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Mark. Mark d Manufactures of wool, even combined with cotton, linen or metal threads1. Cloth list....

Free .. 2. Coarse felts, neither printed nor dyed

3.0 3. Carpets, containing yarn manufactured from the hair of cattle, dyed or not..

24.0 4. Felts, not printed, so far as not included in No. 2 of this letter ;

wares of felt and hosiery, not printed ; carpets, printed or not,
cf wool or other animal hair, with the exception of cattle and
horsehair, even combined with vegetable fibres or other textile
materials ..

........ 100,0 .. 5. Unprinted cloths and stuffs, so far as not included in Nos. 7 and 8

of this letter-
a Weighing more than 200 grammes per square metre..........135.0 ..
Raw felt cloths of wool, even combined with cotton or linen,

endless woven, for the manufacture of wood and straw pulp,

cellulose, and paper
B Weighing 200 grammes or less per square metre ...... 220.0
6. a Printed tissues not entering in the category of carpets, weighing

more than 200 grammes per square metre, as well as trim,
mings and button stuffs ; plushes ; yarns combined with
metal threads

B Printed wares not entering in the category of carpets, weighing
200 grammes or less per square metre

220.0 ..
7. Lace, tulle and embroideries, also woven shawls, of three or
four colours....

........ 300,0 .. 8. Woven shawls af five or more colours..

.........450.0 Tare to

To. 41 d 3 to 8: C. 20; Bl. 7. No. 42.--Zinc, and articles of zinc, even alloyed with lead or tin. a Zinc, crude, or in scrap....

Free .. Zinc, rolled

3.0 .. c Zincwares, coarse, combined or not with wood, iron, lead or tin,

neither polished nor varnished ; wire... d Zincwares, fine, even varnished ; also zincwares combined with other materials, but not included in No. 20..

24.0.. Tare to No. 42 d: B. and C. 20 ; Bs. 13. No. 43.-Tin, and articles of tin, even alloyed with load, antimony or zinc a Tin, crude or in scrap b Tin, rolled

3.0 .. c Tin wares, coarse, even combined with wood, iron, lead or zinc,

neither polished nor varnished : wire d Tinwares, fine, even varnished ; also tinwares combined with other materials, but not included in No. 20

24.0 . Tare to No. 43 d: B. 20 ; C. 15; Bs. 13.


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TARIFF OF GREECE. Area ......sq. miles, 25,000 | Imports

£5,395,653 Population 2,430,807 | Exports

£3,205,473 Note.-See alterations by Law of Feb. 13, 1901, page 1,043. To the rates given in the General Tariff, 15 per cent. is added under the law of Feb. 13, 1892. This does not apply to the Conventional Tariff, or to articles specially excepted by law.

Note.-Duties are payable in gold. The agio is fixed at 15 per cent. for the General Tariff, and 32 per cent. for the Conventional Tariff. I drachme = 100 lepta = 91%d. ; i dramia = 0'111 02. avoirdupois ; 1 oke = 400 dramia = 2-8 lbs. ; i quintal = 44 okes = 123.2 lbs. N.O.M. = not otherwise mentioned. i drachme per oke=3:43d. per Ib.

General Convoti,
Tariff. Tariff,

Dr. l. Dr. l. a. Animals, imported by sea, with the exception of following.. Free. 6. Buffaloes, oxen, cows, and calves

.each 60 0 C. Asses and their foals d. Pigs 1. Sucking-pigs f. Sheep and goats of all ages ...


.. 30 0

10 0
10 o

2 50

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O 60

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Animal Substances for use as Food.

Dr. I. Dr. I. Meat, salted, smoked, or in brine, with the exceptions following

..oke 0 20 Smoked tongues ; extracts of meat, plain or mixed with other

animal substances ; sausages and mortadollas in pieces or in tins; hams; preserved meats in large or small tins; as well

as any animal substance prepared for consumption, n.o.m..oke a. Cheese in general...

