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Mark. Mark

Tare to No. 253: C. of hard wood and B. 20; C. of soft wood, 14: Bs. 13: Bl. 6: for ground or powdered cocoa, B. of hard wood, 14; B. of soft wood, io, q 1. a Starch, powder, fecula, dextrin, gluten, arrowroot, sago and its substitutes, and tapioca [Tare: C. 14; B. 9] B Vermicilli and macaroni [Tare: C. 14]

2. Mill produce of grain and pulse, to wit, hulled or pearled grain, pearled barley, groats, grits, and flour; bakers' common products 10.50.. 7.30 Tare: B. C. and Bs. 13; Bl. 6. Flour of cereals, S. 1. 1. Mussels, and other sea shellfish, with the exception of those mentioned in 2.... ..gross weight 24.0 2. Oysters, lobsters, and turtles s Rice, husked or not

Salt (rock or sea, kitchen salt), as well as all substances suitable for the manufacture of salt


A Cigars and cigarettes...

B Other...

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12.50.. 13.50..


Note to t.--Salt imported by sea...
Tare to No. 25 and to the note thereto : S. 1; light packages of packing cloth, 0.5.
Syrups, see No. 25 x.



1. Tobacco leaves, not manufactured, tobacco stalks and juices.... 85.0

Tare for unmanufactured tobacco leaves and stalks: C. of 175 kilogs, and less, 26;

C. exceeding 175 kilogs., 22; B. of 700 kilogs, and less, 11; B. exceeding 700 kilogs., 8; Bs. of otiers, 18; Bs. of osiers and covered with canvas, 22; Bs, of osiers, without lid, and covered with canvas, 21; Bs. of plaited reeds, lined with leaves, fastened with bast cord, To: packages of animal hides, 8: packages of bark or large palm leaves, secured by bast cord, even covered with packing cloth. 13: packages of plaited reeds, lined with bark or palm leaves, heavy, secured with hempen ropes, even with a covering of canvas, 12 ; packages of plaited reeds, secured with rope, covered with thick jute tissue or with double canvas, 7: packages of plaited thick bast, secured with rope, covered with jute tissue or light canvas, 7; packages of double-plaited reeds, sewn with thread, secured with rope, 6; packages of reed mats, secured with bast rope, even covered with canvas, 5; packages of canvas or jute, lined with fine bast or palm leaves, 5: packages of plaited reeds or horsehair, sometimes combined with canvas, 5: packages of fine plaited bast, lined with thin hast matting or fine matting of reeds, secured with rattans, such packages weighing 100 kilogs, and less, 5; weighing more than 100 kilogs., 4; packages of fine plaited hard bast or fine rattan or of matting of the same or heavier materials, 5packages of light matting, 2; single packages of heavy packing cloth, 2; single packages of light packing cloth, I.

2. Manufactured tobacco

180.0 ..

Tare to No. 25

2: B. 16; Bs. 13: hampers, 12; Bl. 6: animal hides (for seasoned tobacco leaves), 8. Additional tare for cigars and cigarettes: C. small, 24; Bs. small, or cardboard boxes, 12.

B Otherwise, except in so far as special provisions apply to raw
sugar from countries granting bounties on ma ufacture or
exportation of such sugar; condensed juice (fuilmasse)
(No. 25 x of Tariff)...

..100 kil.
Sugars ready for consumption (refined sugar and sugars
assimilated to refined sugar):

A So far as Article 3 of the Brussels sugar Convention appli s,
during the period of the Convention and subject to proof of
origin (No. 25 x of Tariff).'.
100 kil.

B Otherwise, except in so far as special provisions apply to
consumable sngar from countries granting bounties on manu-
facture or exportation of such sugar (No. 25 x of Tariff)
100 kil.

w Tea [Tare: C. 23]..

