Sivut kuvina

barges ad loaded, light 1}d ton ; minimum 10%. Block chalk brought alongside 1/10 per ton. Official.-Harb. Master, F. Pierce. FELIXSTOWE DOCK (see Harwich). Entrance 140ft wide.

Length of South Quay about 6ooft. Several steam cranes. Vessels drawing up to 2oit discha:ge here. Owners, Felixstowe Dock and Railway Co.; E. H. Woodmancy, Manager. Dock dues 1/ to 3d per net reg. ton according to dis. tance. Dock Co. undertake loading and discharging, also ware. housing of goods.

FELLING.--See Newcastle-on-Tyne.
FENIT, County Kerry. Eight miles from Tralee ; is connected

with ihe main'and by a causeway, gooft long, well sheltered from all winds. Pilot station on Magharee Islands, six miles from pier. Accn. Quick despatch given loading and un. loading merchandise. Ample steam crane power. Very convenient place for steamers short of coils, as a large quantity always kept. Great Southern and Western Railway Co. run on pier alongside ship.

Pilotage.-NC. Pilot charges as per foot coastwise, 4s 6d per foot foreign. Officials.-Secretary to Harb. Commissioners, C. E. Leahy; Harb. Maste, R. McCarthy ; Superintendent of H.M. Customs, R. J. Burgess.

FETHARD, Co. Wexford. Lat. 52° 5' N ; long. 6° 50 W. A

fishing village near the mouth of the river Suir, five miles NE. Hook Lighthouse ; N. by W. from Conningsbel Lightship. Auth. Wexford Co Council. D. at En. 14st, HWST. upper end; 4ft, low water. Dry dock, tide recedes about 4ost from entrance. Shoal rock one mile E. of quay. Three and a half sms at low water at three-quarter distance between Shoal Rock and Irnyard by the Rock.

Charges.-No dues at present.
FINDHORN, Elgin, Scotland. 3 miles N. of Forres. Lat.

57° 40' N ; long. 3° 55' W. D. HWST. 12ft. Herring fishery and small trade in corn, coal and wood.

D. Dry at LW. THW. fand c. uh 59m. Official.-Harb. Master, W. Paul. FINDOCHTY, Banffshire, Scotland. Lat. 57° 42' N ; long.

2° 55' W. Dry at LW. Harb. Commrs. under Findochty Harbour Order, 1893. The fishermen of this place having subscribed £3,000 towards the formation of a harb., the Fishery Board have supplemented this amount, and constructed Harb. Works. THW. I. and c. oh 25m. D. at HWST. 12st at quays and berths. Neaps 9't. Charges.-4d per ton reg.

Official.-Harb. Master, J. Heard.
FISHERROW.-See Musselborough.
FISHGUARD, Pembrokeshire. Lat. 51° 55' N ; long. 4° 57' W.

Fishguard Harb. Improvement Co. Nearest Ry. Goodwick, G.W.R., 14 miles. Pop. about 2,000. Tr.-I. Coal, culm manure, and general goods. THW. f. and c. 6h 56m. A lifeboat station. Invaded by the French in 1797, who landed and were taken prisoners by the inhabitants the same day. Breakwater is now in now in course of construction by the G.W.R. Co. in Fishguard Roads, about 2,000ft long. D. HWST. 15ft and

HWNT. 8ft at pier head. LWST. all dry, and LWNT. 3ft at pier head. Quays 5ooft. Steamer to Bristol every 14 days.

Charges.-3d per ton ; culm and limestone id; vessels wind. bound 1.d per ton ; ballast 6d per ton.

Official.-Harb. Master and Secretary, T. H. Evans.

Lat. 57° 34' N; long. 5° 57' W. Pop. 100. A safe anchorage in 19 to 4 fms. There are two entrances, the safest to the S. Official.-R. Gillies. FLEET BAY, Kircudbrightshire (see Gatehou e). Lat. 54° 48'

