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Reis. 433 Gloves, of leather, finished or not, up to 30 cmş, in length ..pair

400 434 Do. do., above 30 cms. .....

600 435 Ivory and tortoiseshell, manufactured.

. kilog. 6,000 436 Bone, horns, and claws, manufactured

5,000 437 Skins, hairy, manufactured for personal ornaments, finished or Rot

.. kilog. 8,000 438 Hides and leather, manufactured, n.o.s. (including ornaments and trimmings)......

.. kilog. 1,200 439 Feathers, prepared

2,000 Miscellaneous Vegetable Products, Manufactures thereof, 440 Caoutchouc and gutta-percha, manufactured, n.o.s...... .. kilog. 600 441 Do. do., combs

Do. do., tubes and threads
443 Cork, manufactured..
444 Wood, manufactured into articles of furniture, turned, carved,

veneered, polished, or varnished, upholstered except with
tissues in which silk or leather enter

... kilog. 600 445 Wood, furniture, lacquered, gilt, inlaid, combined with fine

woods or metal mouldings, upholstered with leather or stuffs
containing silk

... kilog. 1500 446 Do., manufactured in small wares, for decorating, encrusting, &c.,

and all articles of furniture except with metal, not separately

... kilog. 447 Do., sawn and prepared, for working up, n.o.s.

50 448 Do., common, sawn, and prepared, to be used for planking

cub. metre 10,500 449 Do., common, sawn, and prepared, for boxes of all kinds, and for all other wares n.o.s.

.. kilog. 100 450 Manufactures from vegetable fibres, n.o.s... 451 Straw, manufactured, n.o.s.

1,000 452

Tresses or plaits of straw, and imitations thereof, to be used for
making hats

....... kilog. goo
Manufactures of Mineral Products.
Earthenware and fine stone ware .....

.kilog. 454 Common stone ware

15 455 Stone porcelain wares.....

300 456 Bricks, tiles, mosaics, &c., glazed, painted, or ornamented 457 Minerals, worked up, n.o.s.

20% a.v. 458 Ceramic products, manufactured, n.o.s..

kilog. 459 Glass, common black, or dark blue, in bottles or demijohns,

cominon glass, chestnut colour or dark yellow, in bottles or
demijohns holding not less than 7 decilitres : and common glass
of any other colour (except white) in bottles and demijohns
holding not less than i litre

... kilog. 20 460 Do., common, or whatever colour (except white) in vessels, &c.,

... kilog. 461 Do., in plates, polished, opaque

.met. quintal. 2,400 462 Do. do., transparent

3,000 463 Do., manufactured, lamp chimneys..


200 464 Do., in plates, not polished, and all other manufactures of glass

.. kilog.

300 Metal Manufactures. 465 Steel wire, grooved on one side, for umbrella or parasol frames, without ornaments or accessories ..

... kilog. 466 Do., wire, round, for umbrella or parasol frames, without ornaments or accessories...

.. kilog. 467 Do., springs for vehicles.

250 468 Do., cutlery, scissors (including the tare)

750 469 Do., cutlery, all other (including the tare)..

600 470 Do., manufactured, n.o.s.

500 471 Pins, clasps, hair-pins, and needles, except those of gold, silver, or platinum (including tare)

.. kilog. 500 472 Apparatus, fixed or not, for railway stations, &c.

25 % 2.V. 473 Lead, manufactured

... kilog. 80 474 Copper, pure ; brass, bronze, and similar alloys, taps or spiggots and valve...

. kilog. 475 Do. do., in tubes

so SE LES 476 Do: do., all other n.o.s.


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Reis, 477 Tin, manufactured

... kilog. 478 Iron, cast, in tubes 479 Do., n.o.s., rough

50 480 Do., painted or polished, gilt, silvered, varnished, or enamelled, coated with tin, zinc, or copper

... kilog. 481 Do., wrought in tubes, without screws or grooves, or otherwise wrought

.kilog. 482 Do. do., zinced, galvanised, &c. 483 Do. do., chains, ropes, cables, or anchors 484 Do. do., all other manufactures not specially mentioned, rough

kilog. 485 Do. do., all other manufactures n.o.s., in tin plates.coated with tin, zinc, or copper..........

