Sivut kuvina

of 131st to 15ft at NT. Rys. L. & Y. and N.E. Tr.-I. Timber, dyewood, grain, seed, olive oil, hemp, flax, iron, fruit, sugar, dir; E. Coal, stone, machinery, earthenware, cotton and manufactured goods. LV. Buena Ventura, 1,151 reg. tons. Accn. :—Spacious sheds. Direct inland navigation with Yorkshire and Lancashire districts. Extensive bonding warehouses and cellarage. Ample crane power at the docks, being worked by hydraulic power. Maximum capacity of cranes, 50 tons.

Charges.-Dock dues 2d to 1/ per ton ; vessels under 50 tons 5! cach. No dues on vessels coming or going through the Aire and Calder Nav. Harb. dues. Usual Humber dues, viz.-Whitton light dues 4d for every complete 10 tons of reg. ton. Buoyage, under 30 tons, 2/6, and 6d for every complete 10 tons additional reg. ton. Anchorage from 1/ from 20 to 44 tons, to 2/6 for 200 tons and upwards. Ouse improvement river tolls id reg. ton, and jd per ton on goods entering or leaving docks by river craft.

Pilotage.--District. Into and out of the Port of Goole, and upon any part of the lumber between the said port and a certain part of Hull Roads. Rates per foot. For all ships and vessels, laden or light, piloted inwards from Hull Roads in the Humber, or from any part of the river above Hull Roads ; or outwards from Goole, or upon any part of the Humber below Goole to Hull Roads as fol. lows :-Vessels of not less than 1oft draught, 1/6 per foot ; of roft draught and upwards, 1/9. For all ships and vessels, laden or light, piloted from Hull or from Hull Roads to any place below Oysterness or Ferriby Sluice, in the river 1/, and so in proportion for half a foot. For all ships and vessels, laden or light, piloted from Oysterness or Ferriby Sluice to Hull or to Hull Roads 1/6, and so in proportion for half a foot. All ships and vessels piloted from or to Oysterness or Ferriby Sluice pay, in addition to the above rates, the sum of 57 per day for the detention of any pilot on board. Ships and vessels not drawing so much as 6ft deemed and considered as drawing 6ft and pay accordingly. NOTE.- For a fractional part of a foot, being not less than half a foot, a proportional rate.

Towage.-Rates and Regulations, by licensed tugs, between Goole and Hull and vice versa :

Register Tonnage.


Register Tonnage.


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L s. d.

E s. d. go tons and under 0 300 & under 325 tons..

4 15 6 50 60 tons 1 2 6


5 3

6 60

1 6

5 U 6 70

1 10

6 So go



7 o 90


1 18 6
| 430

6 16 6 100


2 4 o

7 7 0 110




0 120 130

12 6

8 16

O 140 2 16 6


9 IT 140


O 650

10 7 150


3 4

II o 160

3 9 o 750

II 17

6 170


3 12
6 800

12 12 o 180


3 16 6


8 O 250


4 Ć

3 6 275


4 8 0

14 18 NOTE.-Light Ships, or Ships in ballast (not exceeding 150 tons) to be charged

three-fourths of the above rates.


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River crast, keels and lighters, between Goole and full,
and vice versti :-

s, d.
River Craft, Light

up to 50 Tons
51 Tons to 60


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61 61

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80 100


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Officials.--Harb. Master and Supt. of Graving Dock, W. I. Bowman ; Resid. Agent of Trus. of 'Aire & Calder Nav., W. E. Grayburn; Coll. of H.M. Cust., R. W. Edrupt; Lloyd's Agents S. A. Meek & Sons.

Hotel. ---Principal hotel, the “Lowther"
GOREY.-See Channel Islands.
GOSPORT.-See Portsmouth.
GOURDON, Kincardineshire. Lat. 56° 48' N ; long. 2° 19' W.

THW. f. and c. 3h om. Auth. Owner, James Farquhar, Esq., of Hallgreen. TIIW. f. and c. 1h 30 n. A small tidal harbour, nearly dry at LW., with 14ft at HWST. DIWNT. 9 to roft. Quayage of 200st. LV. 220 tons. A lifeboat station.

Charges. --ijd per ton. Foreign vessels 3d per ton.