N; long. 4° 15' W. Harb. has D. roft HWST. THW. f. and c. ih zom. Official.--J. Belford, Harb, Master. FLEETWOOD, Lancashire. On the river Wyre, near its en

trance into Lancaster Bay. Lat. 53° 55' N: long. 3° 0' 20" W. Pop. 13,000. Auth, L. & Y. and L. & N.W. Ry, jointly), under Statute 12 and 13 Vict., c. 74. P. NC. THW uh 24m ; Sp. rise 271t; N. rise 2011 ft. D. on bar 351 st at HWOST., 28.1st HWONT.; LWST. 12ft., LWNT. 17ft. Sheltered from all winds and run of tides. Rys. L. & Y. and L. & N.W. (jointly). Tr.-1. Grain, cotton, timber, iron ore, esparto fibre, fish, cattle, dyewood, cement, steel rails, wood pulp, &c.; E. Coal, salt, and general merchandise. LV. Roral Forth, 2,919, tons reg. En, to docks is through a channel with a depth of 25ft OST. Accn. Patent slip capable of taking vessels up to 300 tons d.w. New gridiron 31 oft by Soft.

Charges.-Harb. dues : Foreign-3d per ton per voyage, Wyre light dues 3d per ton per voyage, Walney light dues 3d per ton per annum. Coasting--Id per ton per voyage, Wyre light dues 3d per ton per annum. Pier dues 2d for each passenger, Walney light dues 3d per ton per annum. The Walney light dues will be collected as follows:- d per ton on first voyage, id per ton on second voyage, within 12 months after first arrival. Mooriog in the harbour or assisting into dock ios; for any additional time 5s.

Wyre Dock.-Lancashire and Yorkshire Ry. Entrance lock 250ft long, 50ft wide at quay level, narrowing to 47ít zin, above sill 2ft in ; depth of siil 24ft zin OST. ; 17ft gin ONT. Dock 1,000st long, 40ost wide; area 9 acres; length of quayage 2,700ft. Timber pond has an area of 15 acres, and never less that 4ft of water. Cranes : one 25 tons, one 4 tons, eight 3 tons, two 30 cwt, wo stationary 5 ton cranes for loading log timber ex pond. Grain elevator on American principle 300ft long, gost wide, and 140ft high. Storage capacity 30,000 tons in silos of 72st deep, fitted with patent appliances for equalising deliveries. Grain discharged by means of ship's leg. Five sheds on dock quay for storage of traffic. Dock dues per reg. ton : vesssels from between Mull of Galloway and St. David's Head, Isles of Man and Anglesey, 1 d.; between Mull of Galloway and Duncan's Bay Head, Orkney Isles, and Islands on the W. coasts of Scotland, between St. David's Head and Land's End, the Scilly Islands and E. Coast of Ireland from Cape Clear to Malin Head, 20. ; from the E. and S. coast of Great Britain between Duncan's Bay Head and Land's End, Islands of Shetland, W. Coast of Ireland from Cape Clear to Malin Ilead, including the islands on the coast and the Islands of fernsey, Jersey, Alderney, and Sark, 3d. ; from Europe N. of

Finisterre and W. of the North Cape, and without the

Cattegat and Baltic Sea, the Faroe Isles, and Iceland, 5d ; from all Spanish, Portuguese, and Algerian ports, 5d. ; from all other foreign ports, iod. Vessels arriving fiom any other port in kallast are exemgt on entering ; should such vessels proceed to sea again in ballast, one-half rates which would have been payable if such vessels had entered with cargo. Vessel entering Wyre Dock light, or with only part cargoes, not to discharge, but to load or complete their loading outwards, only charged half dues, according to port to which they load. Vessels discharging their inward cargo at Fleetwood Quay, and asterwards coming into dock to load cargo outwards, charged half dues, according to port to which they load. No dock or tonnage dues on cargo.

Vessels using dock after expiration of six weeks from date of arrival ad per ton per week.

Pilotage.-District. From sea (that is, Morecambe Bay lightship) into and out of the harb. and along the coast from Formby Point to Haverigg Point of Daddon. Rates on vessels employed in the oversea trade :

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From within lines from Morecambe

Bay Lightship to Formby Point and Haverigg Point respectively

to Fleetwood and vice versa Ditto to Anchorage off Wyre Light

house and vice versů From within a line with Black Comb,

bearing NNE., to Fleetwood,

and vice versa Ditto and outside Danger Patch

Buoy to Anchorage off Wyre Light.

house and vice versa From Danger Patch Buoy, or one

inile outside the outer lighthouse,

to Fleetwood, and vice versa Anchorage off Wyre Light to Fleet

wood and vice versa From the outer lighthouse, or with.

