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Marine Department.

(Assistant Secretary, WALTER J. HOWELL, C.B.)

SUBJECTS.-Naval Courts. Boiler Explosions. Crew Spaces. Discipline. Distressed Seamen, Relief of (Rules and Principles). Examinations or Masters, Mates, and Engineers. International Code of Signals. International Questions concerning Shipping. Life-Saving Apparatus. Ships' Lights. Lime and Lemon Juice, and Anti-Scorbutics. Load Line. Medical Scale for Merchant Ships. Mercantile Marine Offices and Local Marine Boards. Misconduct, Inquiries into. Naval Reserve. Passenger Ships, Survey of. Rewards for Saving Life. Tonnage, Measurement of. Training Ships. Unseaworthy Ships. Wrecks and Casualties, Inquiries into. Wreck Register.

Finance Department.

(Assistant Secretary, Sir T. W. P. BLOMEFIELD, Bart.)

SUBJECTS.-Accounts and Estimates of all Departments of the Board of Trade. Accounts of Lighthouse Boards. Accounts of Consuls and Colonial Shipping Masters, including Accounts of Relief of Distressed Seamen. Accounts of Superintendents and Receivers of Wreck. Claims on Owners of Vessels. Life Assurance Companies Returns. Merchant Seamen's Fund (Pensioners'). Seamen's Money Orders. Pensions. Greenwich Hospital Fund. Seamen's Savings Banks. Seamen's Temporary Deposit Bank (Liverpool). Wages and Effects of Deceased Seamen.

Harbour Department.

(Assistant Secretary, Hon. T. H. W. PELHAM.)

SUBJECTS. Foreshores. Harbours. Liability of Shipowners. Lighthouses and fixed Fog-signals. Loans to Harbour Authorities. Local Charges on Shipping. Pilotage. Protection of Navigable Channels, Ports, &c. Provisional Orders, Piers and Harbours. Quarantine. Registration of Ships. Tidal Waters, Wreck and Salvage. Electric Lighting.

Gas and Water.

Railway Department.


SUBJECTS.-Art Unions. Canals. Charters. Copyright and Trade Marks. Industrial Exhibitions. Joint Stock Companies. Railways. Registry of Designs. Telegraphs. Tramways. Standards.

Commercial, Labour, and Statistical Department. Comptroller-General, H. LLEWELLYN SMITH, C.B. SUBJECTS.-Commercial Questions, Wages and Conditions of Labour, and Statistics generally.

Bankruptcy Department.

Inspector-General in Bankruptcy, JOHN SMITH, C.B. Senior Official Receiver for the Purposes of the Companies (Winding-up) Act, 1890, G. S. BARNES.

SUBJECTS.-General Administration of Bankruptcy Act and regulations and procedure thereunder.

General Registry and Record Office of Shipping and Seamen, Carlisle Place, Westminster, S.W.

SUBJECTS.-Transcripts of Registers of British Ships Ownership and Mortgages, &c. Custodian of Agreements with Crews and Official Logs. Apprentices' Indentures. Certificates of Masters, Mates, and Engineers; Royal Naval Reserve.

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(Registrar-General of Shipping and Seamen

Consular Fees (General) Order in Council, 1892.
Japan (Consular and Marriage Fees) Order in Council, 1900.
China and Corea (Consular and Marriage Fees)
Order in Council, 1904.

For Declaration to register, transfer, and transmission of ships, &c.
Endorsing change of master upon register...

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Recording mortgage of ship or shares..

Recording the transfer of mortgage of ship or shares
Recording discharge of
















Extending protest or survey


And if over 200 words, for every 100 words plus.

For Attendance, out of Consular Office, for ship, &c., over

Every sale of ship or shares

Inspection of register book of transactions in ships

Every seaman engaged

Alteration in shipping agreements

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Every seaman discharged or left behind.

Every desertion.

Attesting a seaman's will...

Examination of provisions or water......