Note to w. Tea for the manufacture of theine, denaturalised by the

Administration, under control and by special permission........ Free

a Sugar. Cane, beet and other sugars of the same chemical composition as cane sugers (saccharose):

1. Raw sugar:

A So far as Article 3 of the Brussels sugar Convention applies,
during the period of the Convention and subject to proof
of origin (No. 25 x of Tariff)

..Ico kil.

.100.0 ..

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-.. 18.40




Note to x.-Counteracting duty on sugar varies for different countries.
Tare for syrup and molasses: B. 11: for loaf sugar, candy, and lump sugar, B.

with staves of oak or other hard wood, 14: B. other, 10; but only 8 for loaf sugar and 7 for candy; C. 13, but only 9 far candy: Bs. 7. For raw, powdered, or crushed sugar: B. with staves of oak or other hard wood, 13; B. other, 10; C. 13: non-European plaited reed packages (canisters, "kranjans ), 8; Bs other, 7; Bl. 4; single packages of light canvas, I.

No. 26. Oils, not elsewhere mentioned, and Greases.

Oil of all kinds, in bottles and jars
Olive oil (table oil), in bottles and jars
Tare: C. 20; Bs. 16.

Alimentary oils, such as olive, poppy, sesame, earthnut, beechnut and sunflower seed oil, in casks

Olive oil (table oil), in casks
Earthnut oil, in casks, denaturalised by the Administration
Linseed and cotton seed oil, in casks; oleic acid (olein)
Oleic acid..


20.0 .. .......


d Olive and castor oil, in casks, denaturalised by the Administration 2.0

Olive oil, in casks, denaturalised by the Administration.

e Palm and cocoanut oil, and other vegetable tallow

f Oil, other, in casks..


Mark. Mark

candles, with permission and under control..

Stearic and palmetic acid, paraffin, spermaceti, and other similar substances not elsewhere mentioned for the manufacture of candles [Tare: B. and C. 13]

Blubber and train oil

Tallow, beef and mutton; bone fats, and other animal greases not
elsewhere mentioned..
Beeswax, including other insect wax; vegetable wax (of palms,
palm leaves, &c.); mineral wax, refined
Mineral wax, refined [Tare to No. 26 m: B. and C. 13].


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2. Wares of paper, pasteboard or papier-mâché moulded wares of carton pierre, asphalt or similar materials, not comprised in 1 or 3 [Tare to No, 27 f: C. 16; Bs. 13; Bl. 6] ....


Castor oil, in casks or in tin recipients of at least 15 kilogs. Tare for cocoa oil (cocoa butter), and nutmeg oil (nutmeg butter), in solid form (cakes, tablets, &c.): C. 16; Bs. 9; Bl. 2.

g Residues, solid, from the manufacture of oils, even ground......

Free ..

h Lard and goose grease, and other fatty substances, melted, such as

oleomargarine, economic grease (Sparfett), (a mixture of tallowlike greases and oil), beef marrow.

10.0 ..

Tare for lard and goose grease: B. of more than 150 kilogs. 16; B. of 150 kilogs.

and less, 12; C. tubs and buckets, 12. For other melted greases: B. and C, 13. Note to h.-Lard and melted greases for the manufacture of soap or






No. 27.-Paper and Pasteboard.


a Unbleached or bleached half-manufactured paste of rags
b Half-manufactured paste, bleached or not, for paper-making, of
wood, straw, esparto, or other fibres; grey blotting paper, rough
yellow straw paper; pasteboard, with the exception of card
leather and glaxed pasteboard; slate paper and tablets made
thereof, not combined with other materials; polishing and emery
paper; fly-paper and anti-rheumatic paper

c Packing paper not included in letters band d, unsized

d Sized packing paper; card leather and glazed pasteboard, and boards..