O 80 b. "Casseri” or “cascavalli," Cretan cheese or cream of cheese

(mysithra), as well as cheese preserved in goats' skins toulou motyri)

..oke a. Butter, salted, for cooking

O 60 b. Do., fresh or half-sated, for the table

Produce, Refuse, and Skins of Animals. a. Wool and hair of animals unprepared, viz., neither carded,

bleached, nor twisted; hair, not worked ; feathers for pens, toothpicks, and other uses ; feathers for bedding, for dress, unprepared ; refuse of skins ; dubbing ; pullets' eggs, and eggs of other birds or animals; cocoons; silkworms' eggs ; manure ; and all other animal substances, not worked; as well as animal substances used in dyeing

Free. b. Hides, raw, dry, salted or not...

..oke c. Do., moist, salted or not, as well as hides with a coating of


05 d. Cochineal and kermes..

30 Fats:

a. Pork fat, edible or not....

b. Fats of every other kind, and tallow candles........ » Yellow beeswax, in cakes or in pieces....

070 Yellow beeswax, in tapers of every kind, or otherwise prepared


1 25 Fresh fish Herrings

...oke o 30 O 20 Other fish, salted, pickled, smoked, or dried with the exception of following


O 30 Fishes called “Enos," sturgeons, mussels, shrimps, lobsters,

tunny-fish in small tins, in barrels, &c., and other kinds of fish in tins prepared for consumption

..oke 2
Cod and stock-fish..
Cuttle-fish, dried or otherwise prepared, and eels...

Caviar, black, and "boutargue," with or without layer of wax 3
Do., red, of all kinds

O 50 a. All other shell-fish, shells, zoophytes, and all other produce

of fisheries, unprepared, not mentioned above............oke 5 b. Sponges in general

Free. Farinaceous Substances. Wheat and meslin, grain (the additional 15 % not levied) quintal 3 72 2 OR a. Other cereals, grain

1 76 o 88 b. Barley, roasted......

Free. Flours :a, Of wheat, with or without bran


2 40 b. Of other cereals ...........

3 52 1 76 a. Other edible farinaceous substances, sago, tapioca, arrowroot, mustard, salep in root or in powder, &c., however prepared

oke b. Bran

Free. Rice and chestnuts. ...,

.oke OIS Flour, of rice and of chestnuts, and pearl barley Potatoes

o 2 Vegetables in general Truffles, vegetables in tins, and other edible roots, in vinegar or oil, or otherwise prepared and preserved in tins..........oke Medicinal and Aromatic Roots, Plants, Seeds, and Fruits of

Common Use.
Common cummin, coriander, anise, seeds of common fennel..oke O 15
Cinnamon, cloves, black colonial pepper, red pepper, allspice,
ginger, Indian anise


o 70 Nutmegs

3 0 Vanilla............................

20 o Tea

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Coffee : roasted chicory root, whole or ground ; acorns, simple Dr. l.

Dr.1 roasted or ground ; tigs, roasted or ground ; and all vegetable substances roasted or ground, and coffee, ground and mixed with other substances

..oke Cocoa, in powder, cakes, or tablets


Fruits, fresh, in general
Do., dry, with rind...
Do. do., without rind
Do. do., with soft rind
Pistachio nuts, with or without shell,..

50 Tobacco:

Industrial Plants. a. Of all kinds, in leaves...

6 b. For the narghileh (toumbeki)

5 6. Cut

11 d. In rolls, and snuff.

8 e. Cigars of all kinds Note.--In addition to the Customs duties, a consumption duty of 4 dr. per oke is levied on tobacco, sub-classes a, b, c, and e.

Divers Agricultural Products. a. Cotton, not ginned; flax, raw, jute, raw ; straw, white or

coloured, reed canes for making chairs ; sugar-cane : green vegetables ; onions ; garlic ; fruit-trees er other trees ; stalks of oleander and sage suitable for the manufacture of powder : flowers ; seeds of all kinds ; cocoa in its natural state or in

beans; hops, and any other vegetable substance n.o.m......, Free. h, Asphodel, in whole bulbs, or in powder....


