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PAGL Total Imports & Exports ....25, 1297 Vessels, No. and Tonnage Entered Total of Shipping Trade andShips

and Cleared

......16, 1297 Built for Three Years

25 Vessels (Warships) built in U.K. Towage Rates, Home & Foreign,

and abroad

1298 see Port Directory ......219, 495 Vessels, Steam, Rules at Sea 36 Trade of Great Britain

.16-18 Victualling Bili Tra with the Colonies 19 Victualling of Ships

.37, 38 Trade with the World .......16, 1297 Volunteering into the Navy.. ... 107 Traffic of Suez Canal 82 Voyages, Fastest...

2124 Training of New Naval Officers Wages, Allotment of (Seamen) 105 (New Rules).

1301 Wages, Mode of Recovering (Sca. Training Ships. 97 men)

105 Transfer of Bill of Lading. 193 Wages of Deceased Seamen

.... 105 Transfer of Registry.


Wages, Payment of (Seamen) 100, 105 Transfers and Transmissions

Warrant Engineers..

.....1622 Transvaal Tariff

830 Warships Launched in 1904......1298 Trinidad, Tariff of

885 Water, High, at Various Ports, Trinity House and Pilotage.

see British Ports

219 Trusts and Equities

Water, Fresh & Salt, Immersion in 34 Turkey, Tariff of... 1260 Water, Weight of

34 Turret-deck Steamers, Ldng Rules 76 Weather, Instruments and the

32 Undermanning ...,

138 Weights and Measures, British and United Kingdom, Tariff of the


8-11 United Kingdom, Towage Rates, Weights of Substances, Rule for see Port Directory-British Ports 219 Finding

33 United States Consuls 208 Wind, Power of

31 United States Tariff

Wood Vessels, Grain

115 Unseaworthy Ships...

.. 114

World's Tonnage, built 1903-1904 778 Useful Addresses.

Wreck and Salvage
Use of Weather Instruments 32 Wreck, Duties on
Value of British Exports
19 Wreck Receivers

120, 121 Venezuela, Tariff of .1288 Wreck, Removal of

...41, 120 Vessels. Foreign and British, En. Wreck, Unclaimed tered and Cleared, 1904.


28 Vessels, Illegal Boarding of...... 188 Zodiac.


1 22



123 1 20

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For Marine Directory of United Kingdom & other Countries, see pp. lxxl-xcl.

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SEXTANTS for 1905.

FIRST GRADE, with Class A Kew Certificate No. 6. 8 in. Radius, Silver Arch

£13 14. 8 in. Stellar Sextant, Large Glasses

£14 2. 8 in. Pillar Sextant, Silver Arch

£16 With Platina Arch and Gold Vernier, £4 extra. SECOND GRADE, Best Finish, with Class A Kew Certificate. No. 21. 7 in. Sextant, Silver Arch

£10 10 24. 6ip.

£10 10 27. The Cadët, 6 in.”..

£9 THIRD GRADE, with Class B Kew Certificate. 80. 7 in. Sextant, Silver Arch

£8 33. 6 in

£8 40. The Matë's Sextant

£5 10 MARINE BINOCULARS FOR 1905. Highest quality, London Manufacture, complete in Case, with Kew Certificate,

made with 12 lens and 6 lens. The Paget, £4 10 and £3 10. The Liverpool, £4 10 and £3 10

The Bridge, £4 and £3. The Admiralty, £5.


£6, £5 15, £6 15, £7, £8 10. Any of the above Instruments sent carriage paid to U.K. on receipt of price. Only Address : 59, FENCHURCH ST., LONDON.

Telegrams : AZIMUTH, LONDON. Telephone : 555 CENTRAL.


[blocks in formation]


PAGE The United Alkali Co., Ltd. xxix Admiralty ChartsPotter, J. D.

..xxvi Alkali

Brunner, Mond & Co., Ltd. xxviii

The United Alkali Co., Ltd. xxix Antifouling CompositionBruce & Co......

