kilos.


Matting, Chinese...

Carpets of cocoa-fibre, aloes, or esparto: same as jute carpets.
Pith of rushes, rattans, or reeds, 3 mm. and upwards in diameter,
not varnished
...100 kilos.


Tramway cars....

Bodies, or parts of do., of vehicles of all kinds

Bicycles and tricycles (net weight)...

Felt for clothing: same as cloth.

Felt hats (according to class)

Cloth hats and caps

Silk hats

Meerschaum goods, mounted or not

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Ships and Boats.

Sea-going vessels of wood, iron, or steel, sailers or steamers, rigged and fitted

....reg. ton

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[merged small][ocr errors]

Rigging and apparel of ships not denominated, in metal, wood, hide or leather, or woven goods: same as the articles of which they are made.




Manufactured Articles, Various. Coaches and carriages (not railway), carts, waggons, and velocipedes (according to weight and description) ........100 kilos Railway carriages (according to class and description)..

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[ocr errors][ocr errors]

India-rubber or gutta percha goods (according to class and

100 kilos.


Goods in spun mountain flax, mixed with others or not
Felt goods for carpets, linings, machinery, &c., (according to
....100 kilos.

each. {

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[blocks in formation]

Imitation do....

Whale fms, cut and prepared

Corks, 50 mms, and upwards in length

Do., less than 50 mms.

Other kinds of prepared cork

[blocks in formation]
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Scientific, telescopic, surgical, and laboratory instruments
Spectacles, opera-glasses, and eye-glasses.
Combs, billiard-balls, and piano-keys in ivory, mother-of-pearl,
shell, or amber..

[ocr errors][ocr errors]

Sweetmeats and preserves, with sugar or honey
Mustard, liquid, in powder, or prepared
Spices, not specified

Cartridges-(a) Empty, with caps..

[ocr errors]

Cigar-holders and the like

Pipes (tobacco), wood, mounted in amber, ivory, mother-of-pearl, or shell

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100 kilos.

100 kilos. 150'0

[ocr errors][merged small]

750 ..

kilo. 350 to
400 to
600 to



300'0 750 .. 60'0

..each {04010 0*30 to

1°20 12'0.. 12'0 20'0.. 200 Prohibited.



Products composed of matters or substances differently taxed, not specially tariffed in the above list-same as that portion of the mixtures which predominates, excepting in cases where the constituents can be easily separated, or when it is only a question of accessories.

Fcs. Fcs.

1250 to 100'00 200'0 150'0 1500 .. 100'0 360

[ocr errors]




1750 ..


800'0 625'0 16000..1250°0

Wine in bottles
Brandy-In casks and kegs.

In bottles of more than half, but not exceeding one litre
In bot les containing half a litre or less
Essence of roses...



.. 100'0 60'0 20'0


The terms of this Special Tariff apply to all countries entitled to most-favoured-nation treatment in Italy, including Great Britain.


[merged small][ocr errors]


300 to


..per 100 20'00

..per hectol. 60°00

..per 100 60'00 .. 45'00 ...per kilos. 20'00 per 100 kilos. 100'00


[ocr errors]


[ocr errors]




(b) Loaded

Medicinal preparations, not separately specified in the tariff-
(a) Lozenges, pills, globules, and capsules
(b) Wines, syrups and elixirs

(c) Other kinds


Medicines of the French Pharmacopoeia and approved by the French Academy of Medicine are admitted on the same terms as those of the Italian Pharmacopoeia. Soap (a) Common

..per 100 kilos, (b) Perfumed.. Perfumery, non-alcoholic (including the weight of immediate receptacles)

per 100 kilos. 50°00 The surtax of manufacture on alcohols in alcoholic perfumes will be calculated after deduction of the weight of the immediate receptacles, whenever the importer applies that method of calculation; in the other cases it will be calcu lated on the basis of a legal tare fixed by the Minister of Finance.



60 ̊00

7.00 350

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