Officials.-- Agent, Patrick Dickson, of Laurencekirk, N.B. Harb. Master, William Gray.

Hotel.--"The Commercial.”
GOUROCK, Renfrew, Scotland. Lat. 55° 58' N; long.

4° 30' W.

A small harb. on the River Clyde, belonging to the Caledonian Ry. Co. Accn. 1,00cft. D. at En. and quays or berths 15 to 2oft. R. of T. ust. LV. Channel steamers of 1,000 tons. Rys. Caledonian Railway Company's. Tr.-Passenger traffic principally, also cattle and general goods. W. from NE. to E.

Charges.-d per ton for local traffic only ; other, similar to other Clyde ports.

Officials.-Gen. Manager, Robert Millar, Glasgow ; Harb. Master, Capt. James Williamson. GRANGEMOUTH, Stirling. At the entrance of the Forth and

Clyde Canal. Lat. 56° 6' N ; long: 3° 49' W. Pop. 7,500. Auth. Cal. Ry. Co., under Act, 1867. P. NC. THW. f. and c. 2h iom. D. at New Dock entrance 24st when full. W. prev. are E. and W. Most dangerous are NW. gales. Rys. Cal. and N.B. Tr.-I. General ; E. Coal and general. LV. sailing 1,616 tons ; steamer 1,852 reg. ton. Docks, &c. :-

! Depth of Name.

Water on Sill


OHW. .







Old Docks
New Dock
Entrance Lock
Timber Basin
Grangemouth Dry Dock
No vessel can enter at LW. of St. Quayage space 3,697 lin.
ft in New Dock ; quayage wall outside of entrance lock 583 lin. It.

The average depth of River Carron is 22st below HW. mark of OST. Total area of docks about 28 acres. One steam and 22 hydraulic and other cranes, hydraulic elevators, extensive shed and wharf Accn., and every modern appliance. Large timber ponds about 24 acres.

Charges.-Harbour dues : Foreign, 3d reg. ton; on vessels coasting, 2d ; lamp dues, 6d for each 50 reg. tons or part thereof on

every vessel.

Pilotage. The harb. of Grangemouth and the pilotage limits for which the Cal. Ry. Co. are constituted the Pilotage Authority, includes all the docks, basins, locks, cuts, entrances, quays, and other works belonging to and authorised to be constructed by that Co. at Grangemouih, together with the portion of the river Carron specified in the Cal. Ry. (Grangemouth Harb.) Act, 1876, and the banks thereof, and the portion of the river Forth opposite the junc. tion of the river Carron therewith, and extending for a distance oi half a mile westward and two miles eastward from such junction. Table of Rates. - Maximum rates of pilotage. The rates of pilot. age for every vessel piloted into or out of the harbour of Grange. mouth shall be as follows:

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EXTRA ATTENDANCE. For extra attendance not exceeding 12 hours, when requested by Ship Masters

(other than piloting), 3s.

Officials.-Gen. Man. Cal. Ry., R. Millar; Harb. and Dock Master, Capt. MacIntyre; Coll. of Dock and Harb. Dues, C. Bibb; Coll. of H.M. Cust., W. C. Wallace ; Lloyd's Agents, A. & A. Y. Mackay. GRANTON, Edinburgh. On Firth of Forth. Lat. 55° 59' N ;

long. 3° 15' W. Pop. Now included in Edinburgh. Auth. H.G. Duke of Buccleuch and Queensberry, K.G., K.T., under Statute William IV., c. 15, and Act 5 Vict., 1842. P. NC. THW. f. and c. 2h 20m ; Sp. rise 16 ft; N. rise oft average ; R. of N. gft.

prev. blow

D. at LWST. in harb. 23ft. There is no bar. W, from a sw. direction, and the NE. are most dangerous, but, as the water to seaward of the harb. is not particularly deep, and the Island of Inchkeith forms a breakwater, in that direction at a distance of between 4 and 5 miles, affording partial shelter, the sea is never so high as to prevent vessels entering the harb. Rys. Cal. and N.B. runalongside. Portable steam cranes. Quick despatcb. Tr.-1. Timber, iron, grain, esparto, pavement cement, china clay, cosin, turpentine, bottles, wood pulp, flour, and paper, ;