1315 Glasgow Patents Co., Ltd. ..Ixxiii

Peacock & Buchan ........Ixxvii Asbestos and Rubber Goods

Northern Rubber Co...... lxxiv
Taylor, Daniel

Ixxv Bankers

First National Bank Ixxxiv
Metropolitan Bark_(of Eug.

land and Wales), Lid. .. xliv Belting

Icke. Thos, & Son ..lxxviii
Lewis & Tylor, Ltd.

.........XXX Boat DayitsWelin, Axel

xxvii Boiler Covering Leroy, F. & Co...

.liii CementCurrie & Co., Ltd.

lii Chains and Anchors

Wright, Joseph & Co. ....lxxviii Chemicals

Brunner, Mond & Co., Ltd. xxviii

The United Alkali Co., Lid... xxix Code PublishersHinrichs, Jno.


[blocks in formation]

Colliery Proprietors and Coal
Shippers -
Archer, M..

Cory Brothers & Co., Ltd. . . xxxiii
Crown Preserved Coal Co. lii
Davies, John R. & Co. Ixxvii
Davis, D. & Sons... ..xl, lxxi,

1xxv, lxxxix Marquess of Bute's Col. licries

Ixxii Gas Coal Collieries, Lid. Ixxi

Atlantic Works

Barclay, A. Sons & Co., Ltd. Ixxii
Barry Graving Dock and

Engineering Co., Lid.
Brown, A. & R. & Co.......lxxiv
Campbell, A & Co.

li Chase Machine Co

.lxxxii Craggs, R. & Son, Ltd. .... lxxvi Crosier, Stephens & Co.....lxxvii Day, Summers & Co., Lid. ....! Drysdale & Co....

li Hannan & Buchanan Harris Brothers..

.Ixxvii Howden, James & Co.. Ixsili Junior Institution of Engineers

Ivi Johnson & Phillips..

lxxv Palmers Shipbuilding and

Iron Co., Lida... .lxxiii

[blocks in formation]



PAGE Periam, H. W.

..lxxi Ross & Duncan.

Ixxiii Russell, George & Co. ...lxxiii Shepherd J. & Co.

.. lxxv Sicilian Shipbuilding, Dry

Docks & Eng. Co.......lxxxvii
Simons, Wm. & Co., Ltd..... xliii
Stewarts & Lloyds

Ixxii, 1xxiii, Ixxiv, Ixxvi
Vancouver Engineering
Works, Ltd...

xci Felt ManufacturersMcTear & Co.

..Ixxi Flags

Riley, E. & Co..... Ixxiv Forwarding AgentsAlvargonzalez, C.

Ixxxiv Anciens Etablissements Maurin

Ixxxii Eastern Landing. Clearing and Forwarding Co...

...lxxxi Friend & Co.

.Ixxii Guthrie, A. & J.

..lxxi Hall, H. & Son

..Ixxviii Heckemann, Joh.

..lxxx Hediger & Co.

Hernu, Peron & Co., Ltd. .. lxxv
Klein, J. D.....

Lewis, J. LI. & Co... ..lxxxix
Mangili, Innocente........lxxxiii
Mattoon & Co...
New Zealand Express Co.,,

.lxxxiii Robinson & Heath

..xci Seligmann, E. H.

Smyers, Alex, & Co.
Sutton & Co.

Van den Broeck & Fils. ....lxxix
Van Laun, H. T. & Co. ....Ixxvi

.Ixxix Gauge Glasses-

Tomey & Sons . liii, lxxvii General Agents and Merchants

Balfour, Guthrie & Co.........XC Canadian Manufacturers' As. sociation

Ixxxi Dück, A. & Co.

....lxxxi Esteves, 2

..Ixxxvii Goode, H. A. & W. ...lxxxix Hamilton & Co.

xxi Hay & Co.

..Ixxiv Macdonald, David & Sons ..lxxi Rithet, R. P. & Co.

.xci Shallcross, Macaulay & Co. ..xci Hotels

New St. Charles Hotel, New

Others in alphabetical order
of towns

.lxviii-lxx InsuranceAtlantic Mutual Insurance

Bannatyne & Co...



Mutual Loan Fund Assocn..... liv Nautical Instruments Chadburn's (Ship) Tel. Co., Ld.