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Sized packing paper

e Printing, writing, blotting and tissue paper of all kinds: lithographed,
printed, or ruled paper, for accounts, labels, way-bills, &c.; gilt
and silvered paper; paper with gilt or silvered patterns; perfor
ated paper; as well as bands of such papers; artists' cardboard 10.0..
Printing, writing, blotting and tissue paper of all kinds, and printed



paper for accounts, labels, way-bills, &c. . Tare to No. 27 e, provided that the goods be subject to a duty of 10 marks: C. 14 Bs. 13; Bl. 8. For printing paper: in bales with wooden frames at the end and pasteboard on the sides, secured with ropc, 7; in bales with wooden lath or frames at the ends, and with matting, cloth, pasteboard, or pasteboard combined with cloth, even waxed, on the sides, secured with iron hoops or wire, 7; in bales with wooden laths at the ends and pasteboard on the sides secured with rope, 4. For other kinds of paper: bales with wooden frames or laths at the ends, and cloth, pasteboard, packing paper, or pasteboard combined with cloth, even waxed, on the sides, secured with iron hoops, wire, or ropes, 6. 1. Moulded wares of carton pierre, asphalt or similar materials,

combined or not with wood or iron, but neiteer painted nor




3. Wares manufactured with the above-mentioned materials in
combination with other materials, provided they are not classed
in No. 20: paper hangings..
Paper hangings, neither gilt, silvered, bronzed, embossed, nor



Tare to No. 27 f 3: C. 16; Bs. 13; Bl. 6. For paper hangings: C. 25 ; Bl. 4. No. 28.-Peltries.

a Fur coats, caps and gloves, lined coverings, linings and trimmings of fur, &c. [Tare: C. 20; B. 16; Bl. 6]

Sheep skins, made-up, not covered with stuffs, the same skins and skins of the angora goat, bleached or dyed, not lined; covers, not lined; linings and trimmings of fur, not lined

No. 29.-Petroleum.

Mark. Mark.

No. 30.-Silk and Silk Goods.

a Cocoons: raw or spun silk; floss silk, combed, spun or twisted;
all these silks are not dyed; and waste of dyed silk...
Silk wadding [Tare: B. and C. 16; Bl. 9]
Silk and floss silk, dyed; laces
Combed wastes of dyed silk (peignées)



a Petroleum, and other mineral oils not elsewhere mentioned, crude
or refined, not including mineral oils for lubrication..
b Mineral oils for the purpose of lubrication

Tare to No. 29 b: C. 24: Bs. 16.

Notes.-1. The Bundesrath is authorised to admit free of duty, under control, mineral oils intended for industrial purposes other than the manufacture of lubricating or lighting oil.

2. The Bundesrath is authorised to allow the payment of import duty on
petroleum to be effected according to the numaer of barrels, after taking
the maximum weight of the ordinary harrels employed in commerce.
3. The Bundesrath is authorised to admit free of duty, under control, mineral
oil intended to be cleance, refined of distilled in national factories, so that
the produce obtained therefrom, such as benzine, ligroin, and petroleum
ether, remain free of duty, on condition that they cannot be employed for
lighting or lubrication, under control and by special permission, and on
condition, further, that all other products shall be dutiable as foreign


a Soft soap
b Soap, not classed in letter c.

6.0 ..



... 24.0


Tare: B. and C, 16; Bl. 9: for silk and floss silk, dyed, Bl. 5. d Thread of raw silk, twisted (for sewing, for buttonholes, &c.), dyed or not [Tare B. and C. 16; Bl. 9]

e 1. Goods of silk or floss silk, even combined with metallic threads; goods of silk combined with other textile materials and metallic threads



Goods of silk or floss silk

2. Lace, blonde, and embroidery, wholly or in part of silk

3. Gauze, crape, entirely or partly of silk..

Ribbons of open tissues (where space is greater than thread)

Of silk

Of half-silk

Silk bolting cloth

Note to e 1.-Tulle of silk, raw or dyed, not figured..


Tare to No. 30 e, as well as to the note: C. 22: Bl. 13. All articles of silk or floss silk not comprised in letter e, combined with cotton, linen, wool, or other animal or vegetable textile materials [Tare: C. 20; Bl. 11]





..450.0 ..600.0

..450.0 ..

