Sivut kuvina

Sailing Vessels.

Steamers with their own Steam.
Per ton Mini

Per ton Mini
One tug assisting between
net reg. mum

gross. mum


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per ton

net reg.


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Tidal Basin and Channel... fd. 2/6 Tidal Basin and Channel.. fd. 10/
Pile Light..

Pile Light d.

Piel d. 43
Hawspoint.. 2}d. €2 Docks and Graving Dock
Hilpsford ..

£3 (both ways)...

Lightship 5d. 67 Tidal Basin or Channel,
Piel and Hawspoint

id. £2 and Gridiron or Hard ... id. i Li Hilpsford


23 Additional tugs time scale :Lightship

4d. £6 Steamers without their own team Docks and Graving Dock

same rates as sailing vessels on gross (both ways)

id. [2 tonnage. Assisting a sailing vessel in Tidal Basin or Channel,

tow of other than harbour tug same rate and Gridiron or Hard.... id. 61 as a steamer with own steam. Dock Towage for Sailing Vessels.


Sailing vessels

under 600 net.

Tug for steamers n.

side the docks :
reg. per ton
net. reg.


Additional tugs: Basin or Lock & Ramsden Dk. id. ad.

scale. Buccleuch Dk. 1d.

d. Devonshire Dk. jd.

An outside tug is put Berths in Devonshire & Rams.

in dock when available den Docks



for dock towage. Other Berths inside the Docks, Tidal Basins excepted

1d. Ad. Minimum charge coasters, 25. 6d. ; minimum charge sailing vessels under 600 tons net reg., £1; vessels exceeding 600 net reg., time scale. Launches: Attendance on launches and towing to basin, Furness, £10 ; Lismore £7; Walney £7 ; small tugs £5 each. Towing from basin to berth inside docks on same day as launched, tugs which attended launch, half the rates for attendance, &c., at launch; other tugs on same day as launched, two-thirds the rates for attendance, &c., at launch ; on other than same day as launched, two thirds the rates for attendance, &c., at launch. Time Scale : Outside tug accompanying a vessel up or down the channel or out to sea, attending to moor or unmoor or other such service, £2 for the first hour and £1 for each additional half-hour or part thereof; minimum £2. When a tug is ordered, attends, and is not employed, the vessel to pay the ordinary rate, but not to exceed time scale. Charges for the use of Tow Ropes : In dock 5/ each tow; between docks and Piel 10/; docks and Hilpsford, £i; docks and lightship £2 ; vessels under 300 tons reg. half these tow rope rates. Wire Hawsers : The proprietors beg to give notice that they will not under any circumstances use the wire hawsers in consequence of the risk to life and property. Any towing services not comprised in the above must be specially arranged for with the harb. master. Special charges for towing outward bound vessels beyond Haws Point may be arranged with the harb. master not less than two days before sailing at a reduced rate. Masters of vessels in dock requiring tugs should make application at the harb. office, and it outward bound, should prepay. Vessels take their turn for tugs in the order in which they book, except in special cases. Signal for tug: Pennant F (new International Code) on the main, either by itself or under the house flag. All previous lists of charges for the use of steam tugs are cancelled. None of above charges apply to salvage services. Note.—Terms

Towage Contract : On the hiring of the steam tug for towage services the master and crew thereof become the servants of and are identi. fied with the ship or tow, and are under the control of the person in charge of the ship or tow during the performance of the contract, the steam tug owners only undertaking to provide the motive power. The steam tug owners are therefore not responsible for the acts or defaults of the master or crew of the steam tug, or for any damage or loss that may arise to the ship or cargo, nor for any damage caused by any defect in or accident happening to the machinery of the steam tug, or to the towing gear or tug's hawser if in usc, or by any peril of the seas, rivers or navigation. Towage contract not to prejudice any claim for salvage remuneration for any extraordinary services or for salvage services. A new powerful twin-screw tug, Furness, 1,000 h.p., is now available for heavy tows.

