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Wire, coated with copper, zinc, tin, lead, polished or varnished Mark. Mark. (Wire wrought for a special purpose, or with designs, shall pay as wares of wire. Wire surrounded, in whatever manner, by another wire shall pay the duty of the most highly taxed wire.) 3.0 Note to b and d-Wrought iron bars or wire for the manufacture of

cards, by permission and under the control of the Administration 0.50 .. Iron ware

1. Quite coarse-a Of cast iron (brass screws, also axle boxes of cast iron-these latter when fitted to axles of wrought iron-are not considered in classification. Patent axles with axle journals and boxes finely polished and with a system of lubrication permitting the use of oil are classed as fine iron articles. The absence of some of the fittings, such as screws, &c., does not alter this classification)

Note to e 1a--Cast iron pipes, rough (including joints and shaped pieces), imported from treaty-countries, even if coated with. layer of tar, or filed at some parts, shall be dutiable according to this subdivision.


Of roughly wrought iron, as unfinished parts of machines,
carriages, bridges and parts of bridges; anchors, chains and
wire ropes; axles, tyres and wheels of railways carriages and
trucks; buffers, cannon tubes, anvils, vices; windlasses,
capstans or jacks, cramp hooks, sledge hammers, springs,
skids, tongs and horse shoes

Railway axles, tyres and wheels

Rolled and drawn wrought-iron tubes 2. Coarse

N.o.p. combined or not with wood

Ground, varnished, coated with copper, zinc, tin or enamel, but
not polished or lacquered; also skates, hammers, axes,
hoppers, common locks, common knives, scythes, sickles,
curry-combs, tower clocks, screw drivers, squares, wood-
screws, lock screws, screws of iron wire, stamped keys,
manure and hay forks....

Kitchen utensils, course, enamelled....


Tare to No 62 B: B. and C. 10; Bs 6; Bl. 4. For bolts, wood screws, nails and tacks: B. and C. 8.



Springs,hammers and barrels for guns, of common iron or steel--
Not polished.


Fine, polished, lacquered

Locks for guns

2.50 ..


Hand files, sword blades, planing irons, chisels, tailors' and
drapers' scissors, pruning shears, shears for tin plate, saws,
wimbles, stocks and dyes, knives for machines and for paper,
as well as similar tools

Tare to No. 6e, 27: B. and C. 10; Bs. 6; Bl. 4.
Note to e 2-Chains and cables for the towage and warpage of vessels Free
3. Fine-

a Of fine cast iron, light ornaments, polished cast iron, artistic castings, malleable cast iron.

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B Of wrought iron, polished or lacquered; cutlery, scissors,
knitting and crochet needles, sword makers' wares, &c.

All these articles. n. o. p., even if combined with wood and
other materials, unless classed under No. 20


Discs made of sheet iron, which have been entirely or partially
.........per 100 kilogs 6.0
Sewing needles, pens of steel or other common metals move-
ments of clocks, other than tower-clocks and watches, as well
as fittings of common metals for clocks and watches, fire-arms
of all kinds

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6'0 100 240 24.0

Tare to No. 6 e, 3, provided that these articles do not pay 6 marks : B. and C. 13 Bs. 6; Bl 4.

No. 7.-Earths, Ores, Precious Metals, Asbestos and articles of Asbestos.

a Earths and mineral substances, raw, even calcined, washed or

ground, as well as ores, even prepared but not specially classed; precious metals, coined, in bars, or broken pieces; asbestos fibre, even cleaned, asbestos cement, liquid asbestos (also "Stassfurtite," &c., not containing more than 50 p.c. of kitchen salt and ground in such manner as to render it impossible to extract the salt by mechanical means).......


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Cardboard and paper of asbestos, in sheets or rolls and plates of Mark. Mark, asbestos

1. Not moulded

10.0 ..

2. Moulded, even perforated

... 24.0 ..

Tare to No. 7 b: C. 14: Bs. 9; Bl. 6; bales of cardboard with wooden framework

at the ends, and tied up with rope, 6.

Asbestos yarn; laces, ribbons, string, straps and cordage of asbestos, even mixed with other textile materials

24.0 .. Tissues of asbestos, even mixed with other textile materials...... 40.0 e Articles of asbestos n.o.p., even combined with other materials, such articles not entering in No. 20.... 60.0 ..

Tare to No. 74, d and e: C. 16; Bs. 9 ; Bl, 6.

No. 8.-Flax and other Textile Vegetable Materials, With the exception of cotton, raw, retted, heckled, and waste of such materials

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e Other cereals n.o.p...

No. 9.-Cereals and other Agricultural Products.

c Barley


A Colza, turnip, poppy, sesame, earth-nuts, and other oleaginous
seeds n.o.p....