Noting protest

Order of survey.

and above travelling expenses, per diem

Attending valuation of goods, if less than 2 hours each additional hour... maximum per day

For Attending sale, if less than 2 hours

each additional hour.
maximum, per day

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Certificate of landing..
Bill of health

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(Corrected to December, 1994.)

M. and C.G., Minister and Consul-General.

A. and C.G., Agent and Consul-General. C.G., Consul-General. C., Consul. V.C., Vice-Consul, C.A., Consular Agent.

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Maranham, E. Compton, V.C.
Morro Velho, Dr. John Spear, V.C.
Pari, W. A. Churchill, C.
Paraiba, A. T. Connor, V.C.
Paranagua, J. S. Gomes, V.C.
Pernambuco, P. Staniforth, C.; A. L.
G. Williams, V.C.

Porto Alegre, A. Archer, C.
Rio de Janeiro, A. Chapman, C.G
C. B. Rhind, V.C.

Rio Grande do Sul, G. Hewett, C.
St. Catherine's, W. B. Chaplin, V.C.
San Paulo, P. C. P. Lupton, V.C.
Santos, F. W. Mark, C.
Victoria, A. S. Youle, V.C.


Bourgas, D. E. Tacchella, C.A. (Acting).
Philippopolis, R. A. Fontana, V.C.
Roustchouk, W. H. Dalziel, V.C.
Sofia, G. W. Buchanan, A. and C.G.;
G. O'B. Toulmin, V.C.
Varna, Lt. Col. P. Massy, V.C.


Ancud, W. H. Turner, V.C.
Antofagasta, J. Barnett, V.C.
Arica, H. Nugent, V.C.
Caldera, H. B. Beazley, V.C.
Caleta Buena, A. E. Danks, V.C.
Carrizal Bajo, J. King, V.C.
Chanaral, W. Sheriff, C.A.
Concepcion, W. Borrowman, V.C.
Copiapo, W. F. Holberton, C.A.
Coquimbo, G. L. Ansted, C.
Coronel, E. Cooper, V.C.

Iquique, C. N. Clarke, C.; H. R. Lowe,

Junin, L. J. Garratt, V.C.
Los Andes, T. S. Tuffield, C.A.
Lota, H. H. Maguire, C.A.
Pisagua, T. G. Patrickson, V.C.
Punta Arenas, C. A. Milward, V.C.
Santiago, A. C. Kerr, V.C.
Talcahuano, Alfred Steel, V.C.
Taltal, P. N. Schjolberg, V.C.

-C.A. Tocopilla, C. Nicholls, V.C. Tomé, M. S. Pasmore, V.C. Traiguen, F. Anderton, V.C. Valdivia & Corral, Valparaiso, Sir B. Cusack-Smith, C.G. A. Rowley, V.C.



Amoy, R. W. Mansfield, C.

Canton, J. Scott, C.G.; B. Twyman, V.C.
Chefoo, H. F. Brady, C.
Chengtu, A. Hosie, C. G.
Chinkiang, J. N. Tratman, C.
Foochow, G. M. H. Playfair, C.
Hangchow, P. E. O'B. Butler, C.
Hankow, E. D. H. Fraser, C.G.
Ichang, E. F. Bennett, C.'


Kiu-kiang, W. J. Clennell, C.
Kiung-chow, and Pakhoi, E. T. C.
Werner, C.

Kongmoon, H. A. Little, C.
Macao, F. O. Seaton, V.C. (see Por

Nanking, A. J. Sundius, C.
New-chwang, H. E. Fulford, C.M.G., C.
Ningpo, R. H Mortimore, C.
Peking, H. A. Ottewill, V. C.
Shanghai, H. Wilkinson, Chief Justice;
Sir Pelham Warren, C.G.; F. S. A.
Bourne, A.J.; G. D. Pitzipios, V.C.
Swatow, P. F. Hausser, C.
Têngyüeh, H. Goffe, C.
Tien-tsin, L. C. Hopkins, C.G.
Wuchow, C. W. Campbell, C.
Wuhu, W. P. Ker, C.
Yunnan Fu, W. H. Wilkinson, C.G.

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Resides at Lima.

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