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being towed by Ballast only. Steamers. Steamers. Steamers. (Optional)

Registered Tonnage.

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800 900 1000 1100

1200 Every additional 100 tons

NOTE.- The maximum rate on vessels not having British registers arriving from or sailing on a foreign voyage, £10 168 ; on vessels with British registers arriving from or sailing on a foreign voyage, £,8 2s; on vessels not steamers trading to or from a port in United Kingdom, £5 8; ; on vessels being steamers, £3 5s 6d.

Limits of Out-Pilotage.-Larne Harbour, Co. Antrim, and Ballyhalbert, Co. Down.

Out-pilots outside the Black Head, or outside the Buoy of the Brigs, io the Whitehouse Roads, of 200 tons or upwards £2 28. Above 100 and under 200 tons £i is 60; not exceeding 100 tons £1. Outside the Grey Point, or outside Kilroot Point, of 200 tons or upwards £1 is; above 100 and under 200 tons 15/; not exceeding 100 tons 10). Boats of out-pilots have a white star on bows.

Towage.-As per agreement.

Officials.-Sec. and Gen. Supt. to Harb. Commrs., W. A. Currie ; Engineer, G. F. L. Giles, M.I.C.E. ; Harb. Master and Supt. of Pilots, Samuel Molyneux ; Traffic Ins., W. J. M Cluskey ; Lloyd's Agents, Sinclair & Boyd; Coll. of H.M. Cust., J. P. Haynes. BELLEPORTE, Inverness, Cromarty Firth. D. HwSt. 1oit ;

HIWNT. 6ft; THW. at f. and c. 12h 15m. Accom. sor 4 vessels.

Charges.-Harb. dues id per ton.
Official. -Harb. Master, A. Macbean.

BELMULLET, Co. Mayo, Ireland. Lat. 54° 16' N ; long.

10° 0' W. Auth. the Grand Jury of Co. Mayo, under Schedule to the Act 16 and 17 Vict., c. 36. A pier built by the Board of Public Works in Ireland. THW. f. and c. 5h 38m'; dry at LW. ; 8ft to gst at HWST. W. prev. SW.

Charges.- None.
Official.-Harb. Constable, E. M. Richards, Pickle Point Ilouse.
Hotels.“ Royal” and “Erris.”
BENWELL.-See Newcastle-on-Tyne.
BEREHAVEN.-See Castletown and Bantry.
BERWICK-ON-TWEED, Northumberland. Lat. 55° 46' N;

long. 1° 59' W. Pop. 14,000. Auth. Harbour Comm., under Berwick-on-Tweed Harbour Acts, 1862 and 1872. P. NC. THW. f. and c. 2h 18m; Sp. rise 15ft; N. rise ubit ; R. of N. 8ft. D. on bar, ST. 20 to 22ft; N. 14 to 16ft. W. prey. NE. Quay berth, Berwick side of river, dry at LWST. Rys. N. B. and N.E. Tr.-I. Timber, guano, bones, phosphate, &c.; E. Coal, corn, salmon, cod, haddocks, herrings, &c. LV. Blue Jacket, ss. 1,403 reg. ton. The harb. is formed by the lower or sea-reach of the river, which falls into the sea about one mile below Berwick Bridge, between a stone pier on the N. and a long low sandy spit, serving as a natural breakwater, on the S. W. of E. varies, but as a rule is about 30oft, facing ESE. Half a mile inside the pierhead on Spittal side of river is a large rock formed into a quay. Area of wet dock is 3 acres ; W. of E. to Dock, on top of sill, 40ft ; bottom, 36 t;depth of water OT. i$ft; IIST. 2ist. ; 1,500ft of quayage space. D. at bar same as above.

Charges.-Ballast dues inward, whether landed or shifted into another vessel 6d ton ; outward 2d ; at dock 1/ in, 6d out. Special dock dues for every ship or vessel entering the wet dock over and above ine before-mentioned dues 2d for every lon. Tonnage dues on ships entering or leaving the harby. Id to Tid. For every ship or vessel cntering the harb. 3/4 (for harb. duty) over and above the before-mentioned rates and duties. Dues on goods, from d te 4/ charged per keel of cinders or coke.