B Linseed, cotton-seed, castor-seed, palm-seed, and copra ... e Maize and dari


Malt (barley and oats).

Malt (barley)

g Anise, coriander, fennel and carraway seed....

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Grapes, fresh

Fresh table grapes..

Fresh table grapes, by post, in packets of 5 kilogs. (gross) and less
Other fresh grapes

Other fresh grapes for making wine, pressed in casks or tank
wagons, even if in a state of fermentation; if with stalks,
seeds and skins...

Chicory and beetroots, dried ("gedarrt")
Chicory, dried ("gedarrt")

k Agricultural products n.o.p... .

No. 10.-Glass and Glassware.

a Common hollow glass, green or of other natural colours, neither moulded, cut or ground, covered or not with osiers, rushes, straw or reeds, common; glass in the lump optical glass, rough (flint glass, crown glass); rough sheets of ribbed glass; glass for skylights; enamel and glazing in the lump; glass tubes and rods, without distinction of colour, for the manufacture of beads and artistic articles.


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5.0 ..

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2.0 ..
2.0 ..


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2.0 .. Free..






3.0 ..

White hollow glass, plain, neither cut, ground nor moulded, but
with cut or ground stoppers, bottoms, or rims......gross weight 8.0 ..
Window and plate glass, of a natural colour (green, white or half-
white), plain, not ground-

When the height and breadth together does not exceed-1. 120 centimetres......



....gross weight 8.0



2. From 120 to 200 centimetres

3. More than 200 centimetres

di. Mirror glass, rough, not ground

2. Plate, window and mirror glass, ground polished, with designs, frosted, coloured or silvered, of all kinds ......gross weight 24.0 Bull's eye glass

Pendants of chandeliers, buttons, even coloured; massive white glass, not elsewhere mentioned; moulded, pressed, cut, ground, polished, corroded, and engraved or figured glass, provided that it is not included in letters d or f









4.0 Free 10.0




24.0 12.0

Only plain unpolished plates, scalloped or ribbed, without designs, shall be considered as glass for skylights. Plates with designs (as for example cast plates with diagonal ribs, &c,) are dutiable according to No. 10 d 2.

Tare for pendants and buttons: B. and C. 22; Bs. 13; for moulded, pressed, cut, ground and engraved glass: B. and C. 40; Bs. 13; for cut and massive white glass: B. C. and Bs. 13.

Note to e-Small glass plates, pearls, bugles and drops of glass, even Mark. Mark. coloured



Coloured glass other than that mentioned in letters a, d and e; painted or gilt (silvered) glass; imitation precious stones, not set; glass and enamel wares combined with other materials, provided that they cannot be classed in No. 20

1. Coloured glass other than that mentioned in letters a, d and e; moulded, cut, polished, ground, engraved by means of acids, with designs

2. Small glass plates, pearls, enamel drops and buttons (with or without eyelets), painted, gilt or silvered

3. Other glass, coloured or gilt (silvered), imitation precious stones,


b Plaits of horsehair, tissues of horsehair, also if combined with other textile materials provided that either the warp or weft be wholly composed of horsehair.

not set

4. Articles of glass or enamel, combined with other materials, pro


vided that they cannot be classed in No. 20 ...... Tare to No. 10 f: B. and C. 40; Bs. 13; for artificial pearls (glass enamel)

coloured, gilt or silvered: C. 19.

Note to f-Opal and alabaster glass, plain, neither ground, polished,

coloured, nor moulded, or with only the stoppers, bottoms and
rims polished or ground

Tare to note to No. 10 f: B. and C. 50; Bs. 13.
No. 11.-Human Hair, Horsehair, and articles made therewith;
Feathers and Bristles.

a Horsehair, raw, combed, boiled, dyed, in tresses or spun; bristles;
oil-bags of horsehair; bed feathers, not cleaned

... 10.0 ..

d Wigs and other articles of hair or imitation hair..
Tare to No. 11 d: B. and C. 20; Bs. 13: Bl. 9.
e Quills for writing, rough; raw feathers for ornament not comprised
in letter g...

f Quills for writing, prepared; bed feathers, cleaned and prepared.,
Bed feathers, cleaned and prepared
g Prepared ornamental feathers...

Tare to No. 11 g: C. 20; Bs. 11; Bl. 9.
No. 12. Hides and Skins.

a Raw (green, salted, treated with lime, and dried), for tanning, even
without the hair

b Skins for furriers


-.. 20.0

48.0 ..