OIS 6. Hemp, raw

020 d. Esparto in general (with the exception of cords of esparto)

suitable for upholstery and mattresses.. d. Madder, in the root

Oils, Edible, Combustible, or suitable for Industrial Uses, Oils, edible, in bottles

050 Do., various, edible or not, with the exception of mineral, enupya reumatic, aromatic, and medicinal oils ........ .....oke

0 20 Edible Oleaginous Substances. Olives

.oke Sesame, and pulp (bouillie) of sesame, and other edible oleaginous substances


020 Gallingale, edible ........

Oleaginous Substances and Seeds suitable for Industrial Uses, Oleaginous seeds, cottoh seeds, linseed, &c., olive nuts, as well as all oleaginous substances suitable for the extraction of oil Free.

Wood. a. Firewood

Free. 6. Charcoal..

..oke o Wood suitable for shipbuilding

Free.' :: Free. Wood for building, rough:a. Of pine and fir in general..

.. sq. metre

13 50 b. Beams and planks of pine and fir

13 50 6. Round trunks of pine and fir, with or without bark

sq. metre d. Oak wood.. e. Chestnut, elm, and other woods.

19 f. Pieces of wood prepared for making boxes ..oke Hoops of all kinds.. Staves of all kinds.. Beech wood in general.. Walnut, deal, ebony, mahogany, &c., in planks or pieces, and ordinary wood prepared for cabinet-makers' work... ..oke

6 Cabinet-makers' wood in strips for veneering..

030 Resin and other Wood Products. a. Cork in general...

......oke b. Corks without metal fittings Resin of the mastic-tree and black mastic

1 50 a. Pitch for vineyarns, leaves of the mastic-tree suitable for

distilling purposes, amber in the rough, and tinder without phosphorus


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à. Pitch, dry or liquid tar, “ English black," and common resin

oke r. Naphtha, colophane, turpentine, raw gums in general, and all wood products, unprepared, n.o.m.


Vegetable Dyes. a. Vegetable colours of every kind, excepting indigo ......oke b, Indigo

Tannins. Cups of acorns, tree bark, and all vegetable substances used n tanning

Minerals, Raw, in General. 9. Marble slabs and stones in the rough, slabs for typography

and lithography, flint, borax in natural state, hones for knives, razors, &c., of all forms, millstones for steams mills, with or without iron bands, argillous earth in general, peat, fire-clay, moulding sand, coal or lignite, potter's earth, chromate, emery, solid limestone, granite, ophite, sand, materials used in making glass, lime, precious stones not mounted, sulphur ore, or sulphur in powder or in pieces, magnetite, and other raw mineral substances, n.o.m., and sand of all

colours..... h. Volcanic ashes (puzzolana), cement, hydraulic lime, earth of

Vicenza and Marseilles... c. Alum, chalk in pieces, pencils, or powder, Spanish or Mendon white

oke d, Ochres of all colours 1. Mineral waters, without tare allowance

...oge f. Talc.... g. Plaster in general.. Petroleum, refined or raw, and other mineral oils-(petroleum is a Government monopoly)

Raw Metals. a. Iron ore, cast iron, crude

..oke 3. Hammered iron in bars, without grooves, in plates of all

dimensions suitable for building and other purposes, in girders, angle irons, hoop iron, sheet iron not tinned, springs for furniture, iron in sheets, tinned, varnished, or painted, and iron, unwrought, in other forms, n.o.m....

....oke Steel-in bars or pieces, and rolled steel Lead-- ore of lead, or of lead combined with other mineral sub

stances, lead in pigs or bars, in plates or in sheets ......oke Tin-ore of tin, or of tin combined with other mineral substances, tin in bars, blocks, pieces, or sheets ...

