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gin; NT. 21st gin. There are 18 staiths in the dock and one in the basin for the shipment of coal, with the latest improvements in hydraulic machinery. Hydraulic cranes (36 in number) to lift up to 20 tons. Three graving docks Joost long, 48ft wide, 17ft deep ; 420ft long, 5oft wide, 2ost deep; 408ft long, 48ft wide, 17st deep. Roath Basin.---Dock (area, 12 acres) 1,000ft long, 55ost widih in centre; quayage, 2,700ft in length; depth of water on sill, OST, 35ft gia, ONT, 25ft gin. Nine s'aiths for the shipment of coal, with the latest improvements in hydraulic machinery. Also patent movable staiths and movable crane, enabling a vessel to load at each hatch way without moving the vessel. Graving dock, 6oost long, with entrance 6oft wide. Vessels can be docked at any time irrespective of tides. Also pub'ic graving dock in which sbip-owners may employ their own labour and find materials. Graving dock 60oft long, with entrance 87ft wide ; depth of water, 28ft over blocks. Roath Dock.-Inner lock boost long, soft wide ; dock (area 33 acres) 2,400ft long, hoofc wide ; quayage 7,520lt in length ; depth of water in dock 32st to 37st. Machinery : the dock is equipped with the most modern appliances, Coal is shipped by the new patent Lewis-Hunter coal cranes, whereby the least breakage occurs of any coal shipping appliances. the coal being placed in the hold at three or more hatchways simultaneously, whilst general cargo and coal can be shipped at the same time by these cranes without moving the vessel, thereby giving ships the utmost despatch ; cranes (33 in number, one listing up to 70 tons) for the discharging and loaning of vessels ; warehouses and transit sheris on the quayside, with railways alongside, for the storage of general merchandise. Also good accommodation wih plenty of quay space, for the s'orage of deals, iron ore, &c.; ballast cranes and barges are provided for the di-charge of ballast'; cattle lairs, large chill rooms, and slaughter houses for the landirg and slaughter of foreign catile (the only ones in South Wales) ; Hoating or pontoon dock 360ft long by zost wide. A new dock with a water area of 50 acres is now in course of construction. The sea lock will be Sooft long, gost broad, having 41st bin over the cill at OST, and 32st at ONT. The dock will be 2,5 5ost long, width from 800 to 1,000ft, and the depth soft, thus providing about 6,700ft of additional quay space. Two graving docks, Sooft and 850ft long, in course of construction. Timber ponds.-A large provision is made for the loating of timber at a reasonable rental. Railways are placed alongside the ponds, having competitive communication with all parts of the United Kingdom. Warrants are issued on all goods in the dock-owners' custody. Rys. G.W., R., T.V., L. & N.W., M., Rhymney and B. and M. The Windsor Slipway, between Cardiff and Penarth, is capable of taking the largest vessels.

Charges. -Dock rates from id to gd per ton. Loading charges (trimming coal) 2d to 6d per ton cargo. Wharfage and labour charges very reasonable. Ballast 6d to 1/1 per ton. Other charges furnished on application.

Pilotage.--District. The port of Cardiff and that portion of the Bristol Channel eastward of Lundy Island up to and including Kingroad and the river Rhymney to Rhymney Bridge, into the port of Cardiff from any of the places named in the following Schedule, or vice versil, for vessels laden or unladen.

Rates per Reg. Tonnage:

The Nash Point,

Ilfracombe, or
or any point East
of Nash and West any point West

of Lundy or any

Point West of Nash and East of Lavernock

Ilfraconibe. Point.

of Coombe.

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Harb. Pilotage. Between any dock or harb. in the port of Cardiff, from any point in Penarth Roads, or vice versa,

for vessels laden and unladen :--L S. d.

£ s. d. If under 60 tons

500 and under 600 tons...... 7

6 60 and under 100 tons

6 600



1 15 150



O 15




3 to 300 400

1,700 tons. 400 500


55. for every additional ico tons, From any of the following places to any point in Penarth Roads, or vice versa ; in the case of an inward bound vessel not being required to be piloted into any dock, harbour, or basin in the port of Cardiff :

Between Nash Between or kingroad, or 'Combe or any Between Lundy any Point East Point West Island, or any of Nash and West of Nash and East Point West of of Kingroad. of Combe.