Tare to No. 11b: C. 20; Bl. 7. c Human hair, raw, combed, boiled, dyed, even in tresses or spun..100.0 .. Tare to No. 11 c: B. and C. 20; Bs. 13; BI. 9.

200.0 ..


a Firewood wood for paste used in the manufacture of cellulose, not exceeding one metre in length or 18 centimetres in width at the thinnest end; twigs, and brooms of twigs; charcoal; cork in planks or cubes; bricks of tan-waste (for fuel); carving materials, vegetable and animal, n.o.p.......:

b Bark and tan bark.....

Wood for building and industrial purposes

1. Rough or simply cut in lengths with the axe or saw, or rough hewn, even when the hard wood is exposed by longitudinal cuts, with or without the bark; staves of oak, 100 kilogs. 20 pfennige or per cub, metre

Note to c 1-Under right of suppression, or of local modification on account of abuse

3.0 Go

a Wood for building and industrial purposes, conveyed by
beasts of burden direct from the forests and not destined
to be shipped

b Wood for building or industrial purposes, in a quantity
not exceeding 50 kilogs. not arriving by railway and
destined to the inhabitants of the frontier districts......

Free ..


15.0 15.0

No. 13. Wood and other vegetable and animal materials for carving, and wares made therewith.






0.50.. Free


Planed staves, not painted, are dutiable according to No. 13 d; staves simply worked with the drawing-knife are included in No. 13 e 1 or 2.

Wood dressed in its length with the axe, and hewn or divided Mark, Mark in a manner other than mentioned in c 1; staves not entering in 1; osiers for basket work, unpeeled, and hoop wood : hubs, felloes and spokes of wheels, too kilogs. 40 pfennige; or per cub. metre.....

100 kilogs, 30 pfennige; or per cub, metre Note to c 1 and 2-Wood for industrial purposes, box, cedar, cocus (a greenish wood for the manufacture of pipes, &c.), ebony or mahogany, 100 kilogs, 10 pfennige; or per cub. metre... 3 Sawn in lengths; planks not planed; sawn squared timber, and wood sawn or cut into other shapes. 100 kilogs. 1 mark; or per cub. metre

100 kilogs. 80 pfennige; or per cub, metre Note to c 2 and 3-1. Cedar, cut... 2. Briar, in pieces, cut d Coopers', turners', and carpenters' wares, rough, common, not painted; wheelwrights' and other wares, simply planed, with the exception of furniture of hard wood or veneered furniture; peeled osiers, coarse basket wares, neither painted, stained, lacquered, polished nor varnished; horn in sheets, and rough bone simply cut into plates; rattans, stained or split Plaits of shavings, not painted

Horn in sheets, and rough bone in plates, simply cut e Cut veneers; parquetry, unglued, not stained.......

Furniture and parts of, of wood, not comprised under d and g,
even combined in part with common metals, leather, glass, stone
(with the exception of precious or demi-precious stones), stone-
ware, faience, or porcelain; other carpenters', turners' and coopers
wares; wheelwrights' wares and large basket wares, painted,
stained, lacquered, polished, varnished or combined in part with
the materials mentioned above: parquetry glued together,
veneered, not inlaid; coarse wares of cork (bands and cubes of
cork); common toys, not painted; whalebone, in strips.
Tare: B. and C. 16; Bl. 6.
Bobbins of wood, painted......

Fine wooden wares (inlaid or carved), fine basket-work, corks, cork
soles, carved cork, as well as wares of all substances capable of
being carved, animal or vegetable, not included under letters d,
e, fand, with the exception of tortoise-shell, ivory, mother-of-
pearl, amber, or black or coloured jet, combined or not with
other materials, provided such wares are not mentioned in No.
20; bronzed wood..


Tare: B. 20: C. 10; Bs. 13; Bl. 9.
2. Buttons of horn, moulded
Tare: B. and C. 20; Bs. 13; Bl. 9.



0.25.. Free..



6.0 ..


30.0 ..

h Upholstered furniture of all kinds1. Uncovered


2. Covered. [Tare to No. 13 : B. and C. 16; Bs. 13; Bl. 6]........ 40.0
No. 14.-Hops.
..gross weight 20.0
Hops and flour of hops (lupuline)

No. 15.-Instruments, Machines, Carriages and Vessels.
a Instruments, irrespective of the material of which composed-
1. Musical instruments and toy instruments

Musical instruments, church organs, with the exception of
pianos, harmoniums and other keyboard instruments
Tare to No. 15 a 1: B. and C. 23; Bl. 9.



Plaits of shavings, painted; furniture of bent wood with moulded
and ornamented parts; and parts of furniture, moulded and
ornamented (such as chairs, &c.)
Mouldings and frames, bronzed, gilt, or silvered; wooden toys,
with the exception of those mentioned in letter f. even if com-
bined with other materials, provided that they are not, for this
reason, classed in No. 20...