in one mile outside thereof, to

Fleetwood, and vice versat
From inside the outer lighthouse to

Fleetwood, and vice versa

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And for every additional 500 tons or part thereof 5 per cent, of the rates for 1,000 tons. On vessels employed in the coasting trade one-half of the above rates. The several pilotage rates herein specified are subject to a reduction of one-fourth part in respect of vessels propelled by steam and vessels towed by steam vessels, provided that if any such vessel shall be propelled by steam, or towed by a steam vessel for a part only of ihe distance for which any such rate may be payable, the reduction of one-fourth shall be made on such part only of the said rate as shall be proportionate to the distance so propelled or towed. The additional rate, for intermediate portions of a foot dft., to be regulated as follows, viz. :--For 3 inches and under, no addition ; for more than 3 inches and under 9 inches, the medium between the two rates ; for 9 inches and upwards, the rate for the next foot. For transporting

ships from one berth to another within the harb. 10/6. Minimumi rate of pilot: g?, 10/6. If a master retain or employ a pilot whilst at anchor, the lay days to be 7/6 per day. If a Fleetwood pilot be taken to Piel Roads or Barrow, he shall be entitled to receive, in addition to his pilotage, 21/ for travelling expenses home,

Towage.--Coasting vessels to and from harb. to Wyre Light 3d ton, minimum £2 2s. Foreign vessels, Fleetwood harb. to and from Danger Patch 3d ton, minimum £3 35.; Fleetwood harb. to and from Wyre Light £3 35. Beyond Danger Patch Buoy, uc beyond North-west Buoy, by agreement. Towing from sea and docking same tide 3d ton. Assisting to dock ship towed by other than harb. tug ijd ton. Tugs can be had for towing down channel.

Officials.--Marine Supt. and Harb. Master, Capt. Jackson ; District Ry. Supt., S. Whitehall ; Dock Supt., T. Mellor; Lloyd's Agents, J. N. Ward & Son. FLINT DOCK, Flintshire, Wales (see Chester). Lat. 53° 15'N ;

long. 3° 9' W. Situated on the estuary of the Dee. Ry. L. & N. W. Auth. Owners, the United Alkali Co., Ld., of Flint. Tr.-L. and F. Chemicals, fuel, salt, sulphur, oe, &c. Accn. The dock is the outfall of a brook trained into shape by being piled on either side. Area 300ft x roost. D. of water 5ft less than at Liverpool. Used by vessels drawing 12 to 15st, entering at HW.

Charges. – By arrangement. Appliances for unloading 300 tons per day. Hotels.-“Ship,”

” “Royal Oak,” “Swan," and "Cross Foxes.' FOLKESTONE, Kent. Seaport. Lat. 51° 4' 40" N ; long.

1° u' 35" E. Pop. 30,000. . Auth. S.Ě. & C. Ry:, under their Act of Parliament, 6 and 7 Vict., c. 51. P. NC. THW. f. and c. uh 7m ; Sp. rise 2oft ; N. rise 16}ft

. D. HWST. 49st; LWST. 3oft at SE. end of the deep water pier. At pier heads ST. 19 to 21ft; NT. 10 to 14ft. There is no bar at the en. trance to the harb. The harb. is dry at LW._W. prev, and most dangerous from S. to SW. Ry. S. E. & C. Tr.-A large general Import and Export trade. LV. 342 tons, and the Co.'s ss. of 300

The total area of existing harbs. (inner and outer) is 12a 318. The total quay space of inner and outer harbs. is 405yds lin. The Company's passenger and goods steamers running the services between Folkestone and Boulogne, use the deep water pier for landing and embarking purposes, when there is not sutlicient water to permit of the boats entering or leaving the harb. Ships entering this harb, should not draw more than 12ft. There is a gridiron 22410 long x 35ft wide at middle.

Charges.--Harb. dues ad reg. ton.
Pilotage.-See London District.
Towage.-10/ to 20), according to size of vessel.

Officials.-Gen. Manager S. E. & C. Ry., Vincent W. Hill,
Esq. ; Harb. Mast. and Supt., Capt. Boxer, R.N. ; Lloyd's Agent,
G. Hammond Co., Dover.
FORTROSE, Rosshire. Lat. 57° 30' N; long. 4° 10' W.