Officials.--Secretary and Gen. Manager, A. Aslett; Goods Manager, C. Mossop; Harb. Master, Capt. Wards ; Coll. of H. M. Cust., G. H. Wright. All communications as to charges for loading and unloading vessels to be made to the Goods Manager, Furness Railway, Barrow-in-Furness,

Hotels.-“Duke of Edinburgh," Sara Twiss; ' Imperial," E. Bowden ; “ Waverley," E. Sansom. BARRY DOCKS, Port of Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales. Lat. 51°22'

N;long. 3° 16' W. Pop. 30,000. Rys. Barry Ry. Co., 61.1 miles, connecting the Docks with the colliery districts and with the G.W., T.V., and other systems. THW. f&c 6h. 5om. Auth, Barry Railway Company, under Barry Docks Railways Act, 1884. Tr.-1. Twelve months, Dec., 1903, 389,596 tons ; timber, pitwood, iron and ironware, building materials; E. Twelve months, Dec., 1903, 8,855,180 tons ; coal, coke, general merchandise. Accn. The Barry Docks are 114 acres in extent, and have a safe, easy, and well-lighted approach. Through the Deep Lock vessels drawing 13ft water can enter or leave at LWST., increased for 15 days each month to 18ft. At HWST. the depth is 37st 7in, and HWNT. 29ft zin. There is accommodation for the largest vessels afloat, as instance the steamers Athenic 7,833 tons, Corinthic 7,833 tons, Keemun 4,899 tons, Pinemore 5,846 tons, European 5,385 tons, Montrose 5,349 tons, Montcalm 5,284 tons, Silvertown 4,935 tons ; and sailing ships France 3,624 tons, Maria Rickmers 3,343 tons, and Lord Templemore 2,947 tons.

The dimensions of the docks are as follows :--Total length of quayage in the three docks, 19,540ft: No. i dock 3,100st long by 1, 1ooft wide; No. 2 dock 3, 300ft long by 4 ooft wide; No. 3 (basin) 6ooft long by 50oft wide. W. of En.80 st. Connected with the docks there are three graving docks of modern construction. One 778ft long divided into two sections ; one 867ft long divided into two sections; and one 623ft long. Forty-eight hydraulic cranes listing 30 cwt to 50 tons, and six steam cranes lifting 3 to 5 tons and one listing 15 tons ; 21 high level, 9 low level, and 8 movable staiths. Warehouse of the following dimensions, viz., cellar 500ft long by 156ft wide, in three divisions, one floor 500ft long by 156ft wide, and one floor gooft long by 171ft wide, has been erected. It has been equipped with the most modern appliances, including a grain elevator for the rapid handling of goods.' Timber Pond 41 acres. [For further information, see Barry Docks, page iv.]

Dock Charges.-Same as Cardiff and Penarth, but no corporation, town, or harbour dues. Loading and weighing coil, 210 ton.

Pilotage.-Optional. Towage. — Reasonable.

Officials.-Gen. Man., Richard Evans; Sec., W. Mein; Engineer W. Waddell; Dock Master, R. Davies; Coll of Cust., Cardiff Collctr.

Hotels.-"Culley's, Barry,' Marine," Ship."
BARTON-ON-HUMBER, Lincolnshire. Lat. 53° 41' N;

long. 0° 26' W. Tr.-I. General. E. Malt, cement, bricks, and tiles. Rys. G. C. A small port on the S. side of the Humber, below Hull. D. 6't to Tost. Soft bottom. Dry docks, rooft, for small vessels. Official.- John Evans, R.N., Chiet Officer, C.G. BEADNELL, Northumberland. Lat. 55° 34' N ; long. 1° 37'

W. A creek under port of Berwick. D. HWST. 6it. Official.--Harb. Master, E. Forrester. BEAULY, A creek above port of Inverness.

Pop. 900. D. HWST. 13st"; HWNT. 8ft. Official.--Harb. Master, Donald McDonald. BEAUMARIS, Anglesea, Wales. On the Menai Straits. Lat.

53° 18' N ; long. 4° 2' W. Pop. 2,326. Auth. The Corporation, under Charter of Edward I. P. NC. THW. f. and c. 10h 28m ; Sp. rise 22}ft ; N. rise 15}ft. D. at the quay, ST. 16ft ; N. gft. Ry. L. & N.W. Tr.-I. Coal, timber and grain ; E. Slates, limestone, and slabs. Accn. Natural harb. ; no warehouse accommodation.

Charges.--Harb. dues, for every smack under 20 reg. tons, 6d ; above 20 and under 40, 1/ ; 40 tons and upwards 2/. vessel or schooner with two masts, 1/; with i mast, 6d. Every vessel not under British flag 6/8. Town dues as per Schedule.