..... kilog. 800 486 Do. do., all other manufactures not specially mentioned, painted,

polished, gilded, silvered, varnished, or enamelled ..... kilog. 487 Do., wire, manufactured.. 488 Fixed materials for railways, n.o.s., of wrought iron or wrought steel

12% a.s 489 Metal, n.o.s., manufactured

400 490 Gold, coined

Free. 491 Do., manufactured

.. kilog. 120,000 492 Silver, coined 493 Do., and platinum, manufactured.

.. kilog. 35,000 494 Nails of copper, brass, and similar alloys, and of iron, including those with brass or similar heads

... kilog.

250 495 Do., other .... 496 Zinc, in sheets, moulded, stamped, perforated or not 497 Do., manufactured, n.o.s. Paper, and Typographic, Lithographic, and Painting

Materials, &c. 498 Engravings and prints in a single colour, drawings of all kinds, and music

.. kilog. 499 Cardboard, hot-pressed 500 Pasteboard (thick paper) soi Cardooard, cut for tickets, of whatever quality, for photographs and similar uses ...

150 502 Do., and thick paper, manufactured (except cardboard boxes)....

So 503 Playing cards

600 504 Printed matter other than books, engravings, and prints in more than one colour, and lithographs

1,000 505 Slates for writing, and imitations thereof 506 Blank books, bound or stitched, ruled or not, with or with

out prints or lithographs.... 07 Books, pamphlets, and catalogues in foreign languages,

stitched or not, and atlases and maps, with wording in

foreign languages.. 508 Books, pamphlets, and catalogues printed in foreign lan

guages, bound in whatever leather, smooth cover, and

without the employment of any special plates 509 Books, catalogues, and pamphlets, printed in foreign lan

guages, bound, when the binding is stamped with special

plates, or is made of cardboard, covered with percaline or 510 Books, pamphlets, and catalogues in the Portuguese lan

guage, stitched or not, and and atlases and maps with

wording in Portuguese 511 Books, catalogues, and pamphlets in the Portuguese lan

guage, bound. 512 Paper for writing, white or coloured, in whatever condition

1.40 513 Paper for printing, common (ordinary paper for journals),

including also albumenised paper, paper for lithographing,
and sensitised paper for photography

23 517 Paper painted or printol, by whatever process..

140 31; Paper, painted or printed, by whatever process, n.o.s... 516 Portfolios, covers for books, finished or not, with or without

pictures or other adornments of whatever material
517 Portfolios, covers for books, finished or not, with or without

pictures or other adomments, made with percaline or any
Other ussue of piper...

1,600 518 Paintings in oil or water colour

10% 1. 519 Envelopes and paper bags.


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Miscellaneous. No.

Reis, 520 Brims of gummed tissues, for hats

.. kilog. 320 521 Frames, complete, for umbrellas or parasols, without covers, each 500 522 Do., incomplete, for umbrellas or parasols, in separate parts, kilog. 1,500 523 Trunks, portmanteaus, travelling bags, and game bags ....each 1,200 524 Military caps and helmets

1,500 525 Sticks, complete, for umbrellas or parasols.

300 526 Walking sticks, n.o.s., and swordsticks. 527 Jewellery (except of gold, silver, or platinum) (including the tare)....

kilog. 528 Bonnets, caps, and hats..

..each 700 529 Buttons of earthenware and glass (including the tare.. .. kilog. 500 530 Do., of all other descriptions (with the exception of gold, silver,

or platinum, and trimmings) (including the tare) .... kilog. 1,200 531 Boots and shoes, of pure or mixed silk

.. pair 2,000 532 Do., of leather, also leggings or gaiters of skins, the leg portion over 30 cms. in length

.pair 2.500 533 Do., n.o.s., with leather soles

1,500 534 Do., not mentioned in the preceding categories

000 535 Mats and matting of all kinds, even if with other filaments or with woollen trimmings...

.. kilog. 536 Pocket-books, cigar-cases, and purses, excepting of gold, silver, or platinum

... kilog. 1.200 537 Cardboard articles n.o.s., ornamented or not (including tare)

1,000 538 Shapes for caps, helmets, or hats, of whatever substances conposed....


500 539 Hats of straw and imitations, plain..

... kilog. 540 Do., of straw and imitations, for women, trimmed

2,000 541 Do., of silk plush, for men...

1,500 542 Do., n.o.s., for men ....

900 543, for women

2,000 544 Do., linings and trimmings for, of whatever substance 545 Glue, liquid (including tare)..