Pilotage.- N.C. District. From the sea at the mouth of the river Tweed, up the river on both shores to the mouth of the river Whittader, where it flows into the Tweed, and also from the east end of the pier, two miles in a straight line in every direction along the coast and into the sea. Rates (both inward and outward): In summer, viz., from April i ti Oct. 1, 1/3; in winter, viz., from Oct. I to April 1, 1/6 ft; and for each tide's work within the harb. 7/6.

Towage.---5d reg. ton on all vessels of or above 40 tons in and out.

Officials.-Clerk to Harb. Cominrs. S. Sanderson; Harb. Master & Treas., R. A. Darling ; Coll. of H.M. Cust., Hamilton Hamilton ; Lloyd's Agent, B. G. Sinclair.

Hotel. “King's Arms,” Aitken.
BERWICK NORTK, Haddingtonshire, Firth of Forth. Lat.

56° 3' N ; long. 2° 43' W. Auth. Town Comm. Ry. N.B. There is a small trade in corn and potatoes. D. HWST. 12 to 13ft ; HWNT. 8 to gst. A lileboat station.

Charges.- 14d per ton reg. Lights 1/. Water 1/ per vessel. Pilotage. -1/3 per foot. Official.-Harb, Master, J. Marr.

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BIDEFORD, Devonshire. Lat. 51° 4' N ; long. 4° 12' 30" W.

Seaport on the river Torridge, 8m SE. from
Barnstaple. Auth. Town Council. Ry. S.W. THW. 6h 26m.
Accn. Small tidal harb. dry at LW. and 16ft to 18st HWST.
W. prev. N. There is a wharf 324ft long. Ry. wharf with steam
crane gridirou. Two docks at Appledore.

Charges.-Ship dues, £d per ton.

" " New Inn,”

" " Tanton's.”
Officials.—Harb. Master, John Pengilly; Clerk, W. B. Selston ;
Lloyd's Agent, T. G. Cooper.

BIRKENHEAD.-See Liverpool.
BLACKPOTS, Banffshire, near Banff. Lat. 57° 42' N ; long.

2° 45' W. D. 9ft to ust at entrance and quays, Auth. Banff Corporation. W. prev. N. and NE. A small tidal fishing harb. D. 81st to rost; dry at LW.

Charges.- None.
BLAKENEY and CLAY, Norfolk. Lat. 52° 57' N ; long.

1° 3' E. 5m. NE. of Holt. Auth. Harbour Commissioners under Statute 57 George III., c. 70. THW. f. and c. 6h 30m. D. 2ft on bar at LW., 13ft HWNT., and 18f. HWST. D. in harb. 6ft HWNT., and soft HWST., 2ft LW, Tr.-I. Coal, cakes, manures, deals, &c. ; E. Wheat and barley.

Officials.-Clerk, C. J. Temple Lynes; Harb. Mast., T., Dew.

Charges.-11d per ton on vessels and dues upon goods passing through the cut up to the quay; coals 4 d per ion, eoke, manure, corn 6d ; other goods according to statutory scale. BLYTH, Northumberland. On the SW. side of the river Blyth

at its outlet. Lat. 55° 7' N. ; long. 1° 30' W. Pop. 16,000. Auth. Harbour Commissioners, under Act of Parliament, 45 and 46 Vict., Session 1882. THW. 3h 15m; Sp. rise 15ft ; N. rise ust. ; R. of N. 7st. D. on bar about 16ft at LWST. W. prev. E. and W.; most dangerous E. Ry. N.E. Tr.-I. Timber ; E. chiefly coals. LV. using the harb. are about 45oft long, 40ft beam, and 25ft dft., and have a gross carrying capacity of about 500 to 7,000 tons. Accn. The total area of the harb. from the lowest quay to upper end of Cowpen-square, measuring to HW. mark, is about 64 acres. Area of Accn. in the harb. for ships and boats is about 90 acres, and the average depth over that area is about 3oft ; North loading berths, 24ft ; South, 15ft to Post LWST. Import wharf 300st long, 15st LWST., connected with N. E. Railway;

No wet docks, but five dry docks :-(1) 345 by 45 by 17st ; (2) 285 by 47 by 174ft ; (3) 480 by 61 by 22}ft ; (4) 350 by 55 by 201ít ; (5) 320 by 55 by 20jft. Floating 122 by 32 by 8jft. Total length of quayage space in the harb., including the coaling staiths, 7,900st. Twenty-two high-level coaling, staiths upon the most improved principle, with railway approaches and sidings for the output of several collieries, capable of coaling into two hatch ways of a vessel at one time.