Pilotage.--District. From Port Divorwic or Moel-y-Don through the Swellies to a line drawn from Great Orme Head to Point Linas and vice versa. N.B.-No master of a vessel is compelled to take a pilot within this district, except on coming in or going out of port. Rates :

For Vessels drawing

For every

unft and

go ä 1yft.

6/6 71






foot foot foot foot foot foot foot foot foot foot From outside the Sound into

the Bay, or into Conway: 26 31 36' 4! 476 51 5/6 61
From inside the Sound into
the Bay....
2! 2/6 3/ 3/6 4/

5/6 61 For the pilotage outwards 21

2,6 3/

5/ 56 61 6,6 From Cadnant to Port Dinorwic, and vice versâ : Vessels draw. ing 7ft water and under 4/; more than 7st water 9d foot. From Cadnant to Carnarvon (no Carnarvon pilot offering): Vessels drawing 7ft water and under 6/; more than 7st water 1/ st. Pilots taking vessels into Conway are entitled, in addition to their pilotage, to 7/6 for returning to Beaumaris. Should the pilot be landed at Great Ormes Head, extra 42/ ; if taken (out of the limits of his licence) to Chester or Liverpool 63/ ; in case the pilot should happen to have charge of the vessel to either of the said places 1057; 7/6 per day allowed pilot for every day detained on board.

Towage.-As per agreement.

Officials.--Town Clerk, J. Rice Roberts. Port (Joint) Sanitary Authority - Dr. H. G. Edwards, Bangor; Clerk, W. Hughes ; Lloyd's Agent, S. M. Owen.

Hotels." Williams, Bulkeley Arms," " Liverpool Arms."

BECCLES, Suffolk. Lat. 52° 27' N. ; long. 1° 37' E. ; situated

on the river Waveney, 15m from Lowestoft. Ry. G.E. Auth. Owners, the Town Council of Beccles. The harb., area 3,200 sq yds, is a small cut in the river, into which coasters and small craft enter. D. at LW. 5fe to 6ft. THW. f. and c. same as at London Bridge. Charges.--Wharfage, grain and timber 3d last, coals id ton. Official.--Coll., Jas. Rouse Fou'ger. BELFAST, Antrim. At the head of Belfast Lough, and at the

outlet of the river Lagan. Lat. 54° 36' N; long. 5° 56' W. Pop. 300,000. Auth. Harbour Commissioners, under Acts from 1847 to 1901. P. C. THW.f. and c. 1oh 43m, Greenwich mean time. Sp. rise 9 ft ; N. rise 7ft Sin. W. prev. for nine months of the year are from S. veering W. to N. W., and for three months in the spring from NE. to SE. The harbour is at all times safe and easily accessible. Rys. Midland, N.C.C. ; B. & Co. Down; G. N.(I.) Tr.-1. Coal, cotton, cement, flax, grain, tlour, timber, machinery, oil, ale, porter, sugar, tea, whisky, iron, steel, tobacco, provisions, drugs, &c.; E. Linen, iron ore, hides, rock salt, aërated waters, provisions, butter, cattle, eggs, felt, horses, lard, manure, pigs, paper, potatoes, rope, tobacco, whisky, yarn, &c. LV, Sailing vessels to 3,000 tons, steamers of 4,700 tons net reg. enter or leave at HW. Accn. The harb. for ships and boats is 8} m long. The area of the docks and basin is about 1351 acres. The depth in the river is 2ost at ordinary or average LT., and 28ft at HW. Dufferin Dock, a floating dock with one pair of gates (no lock) is 635ft long x 225ft wide, has a water area of 31 acres and 1,660ft of quayage length. Average depth of water 23ft; depth on sill of entrance 14ft at ordinary or average LT. Spencer Dock is a tidal dock booft long x 550ft wide; water area 74 acres, and quayage of 1,974 lin. ft. Average depth of water 15ft at ordinary or average LT. Entrance (which has neither sill, lock, nor gates) 265ft long x 180ft wide. The Dufterin Dock opens from this dock, and on the river side of the Spencer Dock is formed the Milewater Basin, comprising an area of 3 acres of water, and a quayage of 971st. The York Dock, which opens out of Spencer Dock, is 1,581ft long, and is provided with first-class sheds.