Combe. £ s. d. £ s. d.

s. under 150 tons

0 15

5 150 and under 200 tons

o 17

I 17

2 17



3 5 400 500


2 15

7 800

3 15

5 10 1,000 1.250

4 15

7 1,250 1,500 3 5 15

8 10 1,500 1,700 3 10

6 10 1,700 2,000

5 2,000 and upwards

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», I, IOO ,, 1,200 1,1,300


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Pilots deta'ned on board vessels at anchor, 1os. per day; moving
vessels from one dock or basin to another, if under 100 tons reg.,
55 ; 100 to 300, 10$; 300 to 500, 12s 6d ; 500 to 800, 158 ; 800 to
1,000, 175 60 ; 1,000 to 1,250, 205 ; 1,250 to 1,500, 255; 1,500 to
1,750, 27s 6d ; 1,750 to 2,000, 305 ; over 2,000, 325 6d, and 2s 6d
for every additional 250 tons.
Towage.--In Bute Docks :-

Reg. tons. Reg. tons.
Under 50

3/9 Over 50 and under 100






» 1,000



and 3/9 for every additional 100 tons or portion thereof. Towage.
Foreign-going vessels over 300 tons reg., from Roads to dock
7d per reg. ton, and on payment of such inward towage from
Roads to Dock, the same vessel shall be towed from the Dock to
the Roads free of further charge. Vessels towed into Dock by a tug
not belonging to this Association to pay Dock to Roads 31d.
Foreign-ging vessels under 300 toos reg. from Roads to Dock, or vice
versî, 3d per ton. Vessels towed from Penarth Roads to Barry
Roads, or vice versi, 2d. Vessels towed from Barry Roads to Barry
Dock to pay the same rates as if towed from Penarıh Roads to
Cardiff or Penarth Dock, The same vessel shall be towed out from
Barry Dock to Barry Roads free of further charge. Vessels towed
from anchorage, and by any means failing to get into Dock, shall
pay-over 600 tons reg. £5; under 600 ions reg: £3. Coasters :
Mud to Dock or vice versi 3d ; beyond the Mud 3d. Shifting
Docks : Penarth Dock to Cardiff Dock, or vice versâ 2d; Cardiff
Docks to Cardiff Gridiron or Mount Stuart Dry Dock, 11d; Cardiff
Docks to Windsor Slipway 24d; Penarth Dock to Penarth Slipway
or Gridiron, or Windsor Slipway 14d; Glamorganshire Canal to
Penarth Dock, Ely Harbour, Cardiff Docks, or Mount Stuart Dry
Dock 3d. Barry Dock to Cardiff, or Benarth Dock, or vice versa,
3d. All vessels requiring a second tug astern, in or out of Dock, in
addition to above charges, to pay as follows, viz.: Vessels under
600 tons reg. £3, 600 and under 1,000 tons reg. £4, 1,000 to 1200
tons reg £, over 1,205 tons reg., id. per reg. ton. Channel Rates
upward from westward of Lundy to Roads by arrangement. Down
Channel Rates : Ist stage, Penarth Roads to Nash ; 2nd stage, Nash
to Ilfracombe; 3rd staye, Ilfracombe to Lundy.
Vessels under
tons register

£4 0 o per stage. 300 tons and under 400 400


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500 500

700 700

1,000 1,000

1,400 1,400

2,000 2.000 tons and upwards



4 10
5 o
5 IO
6 10

o o o O O

Use of tug's hawser £i jos per stage. Captains of vessels must give 24 hours' notice for tug to attend vessel out of dock. Steamer rates, for assistance from Roads into Cardiff, Penarth or Barry Dock, or vie versa. Steimers up to 1,000 tons net reg. £4; 1,400, ti5; 2,000, £6 ; 2,500, £7: 3,000, £8; above 3,000 tons reg. £9. Second boat £i less than above rates. Steamers not using their own steam to pay sailing ship rates. (For further information, see Bute Dock, page iii.)

Officials.-Offices, Bute Docks; Man. Dir., Sir W. T. Lewis, Bart. ; Superintendent, James Hurman ; Sec., II. A. Roberts ; Engineer, ' II. S. C. Ree; Dock Master, T. N. Rosser ; Accountant, E. A. Jart; Joint Colls. of Dues, 11. Lander and D. Edmunds; Warehouse-Keeper, Roger Price : Ballast Master, J. J. P. Burt ; Staiths Master, W. H. Rogers; Lloyd's Ageni, J. Bovey.

Hotels.-"Central," "Park,” “Royal,” “Queen's," " Angel,” “Exchange Restaurant," Docks, “ Barry's." CARDIGAN, Cardiganshire. Lat. 50° 32' N ; long. 4° 20' W.

Pop. 3,669. Auth. The Mayor and Town Council. P. NC..THW. f. and c. 7h im ; Sp. rise 12ft. N. rise oft. D. on bar at ST. about 14ft HW. and about oft NT. There may be a foot or two greater depth within the bar, but at LW. there is not a boat passage. Ry. G.W. Tr.

- 1. Coal, culm, limestone, patent manures, timber ; E. Bricks, slates, flags, tarthenware. LV. Vessels of 12 to 13ft dft can enter the port; they must wait at that aft for HT. Accn. Warehouse accn., one small crane. Patent slipway at Newquay, 389st long, 2oft wide. II. of T. ST. 1oft ; NT. 5ft. Cradle 105ft long.

Charges.-No port charges. Pilotage.- District not defined. No pilotage charges. Towage.-As per agreement.