Charges.-Harb. dues 1}d to 6d. Trimming charges. Ballast discharging at cranes 1/ ton.

Pilotage.-Inwards and outwards, 1/6 per foot all the year round, and fd per ton over 500 tons reg:

Towage.-Towage in or out if under steam, up to 309 tons reg. as arranged with captain : 300 to 1,000 tons reg. gd per reg. ton; in, 1,000 to 2,000, 52 12s 6d ; above 2,000 £3 3s. In or out, if not under steam, all steamers itd reg. ton. Removals, dock


I 2-ton crane.

ing or undocking, to 1,000 tons reg. £r; 1,500 £i 5s. ; 2,000 and upwards £1 ios. Sailing ships-towage in or out, in ballast 14d reg. ton; loaded, 27d.

Officials.-Clerk to Commrs., J. Easton ; Engineers, Sandeman & Moncrieff, C.E.'s, Newcastle ; Harb. Master, T. C. Nicholson ; Coll. of Customs, &c., M. A. Leavey ; Collector of dues, T. C. Black. burn ; Pilot Master, Robert Watson ; Lloyd's Agent, T. Whitfeld. BODDAM, Aberdeenshire. N. of Buchan Ness. Lat.

57° 28' N; long. 1° 18' W. Auth. Owner, Archibald Hay Tennant, of St. Germains, by Act 8 and 9 Vict., c. 25, and a Provisional Order of 1878. THW. f. and c. oh 44m. W. The most dangerous is the E. Harb. has an area of 9,600 sq yds. D, is about gft HWN., and ift at HWST. The port is used by fishing boats, of which 50 large and 30 small vessels belong to the port, steamers, and coasting vessels up to 150 tons reg. A weighbridge. The Peterhead Harbour of Refuge works are in close proximity. Railway terminus.

Charges.-For all vessels loading or unloading 4d per ton reg. ; for all vessels, windbound, or sheltering 2d per ton reg.

Pilotage.--1/ per ft of water for steam, sail, or towing.
Official.-Harb. Master, A. Mackie.
Hotels.--" Seaview,” and “ Buchanness."
BOGNOR, Sussex. Lat. 50° 47' N ; long. 0° 40' W. THW.

f. and c. 11h 48 m. There is no harb. or port, but boats land passengers at the pier. Auth. The Town.

Official.-Pier Master, E. Rogers.
BONAR BRIDGE, Port of Inverness, Tain Forth. D. roft

HWS. and 6ft HWNT.
Official.-G. Henderson, Merchant.
BO'NESS, Linlithgow. On the Firth of Forth, about 17m.

above Leith. Lat. 56° 2' N ; long. 3° 36' W. Pop. 9.500. Auth. North British Railway Co. D. on bar 4st at LWOST. W. The port is

exposed to gales such as endanger vessels entering or leaving the harb. Ry. N.B. Tr.-I. Timber, esparto grass, iron ore, grain, wood pulp, sulphur ore, phosphates and chemical manures ; E. Coals, pig-iron, and fire-bricks. LV. entered at any time of tide was the Westgate ss., carrying 4,000 tons in and out, and drawing 21st; steamers of from 700 to 8oo reg. ton., and carrying 1,800 tons of cargo, drawing 17 to 19ft of water, use the works daily. The total area of the harb. is 30 acres. The total extent of quayage is 1,9oolt. The depth in the tidal harb. varies from 10 to 14ft at OST. The above area includes a wet dock of 73 acres and 2,400st of quayage. Depth of water on the sill of dock is 22st at HW. of OST. Entrance to dock 48st wide by 12oft long.

There are 9 portable cranes, and 4 coal hoists, storage sheds, hydraulic machinery, &c. THW. f. and c. 2h tom.

Charges.-Harb. dues, coastwise ad reg. ton. Foreign 3d reg. ton.

Rates on goods id to 4d. Dock ligi i dues 1/ reg. ton. Pilotage.-NC. According 10 tonnage, inward and outward from 8/6 for vessels under 100 tons reg. to 35/ for vessels of 1,000 tons and upwards, vessels light or in ballast žrd less. Rates. Coastwise 1/ ; foreign 1/6 ft.