Situated on the Moray Firth. Ď. at En. and berths, 10 to 11 ft ST, 8 to 9 ft NT. THW. f. and c. 11h 46m.

Charges --Harbour dues, 4d per ton reg. at jetty, 2d at pier. Water Id per reg ton.


FORT WILLIAM, Inverness. S.E. end of Loch Lintihe. Ry.

Station close to two piers, with rail to one pier. West Highland Ry. Auth. Owner, Mrs. Cameron Campbell, of Monzie. Accn. At railway pier, 2 berths, 120 and 350 st. D. at both piers, outside berth, OT ut LW, 22ft HW; inside berth, OT 3st LW, vist HW. No cranage accn. LV. 353 reg. tons.

Charges.-Harb. dues id per reg. ton. No dues on cargo. Stevedore's charges 4d to 6d ton on cargo.

Official. --IIarb. Master, John Macphee.
FOSDYKE.-See Spalding.
FOSDYKE BRIDGE, on the River Welland, 8 miles below

Spalding. Auth. The River Welland Outfall Trustees. HW. f. and c. 7h om. D. ST. 12 to 15.1. LV Vessels up to 16oft in length can swing.

Charges.-River Welland dues, same as for Spalding. Pilotage.--Clayhole, to or from, under Sít 1/9 per foot, over 8ft 2/ per foot. Steam rugs from Boston, ballast and silt free.

Officials.-Clerks, Messrs. Calthrop & Bonner, solicitors, Spalding ; Harb. Master, W. A. Kirkley, Welland Office, Fosdyke, Boston. FOWEY, Cornwall. About midway between Falmouth and

Plymouth. Lat. 50° 21' N ; long. 4° 38' W. Pop. 2,000. Auth, Harb. Commissioners. P. NC. THW. f. and c 5h 14m ; Sp. rise 171t; N. rise 12st. D. ST. 26ft ; NT. 2oft ; LST. 18st. W. prev. SW. and SSE. Tr.-I. Patent manure timber, coal, and limestone; E. China-stone, granite, grain, &c. LV. 5,600 tons d.w. The harb. is perfectly safe at all times o lide, and is well dredged. There are railway jetties for shipping china clay, and sour jetties with hydraulic tips and cranes. Nos. 1, 2, 3, and 4 railway jetties with steam cranes for discharging and loading. Nos. 5, 6, and 7 with steam cranes for loading and discharging. Last three jetties recently added owing to increase of trade. D. 19st LWOST., quays and berths the same.

Charges.-Harb. dues- Foreign going 2d per ton, coasters ifd per ton, windbound Id pei ton, ballast gd per ton. Great Western Railway Co.'s charges for disi harging coal cargos :-Steamers up to 1,000 tons 5 d per ton, 1,000 to 2,000 53d, 2,000 to 3,000 6fd, above 3,000 63d; sailing vessels up to 1,000 tons 5d per ton, 1,000 to 2,000 5 d, 2,000 to 3,000 6d, above 3,000 6 d. Trimming china clay, sand, and stone, and iron ore in bulk :--Steamers up to 500 tons id per ton, 500 to 750 2d, 750 to 1,000 270, 1,000 to 1,500 2{d, 1,500 to 2,000 3d, 2,000 to 3,000 47d, above 3,000 4&d; sailing vessels up to 500 tons it per ton, 500 to 750 ifd, 750 to 1,000 2d, 1,000 to 1,500 2d, 1,500 to 2,000 3d, 2,000 to 3,000 4d, above 3,000 4.d. Stowage of china clay in casks and bags, and china stone runners :-Steamers up to 1,000 tons 4 d per ton, 1,000 to 2,000 44d, 2,000 to 3,000 5d, above 3,000 6 d ; :ailing vessels 'p to 1,000 tons 4d, 1,000 to 2,000 410, 2,000 to 3,000 5d, above 3,000, 60 ; other merchandise in propı rtion. Large sailing vessels loading clay in casks or bulk, 3d ton. Ston age bulk, 2d. cne hatchway, two id, three id ton.

Pilotage.--District. From Looe to the Dodman. Rates. On vessels boarded within the Land off Looe or the Dodman, into the harb. of Fowey, Mevagissey Pier, Pentewan Basin, Charlestown

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