150 546 Do., dried or in paste, n.o.s. (except gelatine, glue, or isinglass)

20 547 Cordage, cables, hawsers, ropes (except those of metal),

twine, pack thread, sail twine, marline, morrao, and

plumb-lines 548 Dynamite and gunpowder, without cartridges (including tare)

270 549 Brushes, for personal use

1,000 550 Do., other, including brooms

300 551 Mirrors, including the frames (except those of precious metals)

of glass plates, with a supeficies of less than 1,200 sq.cms... kilog. 300 552 Do., all other, n.o.s.

... metre

3,000 553 Miners' fuses..

..kilog. 5 554 Fuses, n.o.s. ..

350 555

Work-boxes, dressing-cases,, writing-cases, and other cases not

...kilog. 2,000 556 Do., do., fitted (with the exception of those containing articles of precious metals)..

25 % 557 Wire, metallic (except of gold, silver, and platinum corered with gutta-percha)....

.. kilog. 40 558 Do., do., covered with tissue of any sort or with paper

550 559 Artificial flowers, made of whatever tissue (made up or in pieces)

feathers and articles used as substitutes for .. ...kilog. 15,000 560 Materials for making artificial flowers, of whatever substance, and separate leaves

30% a.v. 56: Fireworks (gross weight)

.. kilog. 150 562 Hand bellows

500 563 Engravings on wood, or on metal of any sort, and stereotypes

sg. cm. 564 Shoe blacking (including tare)...

.. kilog. 150 565 Tinder, slow-matches, sulphur and wax matches (gross weighi)

kilog. 1,200 566 Fans and similar articles

2,000 567 Medicines: pills, dragees, capsules, and medicinal extracts (in cluding tare)...

. kilog. 2,000 568 Do., globules, granulated, &c., (including tare

5,000 569 Do., pastilles of whatever kind (including tare

1,200 570 Do., simple or compounded, n.o.s. (including tare)..



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500 150 700 1,000 1,000



SHIPPING WORLD YEAR BOOK. No. 571 Articles made of all kinds of paste (imitations of wood, stucco,

leather, &c.), not elsewhere mentioned in the tariff .. kilog.
572 Oilcloth for flooring
573 Do., n.o.s. ....
574 Articles made of oilcloth
575 Perfumery of all sorts (including tare)
576 Gunpowder in cartridges (including shot and including tare)
577 Small fancy wares, n.o.s., as games of every description (except

billiard tables), toys, pipes and cigar-holders (with or without
cases), snuff-boxes, masks, hour glasses, pocket marine com-
passes, razor-strops, feather brushes, night lamps, chaplets, and
other similar articles n.o.s., other than gold, silver, and plati-
num (including tares)

.. kilog.
578 Soap
579 Do., balls (including tare)..
580 Linings, for hats, and silk, glued on paper or on any other
material, for hats...

.. kilog. 581 Tobacco-cigars* 582 Do., manufactured in any other form and cut stalks thereoft 583 Ink for writing (including tare) 584 Dyes, prepared, liquid or in paste, exceeding 100 kilogs. (in the tare)

...kilog. 585 Do., do., less than 100 kilogs. (in the tare) 586 Bands of leather or of oilskins, for hats, not exceeding 8 cms, in width

.. kilog. 587 Wicks, n.o.s. ... 588 Umbrellas and parasols, covered with silk

..each 589 Do., covered with other material 590 Candles of every description...

Varnishes made with alcohol or ether 592 Do., all other not distinguished


1,20 4.500 4.500


80 40% a.v.

150 700 1.200 700

40 400



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38. 3d. 45.

3d. 145, 3d.

TARIFF OF ROUMANIA. Area ........sq. miles 50,700 Imports .........£11,320,000 Population......... 6,150,000 Exports....... .£14,950,000

[See alterations, page 1210, &c.] Note.-See also new duty in lieu of octroi at end of thi, Tariff.

Yarns and Thread.
Cotton --All kinds, except sewing thread undyed .. per cwt.

Do., do., dyed..

Sewing thread of all sorts, dyed or not.. Linen, hemp, and juteof linen oi hemp, unbleached, bleached or dyed

per cwt,

55. 8 d. Of jute and other similar vegetable substances, unbleached, bleached, or dyed

per cwt.