Officials.-Supt., Wm. Francis ; Lloyd's Agent, D. G. Davies. CARLINGFORD, Co. Louth. Lat. 54° 3'N ; long. 6° 11' W.

Auth. Louth Co. Council. Secretary, T. F. Filgate. Accn. A tidal harb. D. 10 to 15ft IIWST. LV. 650 tons. W. prev. W. New pier shelters from all winds. THW. f. and c. ih om. Dry at I.WST. Depth at entrance HWST 15ft, and depth along quay 15ft to roft. W of E 6ooft. Tides 15 minutes later than Dublin. Dues id. to 3d. ton.

Officials.-Co. Surveyor, P. J. Lynam, Dundalk ; Harb. Constable, Michael McGowan. CARLINGFORD LOUGH.-Auth. Commrs. under a Pro

visional Order, the Piers and Harbours Confirmation Acts 27 and 28 Vict. c. 93 ; also Amended Orders 1868, 1874, 1875, and 1884. D. on bar 16ft LWST. LV. 2,000 tons, drawing 24ft.

Charges.-A free port of refuge. Tonnage Rates.-For every sailing vessel of and under 300 tons reg. entering Carlingford Lough and discharging cargo there, 2d per reg. ton ; for every sailing vessel exceeding 300 tons reg. entering Carlingford Lough and discharging cargo there, 3d per registered ton ; for every stem vessel entering Carlingford Lough and discharging or loading cargo there, which for loading or unloading is dependent on tidal waters, within the harbour, id per reg. ton ; for all other steam vessel entering Carlingford Lough an l discharging or loading cargo there

4d per reg. ton ; for every vessel entering Carlingford Lough for refuge without delivering or loading cargo there : being sailing vessels exceeding 100 tons register, and steam vessels exceeding 150 tons reg., but not in case of any kind of vessel exceeding 500 tons reg., 2d per reg. ton; being sailing vessels or steam vessels exceeding 500 tone reg., 3d per reg. ton. Exemptions. All sailing vessels of and under 75 tons reg., and all steam vessels of and under 100 tons reg. ; all sailing vessels of and under 150

ons reg., and all steam vessels of and under 200 tons delivering or loading cargo at the town or in the river of Newry, north of Old Narrow Water Castle. Anchorage Dues.-Ship or barque, foreign or coasting trade, £i 1/; brig or brigantine, foreign trade, 10/6 ; schooner or galliot, foreign trade, 3/ ; brig or brigantine, coasting trade, 5/; schooner, coasting trade, 4/; sloop, coasting trade, 3/ ; smack or wherry, coasting trade, 2/ ; steam packet, each voyage, 5/.

Official. -Sec., James Thompson, Carlingford Lough Commission Office, Newry.

Hotels.-L. & N.W. Ry., Greenore ; “Mourne," Rostrevor ; Warrenpoint, several ; “ Strand,” 0. Meath. CARMARTHEN, Carmarthenshire. Lat. 51° 22' N. ; long

4° 20' W. On the Towy. Rys. Manchester, Milford, Pembroke, and Tenby. Auth. Town Council (Clerk, R. M. Thomas). Accn. For small vessels. The channel is continually shifting. D. at LW. 2st, and 26st at HWST. W. prev. SW. D. at Carmarthen Quay 12ft HWST., and at Blackpool 17st. THW. 6h 2m. No dues. A lifeboat station at Ferryside, mouth of river.

Charges.-Quay dues from 1/ to 5/; cranage 4d per ton.

Pilotage.-£2 10 to £3 from Tenby to Blackpool, up and down ; £i from Ferryside to Carmarthen.

Towage by Bristol steamer 4d per ton reg.

Officials.--Harb. Master, John Jones; Lloyd's Agent, E. M. Hughes. CARNARVON, Carnarvonshire. On the Menai Strails. Lat.

53° 6' N; long. 4° 30' W. Pop. 10,258. Auth. Harbour Trustees, under Acts 33 Geo. III. c. 123, 49 Geo. III., c. 24, and the Carnarvon Harb. Orders, 1874 and 1903. Pilotage. NC. THW. f. and c. 9h 27m. Sp. rise 154st ; N. rise 12st. Þ. on bar, least, 7ft, Ord. Springs. W. prev. from SW.; most dangerous from WNW. Ry, L. & N. W. Tr.-I. Timber, grain, coals ; E. Principally slate. Accn. Area of basin or dock 4a 3r 6p. Depth of water at entrance 12ft at IIWOT., 16st ST. Quayage space 582yds long. The basin or dock is available for vessels to enter from half to high tide. Area of harb. and basin 24a ir 6p. Slipways :

H. of T.


ST. | N.


[blocks in formation]

Charges.-Harb. dues : outward 2d reg. ton; inward id with coal only; other cargoes 2d; from foreign ports 3d reg. ton. Passing Tolls 1/- to 3/- per trip.

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