Votes.-I. Very coarse tissues of unbleached silk waste, having the appearance of grey packing cloth, and used as press cloths or dusters, even mixed with other textile materials or with a few dyed threads [Tare: C. 13; Bs. 9; Bl. 6]


2. Silk spun into yarns of other stuffs without forming the
outer part of the thread or without passing uninterruptedly
through the whole length of the threads of the tissue, shall
not, in levying the duty on such tissue, be taken into account.
No. 31.-Soap and Perfumery.

*****. 5.0
... 10.0

Tare to No. 31 8: C. 13 ; Bl. 6; for soap in bars and cakes, C. 11. Soap, in small cakes, balls, pots, &c. ; perfumed soap of all kinds.. 30.0.. d Perfumed greases and oils, scented waters not containing alcohol,

which with the packages directly containing the goods weigh at least 10 kilogs...... All other perfumery [Tare No. 31 c, d, and e: C. 16] ..........100.0

*******.. 20.0

Mark. Mark


No. 32. Playing Cards. In addition to excise duty.. .......................... gross weight 60.0 .. No. 33.-Stones and Manufactures of Stone. a Stones, rough, or only hewn, even ground Note to a-Blocks which show traces of having been worked with the saw on three sides only are included in stones, rough, or simply hewn. b Millstones, even with iron hoops; flint, hewn or cut: grindstones and whetstones of all kinds.. Millstones, even with iron hoops Slate, in tables, rongh

d Blocks, sawn; coarse stonecutters' wares, such as door and windowsills, mouldings, columns, &c., simply hewn, without ornamenta. tion, winh the exception of coarse wares of marble and alabaster, to which the Belgian granite (écaussines, petit granit) does not belong

Note to d--Sawn blocks and coarse stonecutters' wares comprised in letter d, imported by sea

e Roofing slates, and slabs of slate, rough Roofing slates

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g Precious stones, also imitation precious stones, and coral, cut;

pearls all these articles not set: worked demi-precious stones,

and goods made therefrom not included in No. 20....

Strass, polished, cut, not set
Coral, worked, not set...

Note to e-Roofing slates and slate in slabs, rough, imported by sea 0.50.. f Slabs of stone of all kinds, sawn or split, not polished; stonecutters'

h Other wares of stone, with the

precious stones and lava

..[Tare to No. 33 g: B. and C. 16]
exception of statues and wares of

1. Not combined with other materials, or only combined wire wood

or iron, but neither polished nor lacquered:

a Common wares

1. Mats and matting of bast, straw, reeds, grass, roots, rushes, &c., dyed or not, common

2. Other common wares of reeds, grass, roots, rushes, &c., baskets not lined; covers for bottles and shoes of bast, straw or palm leaves, common; cordage or bast or straw; straw-seats; all these wares not painted

Tare to No. 35 a 2: C. 20; Bs. 13; Bl. 9.

wares not included in letter d, not polished..

3.0 .. 2.50

Note to e and f-Slabs exceeding 16 centimetres in thickness are considered as blocks.




1.0 ..

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No. 38.-Earthenware.

a Common bricks; common burnt bricks for pavements; ordinary
roof tiles; pipes, not fireproof; pottery dishes, not glazed
Fire-proof bricks...

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a Of alabaster, marble granite, syenite, porphyry, or other

6.0 ..

similar hard stones.... [Tare to No. 33 h 1 A: C. 16; B. 10] 15.0.. 10.0 B Of other stones; slates in wooden frames, polished or varnished 2. Combined with other materials, provided that they are not included in No. 20........[Tare to No. 33 h 2: B. and C. 16] No. 34. Coal, Lignite, Coke, Turf, Turf Coal No. 35.-Straw and Bast Wares.

24.0 .. Free ..

6 Straw bands...
Fine wares, and all wares not included in a, b and d, made of bast,
straw, reeds, &c., even combined with other materials, provided
that they are not included in No. 20

Tare to No. 35 b and c : C. 20; Bl. 9.
d Hats of straw, cane, bast, reeds, whalebone, palm leaves and shavings-
1. Not trimmed
....each 0.20..