.xlv Hannan & Buchanan

li Hughes, H. & Son..

1311 Kelso & Co. Tomey & Sons

liii Naval and Military Tailors

Campbell, James & Co.


Naval Architects

Maclean, Alex. J.........lxxxvii
Wood, W.J.

..Ixxxii Oil Fuel

Higgins Oil & Fuel Co......XXX Oils, Palnts, and YarnishBruce & Co..

.....1315 Johnson, W. & H..


Packing Manufacturers-
Lewis & Tylor, Lid.

........XXX Patent Fuel

Crown Preserved Coal Co.

Graigola Merthyr Co., Ltd. ....lii Pianofortes

Broad wood & Sons, Ltd.

xxxiv, Ixxix, 1xxx, 1xxxi, lxxxii, lxxxiii, lxxxiv, lxxxv, lxxxvi,

1xxxvii, lxxxix, xc, XC

.... lxxxviii


PAGE Unwin Bros., Ltd.

.......... lvii Proctors in Admiralty Bryan & Bryan..

Salts and Sodas

PAGE Brunner, Mond & Co., Lid. xxvii The United Alkali Co. Ld. xxix


[blocks in formation]

... lxxvi

[blocks in formation]

Ship Brokers

Aagaard, Thoresen & Co. ..Ixxv
Alexander & Reid

.lxxvii Alvargonzalez, C.

.Ixxxiv Andrews, W..

Ixxxii Barret Bros. & Co. lxxxvii Bjerre & Römer

. lxxxii W.

laxy Burgess & Co., Ltd. .lxxvii Carter, John

...lxxvii Cherfils, Paul.

..lxxix Clausen, F. W.

lxxx Cochrane, M. P.

.Ixxxvii Cumming, C. C.

Ixxx Donaldson, Wm.

..lxxi Drewell, A. & Co.

Ixxxvi Farquharson, C.

.lxxxvi Gough & Crosthwaite Grieg, Joachim

..lxxx Hackett, C. & W.

Ixxxviii Hagar, W, F. & Co. lxxiix Kellock & Co...... .lxxiv, lxxv Langbehn Bros.

.lxxxiv Lindblom, A..

. lxxxv Longley, C. F. & Co.., .lxxxiv Mangili, Innocente .lxxxiv Meny, R. & Co.

.lxxxix Meyer, G. & Co.

Ixxxv Muscus, N. V.

Issix Prowse, A. H

....XC Rendell, A. S. & Co..

..XC Rodenacker, Th.

..Ixxxii Sartori & Berger

LXXXV Schmidt, J.

lxxix Searle, E. & Co.

.lxxix Smith, Andrew

laxiv Thoresen & Co.

...XC Turner, Ed. W.

Ixxii Van Dyk, A.

.lxxxii Van Nievelt & Co. Ixxxii Vellinga, T. & Co.

.lxxxv C.

Ixxxi White, John


[blocks in formation]


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Ship-Logs & Sounding MachinesWalker, T. & Son


Refrigerating Machinery

Hall, J. & E., Ltd... lxxv
Haslam Foundry and En.

gineering Co., Ltd. .lxxii West, H. ). & Co., Ltd. ....lxxvi

Rope and Oakum Manufacturers

Anglo - American Rope and
Oakum Co.

.lxxiv Aspinall, Son & Brooke .... xlviii

| Shipbuilders and RepairersCampbell, A.

li Clyde Shipbuilding & Engin. eering Co., Ltd.

Ixxii Craggs, R. & Sons

.lxxvi Day, Summers & Co. Grangemouth and Greenock

Dockyard Co..... .lxxiii Irvine's Shipbuilding & Dry Docks Co., Ltd.

...lxxvii Palmers Shipbuilding and

Iron Co., Ltd..... Ixxiii Sicilian Shipbuilding and Engineering Co.

.lxxxvii Simons, Wm. & Co., Ltd..... xliii Wilson, Alex.

Sail & Sailcloth Manufacturers

Aspinall, Son & Brooke ....xlviii
Hayward, R. & Co. ..xlviii
Mitchell, A. & Co.


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