Tare to No. 13 g: B. and C. 20; Bs. 13; Bl. 9.; and for cork stoppers: Bl. 5. Notes to g-1. Buffalo and other horns, in sticks, smoothed, polished,

or otherwise worked

40.0 ..

..100.0 .. 30.0

30.0 ..


1.0 1.50 5.0


. 19.0




Celluloid, in sheets, sticks, and pipes, rough, not polished, is classed in No. 13 d; when polished or shaped for wares, it is classed, when it imitates ivory, in the note to 20 b, 1, otherwise it comes in No. 20 b, 1. Clogs entirely of wood, or simply combined with tops or straps of leather cloth (Ledertuch), stuffs or cordage, are classed under No. 13 d, for g, according to kind


2. Astronomical, surgical, optical, mathematical, chemical (for Mark. Mark. laboratories) and physical instruments.




b Machines

1. Locomotives and portable engines

2. Other machines, according to the preponderating materiala Of wood..

Of cast iron

Of wrought iron

o Of other common metals..

Tare: to No. 15 b 20: B. and C. 13; Bs. 6; Bl. 4. Note to b 1 and 2-Marine engines and boilers.. Note to b 2 Bandy --(Applicable to treaty countries): Machinery for flour mills; also electric; cotton spinning; weaving; steam engines; steam boilers, machinery for the manufacture of wood and paper pulp; machine-tools; turbines; geating machines for making wool; pumps; ventilators; blowing machines; sets of rollers; steam hammers; shears and punches; cranes; hoisting machinery. When any of the above-mentioned machines, chiefly composed of cast or wrought iron, are imported in detached parts from a treaty country, all the detached parts being cleared at the same time, such parts shall be dutiable according to the preponderating material of the complete machine. 3. Cards and card mountings..

Cards (carding machines, also detached parts of such machines
with card mountings), weighing at least 20 kilogs, net
Tare to No. 155 3: B. and C. 13; Bs. 6; Bl. 4.

c Carriages and sleighs1. Railways carriages

a Neither upholstered nor with leather-work B Other

2. Other carriages and sleighs, upholstered or lined with leather, each d River and seagoing vessels, including ordinary fittings; anchor and chains; engines and boilers; iron leeboards... Note. All removable articles not forming part of the ordinary fittings of the vessel are dutiable according to their classification in the tariff

No. 16.-Calendars.


Free ..



6 p.c. a.v. 10 p.c. a.v. 150.0 ..

Free ..


b Threads of caoutchouc not combined with other materials, or with
a slight covering of unbleached and undyed cotton, linen or
woollen yarn, in such manner as to be recognisable without being
stretched; caoutchouc in plates; dissolved caoutchouc

< Common wares of soft caoutchouc, neither lacquered, dyed, nor
printed; wares of hardened caoutchouc; all these wares even
combined with other materials, provided that such wares are not
classed in No. 20; caoutchouc threads covered with yarn. (Stuff>
combined with caoutchouc or gutta-percha which are generally
employed for the manufacture of transmission belts are dutiable
as such provided they exceed four millimetres in thickness).... 490
Tare to No. 17 c: B. and C. 16: Bs. 13; Bl. 6.

d Fine wares of soft caoutchouc, lacquered, dyed, printed or with
impressed designs, even combined with other materials, provided
that they are not classed No. 20

Tare: B. and C. 20; Bs. 13; Bl. 6.

e Tissues of all kinds, covered or saturated with caoutchouc, or with insertion of caoutchouc, or with gummed threads of caoutchouc tissues combined with other textile materials; hosiery and trimmings combined with caoutchouc threads

Tare: C. 13; Bs. 9; Bl. 6.


No. 17.-Caoutchouc and Gutta-percha, and articles made therewith.

a Caoutchouc and gutta-percha, raw or refined, hardened caoutchouc (vulcanised and ebonite), even polished or with impressed designs, in sheets of uneven surface, bars, tubes, &c.....


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.. 18.0


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Bandages, compresses, respirators, acoustic tubes, artificial limbs, eyes and teeth, crutches, operating chairs, bath chairs, orthopedical articles, syringes of indiarubber, &c., &c., not of immediate use to doctors, and not considered as surgical instruments, and are dutiable according to their component material. Apparatus for general and industrial uses, such as filters, retorts, balloons, burettes, testing apparatus, pots, funnels, glass globes, siphons, lamps, mortars, hearths, squares, recipients, of glass, pipettes, &c., are not assimilated to physical instruments and are likewise dutiable according to their component material.

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