3.0 ..



24.0 ..


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Of straw 2. Trimmed..

0.40.. "3

Note to d-Hats of plaited horsehair or hemp, sparterie, or of so-called cotton sparterie combined with straw, are dutiable as straw hats. e Sparterie of all kinds. Bs. 13: Bl. 9.

90.0 ..

Tare; B. and C. 20;

No. 36.-Tar, Pitch, Resins of all kinds, Asphalt Free .. No. 37.-Animals and Animal Products not elsewhere mentioned. a Live animals and animal products n.o.p.; beehives with live bees.. Free .. b Eggs

3.0 ..



20.0 30.0



b Grooved roofing tiles; roofing tiles and bricks, glazed; paving tiles; Mark. Mark. architectural ornaments, even of terra cotta; pipes, glazed; slabs, jars and other pottery of common stoneware; commen tiles for stoves; clay tobacco pipes; glazed pottery

Tiles and bricks, glazed; paving tiles of one colour, not glazed d Crucibles; muffles, capsules, retorts, fire-proof pipes and slabs.... 2.0 Crucibles; muffles, capsules, retorts fire-proof pipes and slabs, when these articles are not made of graphite

Other pottery, with the exception of porcelain, or of wares having the appearance of porcelain

1. White or of one colour; fine wares of terra-cotta...

2. Of two or more colours, bordered, printed, painted, gilt, or silvered; even pottery combined with other materials, provided that such wares are not classed in No. 20

Tiles for pavements and walls, with designs obtained by the
mixture of different coloured clays, not glazed.

f Porcelain and wares having the appearance of porcelain (Parian, Jasper, &c.)

1. White

2. Coloured, bordered, printed, painted, gilt or silvered; even combined with other materials, provided that such wares cannot be classed in No. 20.

a 1. Horses....

Coloured, bordered, printed, painted, gilt, silvered
Porcelain and similar compositions, combined with other
materials, provided that wares made thereof cannot be classed
under No. 20

Tare to No. 38 e and f, when such wares are not subject to a duty of
3 marks: C. 22; Bs. 13.

No. 39.-Animals.

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a Raw, single

Raw, double

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Tare to No. 40: C. 13; Bs. 9; Bl. 6.

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,.cach 20.0


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Free .....cach 93

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b Wool combed

c Yarn, even combined with other textile materials, excepting cotton1. Of hair of cattle, single or double, of all kinds; wadding

2. Woollen hard combed yarn, glazed, over 20 centimetres in length, not mixed with other textile materials; genappes, mohair, or alpacca yarn

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No. 40.-Oilcloth, Waxed Muslin, and Waxed Taffetas. a Oilcloth, coarse, not printed (packing cloth) b Other, leather-cloth and bookbinding cloth

c Waxed muslin and waxed taffetas..

Bleached or dyed, single

Bleached or dyed, double; twist d with three ends or more,


10.0.. 8.0

14.0 ..

[ocr errors]

No. 41. Wool, including Animal Hair not elsewhere mentioned and manufactures therefrom. Wool, raw, dyed, milled; also hair, raw, combed, boiled, dyed or curled

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6.0 ..


0.50.. Free..




2.0 ..


.. 24.0

3.0 ..


8.0 .. 10.0 12.0 ..




a Single, dyed or not; double, not dyed....


B Double, dyed; twisted with three ends or more, dyed or not.. 24.0 Tare to No. 41 c 2 B: B. and C. 16; Bl, with iron hoops, 6; Bl. without iron hoops, 3. 3. Yarn, other


25.50 5.0



raw, bleached or dyed


Tare to No. 41 c 3: B. and C. 16; Bl. with iron hcops, 6; Bl. without iron hoops, 3 Note to c 3.-1. An admixture of 24% of cotton to woollen yarn will not be taken

into consideration.

2. Grisaille yarn (yarn of artificial wool), single, is not to be con

sidered as dyed but as raw.

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