The depth water in this dock is 25ft 3.lin at LW. of St., and 34ft 8in at HW. of St. Clarendon Dock is tidal, 4 acres, quayage 2,076 feet. The Abercorn Basin is a rectangular basin, having three sides, 727ft long x 646st broad; water area 10} acres; quayage of 1,429 lin. ft, with two jetties of 984st quayage. Average ust at LT. Albert Quay is a river quay, 1,987ft song, having 16st of water at ordinary or average LT. Queen's Quay is a river quay 2,122fi long. Donegal Quay, is a river quay 3,218ft long A large area of land has been reclaimed from the sea on the Co, Antrim and Co. Down sides of the river. Victoria Whart 754ft, Alexandra Wharf 943st, Clarence Whart 750ft, Alexandra Jetly 814st, and Nos. 1, 2, and 3 quays, Musgrave Channel, 400 ft long each are situated on the Co. Down side of the river. D. Victoria Wharf 16ft, Clarence Wharf 17ft, Alexandra Wharf 26st, Alexandra Jetty 22ft, Nos. I and 2 quays, Musgrave Channel 24 ft, and No. 3 quay 26 ft OLW. Tolai quayage is about 25,975 lin. ft. The river space, which is practically a dock, is about 94 acres. The Graving docks at this port are as follows:


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Length, Width.

Depth on

Sill OHW

11. ft. in. Graving Dock, No. 1

239 on fi.
281 8

3 Do.


343 10 Hamilton Graving Dock

636 15

6 Alexandra Graving Dock.


80 25 Excellent warehouse accommodation in close proximity to quays. Cranes--two i ton, thirty-three 2 tons, one 7 tons, one 10 tons, one 25 tons, one 100 tons, and one 60 tons sheer legs.

Charges.--Tonnage dues įd to 4d reg. ton. Quayage i £d to 31d reg. ton on vessels. Ballast 1/ per ton.

Plankage 1/6 for each plank. Porterage. Cranage as per schedule.

Pilotage.-District. Larne Harbour, County Antrim, to Ballyhalbert Bay, County Down. Rates :


On Vessels not On Vessels being On Vessels towed by


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d. 6 6


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of line from Seapark
House to Craigavad

00000000000000000 If boarded seaward
aw OOOOOOOOow a woooww

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and zounder 40 0 5 40

50 o 6 50 60 0 60

70 70 80 O IO lo

90 O II 90

IX) 012 100

ITO 110

I 20 O 15 120

130 017 130 140 019 1.40 150 1 I 150 160 1 2 160

175 I 3 175 200 1 O 200


I 8 225 250 1

275 I 10 275 300 I 12 300 325 115 325 350 117 350 375 1 18 375

400 2 0 400 450

2 2 450 500 2 5 500 600

2 10 600


2 15 700 800


900 3 5 900

3 10 1000

3 15 1100


[blocks in formation]

£ s. d.
O 3 9
0 4 9
o 5 9

6 6
O 7 6
O 8 6
0 9

0 10 3
O II 9
o 13
o 14
O 16 O
0 17
o 17 9
o 19 9
1 1 0
I 2 0
I 3

1 6

3 I 7 9 1 9 o I 10 6

S. d. s.
3 3

0 4 3

3 0 5


6 6
8 6


3 0 II 6

8 O13

o 9

O 10
O 15

o 10
o 15 9 O II

0 1 2 O 18 6

O 19 6

1 0

0 14
I 1

015 1 3

o16 1 4 3 o 17 1 6

o 18 I

019 I 8

1 o I IO O 1 T I 13

1 1 16 6


0 I 9
2 3

I 11
2 6 6

I 13 2 10 o

115 3 I 18

012 6
o 14 0
O 15 0
O 16, 0
017 0
O 19 0
I o O

TI 2 0

1 3
1 5
I 8
I 9
I 12 6

16 0
I 19 O
2 3 o
2 6 6


[blocks in formation]

O 12 9 o 14 3 O 15 0 0

9 0 16 6

17 3

18 9 O 19

1 O

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3 3

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1 4 T 7 I 9 I 12 I 15 I 17 2 O 2 2

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5 2 8 2 12 2 16 3

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3 9 o

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2 13
2 17

3 o

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Every addi-2

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tional 100



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