Towage.--Inwards id per reg. ton., from below buoy 2d ; outwards id, 7/6 min. Attending steamers in or out £2 10s under 1,000 reg. ton., two tugs £4, over 1,000 reg. ton. £3 and £4 respectively.


Officials.-Harb. Master, Angus McIntosh ; Dep. Farh. Master, Charles Campbell ; Coll. of H.M. Cust., J. B. O'Sullivan ; Coll. of Harb. Dues, W. Donaldson ; Dock Traffic, Denholm & Co., Contractors ; Lloyd's Agent, W. K. Allan.

Broker.- William Donaldson.
Hotels.-“Clydesdale” and “ Douglas."
BOSCASTLÉ, Cornwall. Lat. 50° 30' N ; long. 4° 48' w,

Bristol Channel. Auth. Owner, Henry Pigé Leschallas. Tr.-I. and E. Coals, manure, bricks, timber, &c. THW. f. and c. 4h 58m. W. prev. NW. and W. D. HWST. at quay 18 ít; LWNT. 8ft 6in. A small port used by vessels of 200 to 300 tons. Charges. -Harb. dues according to cargo.

Officials.--Agents, Merriman, Pike & Merriman, 3 Mitre Court, Temple, London ; Harb. Master, Richard Couch, Manor Office; Lloyd's Agent, W. S. Hawker.

Pilotage.--In and out 2/ for every 10 tons, and 2/ for warping in, out, 41. BOSHAM QUAY, Sussex. Lat. 50° 50' N ; long. 0° 52' W.

Auth. Lord Gifforil, V.C. THW. f. and c. uh 48m. A snall patent slipway. Vessels of 300 tons can enter at HW. Tr. Grain, timber, and coals. Bosham Quay, in Chichester Harbour, gst at NT., 13 to 14ft OST., and vist at ST., shortly to be increased to 12 st OST. Dell Quay in Chichester Harbour, 1c} to rift ST.

Charges.- Bosham Quay, boomage 1! per vessel ; coals and shingle, 3d per too; graio, id qr; dues on ship, id per ton per week. Dell Quay, groundage, 4d per voyage ; meterage, 3d per ton, paid by ship. Pilotage.-From sea, 3/ to Bosham Deep or Itchinor ; from Bosham Deep, 100 tons, 3/6 ; 150 tons, 5/ Dell Quay, the same from Itchinor and Emsworth Channel ; from sea to Whithor, 3/ per foot ; from Whithor, from 36 to 7/6, according to size of ship. Officials.-Quay Master, William Smith; at Dell Quay, John Eures. BOSTON, Lincolnshire. On the Witham, near the sea. Lat. 52°

57' N ; long. 0°3' W. Pop. 18,870. Auth. Corporation acting as Harbour Commissioners under Charter of Queen Elizabeth and Acts of Parliament. P. C. THW. 6h 30m ; Sp. rise 22st. D. on bar at lower end of Boston Deeps is oft LW. bot vessels can enter viâ Lynn Well and Freeman's Channel into Bostan Deeps, and in roadstead 26st at LW.of ST. W. Roadstead (Clayhole) well sheltered and has good anchorage. Ry. G.N. Tr.1. Timber, deals, pit-props, granite, ore, iron, linseed, cotton seed, cake, grain, sugar and general goods ; E. Corn, coal, machinery, agricultural implements, manufactures and produce. There are 36 steam trawlers engaged in the fishery. LV. The LV.can now proceed up the river to the dock and discharge cargoes, and in many cases exceed 2 000 tons net reg. ; the LV. which has entered at any time of the tide is 214ft dft. Accn. Dock area 7 acres, depth of water on sill 18ft NT., 25 st ST., lock zooft by 50 ft, length of quayage space 2, 330ft ; large fish landing stage and bonded warehouses for tobacco, wine, and spirits. The dock is lighted by electricity and is provided with hydraulic cranes up to 15 tons, and a coal-hoist capable of discharging from either drop-bottom or end-clelivery wagons over 100 tons an hour. Sheds are on the quays for the storage of goods, and there are large grain warehouses, provided with elevating and weighing machinery, capable of holding 50,000 quarters of grain. There is a gridiron for vessels up to 300 tons

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