28. od Sewing thread of linen or hemp, whether bleached or dyed, or not

· per cwt.

LI os. 4d. Silk of all colours, single or thrown, including sewing silk

per cwi. 413 145. 2d. Woollen and worsted-all kinds, undyed..

£145. 5d. Do., dyed of any colour

£2 os.

8d, Cotton :

Woven Manufactures.
Tissues of cotton-
Unbleached ; not dyed, dressed or figured

per cwt.

41 os. 4d. Bleached, or dyed or one colour (but only after

weaving), and whether dressed or figured, or not ;

exclusive of light tissues and cotton velvets.. per cwt. - 18s. 3d.
Woven or dyed threads........

£48. 5d. Velvets and velvety tissues

455d. Tissues known as Barhent,

," "Calmouk," and tissues manufactured of cotton obtained from old tissues

per cwt,

£4 IS. 3d. * The duties of the tariff of 1885 are in force in the adjacent islands of Portugal

† The amount of duty on this article shall never be less than that on the preceding article.

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per cwt.

43 58. 64 15. 3d. £12 35. 1od. £4 175.

6.1. £13 os.


£2 8s. od.

per cwt.

£2 8. od. £12 35. iod.

64 175. 60. 413 os.


... per cwt.

per cwt.

63 55.

:: per cwt.

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per cwt.

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Light tissues, plain, embroidered, or figured, un.

bleached, bleached, dyed, or printed ; including
gauze, tarlatan, batiste, muslin, &c. ; but exclusive

of tulle and lace
Lace, tulle, and embroidery..
of cotton mixed

with threads of real or imitation
gold or silver

per cwt. Do., mixed with silk; the silk being in less proportion than 20 per cent of the weight

per cwt. Do., do., the silk being in greater proportion than 20 per cent. of the weight...

per cwt.
Tissues of cotton mixed with other textile materials, each

of the materials with which the cotton is combined not
exceeding 20 per cent. of the weight..,

per cwt.
(If one of the materials which enter into the mixture
exceeds 20 per cent. of the total weight, duty will be
charged on the tissue as though made entirely of the most
highly taxed material which enters into its composition.)
Hosiery and knitted wares-
Composed entirely of cotton, whether cut or not, but
not sewn

.... per cwt. Mixed with threads of real or imitation gold or silver Mixed with silk in less proportion than 20 per cent. of the weight, cut or not, but not sewn........

per cwt.
Do., the silk being in greater proportion than 20 per

cent. of the weight..
Mixed with other textile materials, the materials with

which the cotton is combined not exceeding 20 per

cent. of the weight...
Haberdashery, tapes, and ribbons-
Composed entirely of cotton ; also if mixed with metal.

lic threads not gilt or silvered.
Mixed with threads of real or imitation gold or silver
Mixed with silk in less proportion than 20 per cent. of

the weight
Do. the silk being in greater proportion than 20 per
cent. of the weight....

per cwt.
Mixed with other textile materials, the materials with

which the cotton is combined not exceeding 20 per

cent. of the weight.. Buttons Clothing and made-up articles, finished, or simply” cut

out(Composed entirely of cotton-pay five times the duty chargeable on the tissue of which made. Composed of two or more tissues, of which one is cotton-pay three times the duty chargeable on the most highly taxed material which enters into the composition of the article.),

Oil or waxed cloth of all kinds, also tarred packing cloth Linen, hemp, and jute:

per cwt. Jute tissues, Very common, such as packing and sack cloth, and

sacks made out of such materials

All other jute tissues, unbleached, bleached, or dyed Linen and hemp tissues,

per cwt. Linen or hempen cloth of all kinds weighing more than 400 grammes per square metre ( Ib. per square yard), plain or woven in colours, striped, unbleached, or bleached ; including packing cloth, sack cloth. sail cloth, cloth for blinds or for mattresses, &c., plain or dyed (i.c., striped or checked), but not bleached

per cwt. Linen or hempen cloth, other kinds, plain, bleached, or dyed

per cwt.
Ticks of all sorts, unbleached, bleached, dyed, or woven

in colours
Plain linen cloth, printed ; handkerchiefs with printed
patterns; tale and toilet linen unbleached, bleached,
dyed, printed, figured, or damasked, but not bemmed
or stitched

per cwt.

per cwt.

65 138. tod

£14 128. 7d

per cwt.

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per cwt.

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per cwt.

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