.....oke Zinc:

«i. Ore of zinc, or of zinc combined with other mineral sub

stances, calcined calamine, raw zinc in pigs, blocks, or
sheets with alloy

...oke h. Zinc in plates, combined with other metals, for ship

Copper : --
a. Ore of copper, pure or combined with other mineral sub-

stances, copper or alloy of copper with other common
metals, in blocks, bars, or sheets, and fragments of old
copper articles, unserviceable..

...oke h. Copper in plates combined with zinc or other metals Brass--brass in blocks, bars, plates, and sheets, thick or thin without gilding

.oke Silver-ore of silver, or of silver combined with other mineral

substances : silver in blocks or ingots ; fragments of silver

articles broken up for recasting Gold--ore of gold, or of gold combined with other mineral sub

stances ; gold in blocks or ingots ; fragments of gold articles

broken up, and unquestionably destined to be recast Wire for telegraphs, or for any other purpose, of all kinds of

iron, steel, copper pure or alloyed with other metals; and wire of any other metallic substance, with the exception of gold and silver wire, which is included under the heading of "wrought metals" (white wire or cords for musical instruments : iron filings, and scraps of other metals)

Note.-The articles in parenthesis are not covered by the German Convention.

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Medicaments and Patent Medicines.

Dr. l.

Dr. l. Flowers, mosses, and leaves

..oke Roots, barks, camphor

050 Cantharides.. Musk

dram. O 30 Opium and castorem..

..oke Saffron

0 Tinctures, extracts, and syrups, except patent medicines Volatile oils, essences

5 Fixed oils, that is to say, almond, cod-liver oil, castor oil, &c.; plasters and ointments

..oke 0 50 Patent medicines :

a. Liquids in bottles.
b. Solids in bottles
c. Solids in boxes

3 4. Quinine in general


Free. 6. Quinine and cinchonine All other medicamenes, n.o.m., without tare allowance ....öke

Surgical Articles.
Trusses, bandages, cauterising instruments, indiarubber nipples,

indiarubber probes, feeding bottles, elastic stockings, sus-
penders, &c. ; plain lint, charpie, cotton, and other substances
impregnated with antiseptics....

..oke. Chemical Products. a. Aniline colours, in crystals or powder

.oke. 0. Do., in shapeless lumps

6 Oil colours ......

O 30 a. Varnish prepared with oil; and boiled linseed oil b. Do, with alcohol a. All other dry colours, mineral or metallic, such as red lear, white lead, litharge, &c.

...oke. O 40 Free. b. Do., vegetable or animal, n.o.m.

0 40 Perfumes (alcoholic or not), vinegars, pomades, oils, soaps,

powders, aromatic pastes, herbs and wood, fragrant substances in bags of various tissues, cosmetics, pearl paste, powder, and toilet articles in any form


5 Soaps in general, not perfumed

040 Mustard prepared and in jars, and all spices, n.o.m.. Products of distillery, perfumed, except volatile oils and perfumes

oke. a. Starch, starch flours of all kinds b. Potato starch, made bitter by alteration.

o (1. Ordinary isinglass, glue of hides or bones, and glue of all kinds

b. Gelatine of all kinds
Matches of all kinds (Govt. monopoly)

White wax in cakes or pieces, stearine and sealing wax....oke.
Kerosene : paraffin, and all artificial wax....
White wax lapers of all kinds and sizes, and mouldings of wax

oke. 4 0
Inks of all kinds

050 a. Potash, soda, caustic soda for making soap and glass, saltpetre for making powder, and sulphide of carbon

Frec. b. Chloride of lime, sulphate of iron (vitrol), and sulphate of copper (blue vitrol)


o 5 c. Pure acids--Sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, phenic acid and similar acids, and all chemical products, n.o.m.

oke. d. Impure acids, so-called acids of commerce.

O 10

Free. Empyreumatic oils, including oils for machinery, and for producing gas

...oke. 050 Hair dyes...

5 Condensed milk Lime juice

3 Fuzes for mines.

020 Gunpowder :a. For sporting or military purposes, dynamite, and fireworks.


1 20 0. Blasting powder

O 20 Salt or cooking (monopoly)


2 50


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