E. Coai iron, oil, machinery, castings, paper, whisky, and general merchan lise. LV. Bohemia, 2,536 tons, drawing 22ft zin; Innishorven Head, drawing 23st. zin, both discharged afloat. These ships ave the largest which have arrived at the port with full cargoes, having been placed in the deep water berths at high water. The Seamew, 765 reg. tons, is the largest vessel which has come to a discharging berth at LW. of OST. with a general cargo. Accn. The total area of the harb. (which is forme i by two breakwaters), E. 52 acres, and W. 77 acres, Both the W. and E. breakwaters are carried into 13ft at LW. of ST., and the entrance between the heads is 340ft wide. The depth at entrance 131st LWOST., at berths nil to 23st OST. 5,000ft quayage, one-third of which 1716 to 23ft LWOST. A pier 200ft wide runs out between ihe breakwaters for 1,700st. Hawthorn's Patent Slip, which can take vessels up to 950 gross tons, is 26oft long, 40ft wide, with 13ft at ST., and 8st at NT. There is good steam cranage accn., and good sheds, and every requisite of a first-class port. There are seven coal cranes and tips, each loading about vio tons per hour.

Charges.-Tonnage dues 2d to 7d reg. ton. Rates and dues as per schedule.

Pilotage.—District. Not defined. Rates. Same as Leith, Towage. -As per agreement. Officials.-Gen. Supt. of Harb., J. Howkins, C.E. ; Coll. of II.M. Cust., George Owen ; Lloyd's Agent, Geo. Macadie. GRAVESEND, Kent. On the S. side of River Thames.

miles SE. from London, opposite Tilbury Dock. Vessels wait here for tide to come up to London. THW. f. and c. ih rom. Accn. Tilbury Dock-En. to Tidal Basin from river 300ft wide, 26st deep LW., ST.45ft. Tidal Basin-19 acres water area. Lock-700ft long, Sost wide, 45ft deep. Main Dock-1,600 ft long (average), 6oost wide, 38st deep, 23 acres water area. Branch Docks-(a) 1,600ft long, zooft to zooft wide, 38ft deep, 91 acres water area. (6) 1,60oft long, 300 wide, 38ft deep, 11 acres water area. (c) 1,600ft long, 300ft to 200ft wide, 38st deep, 9; acres water area. Large graving docks, W. 875tt long, 7oft at bottom, 35ft deep at sills; E. 875st long, 6oft at botiom, 3oft deep on sills. The large and small graving docks are divi.led by centre caissons forming docks 45oft and 40oft ; 50oft and 350it ; or 550ft and 300ft in clear. Hydraulic cranes at Tilbury dock. Floating derrick for 50 toas. Auth. Thames Conservancy. Rys. L.T. & S. and all northern lines.

Officials.—Thames Conservancy Ilarb. Master, Captain A. W.


Wilson; Lloyd's Agent, A. Ronaldson ; Supt. Tilbury Dock, J.
Braithwaite ; Dockmaster, Capt. D. R. Buchan.

GT. GRIMSBY.-See Grimsby.
GT. WESTERN DOCKS, Millbay.-- See Plymouth.
GT. YARMOUTH. - See Yarmouth.
GREENFIELD, River Dee. 3 miles above Mostyn (see Chester).
GREENHITHE, River Thames. Ry. S.E. There is a pier at

this place, used by vessels loading lime. GREENOCK, Renfrew. On the Firth of Clyde. Lat. 55° 57'

N; long. 4° 44' W. Pop. 68,115. Auth. Harbour Trust, under the Greenock Harbours Acts, 1866 and 1888. P. NC. THW. oh 8m; Sp. rise roft ; N. rise 8 ft. W. prev. NW. to SW. Rys. G. & S.W. and Cal. Tr.-I. Sugar, timber, grain, cotton, hemp, iron, oil, fish; E. Refined sugar, coal, iron, and machinery. LV. Largest vessels afloat, 32ft sill. James Watt Dock oniy dock with gates on river. Accn. There is every accn. for shipping, hydraulic cranes, warehouses, &c.

Harbs.: Old Works :

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

acres. sq. yd. ft. ft. ft.

ft. ft. ft ft. 21,822 3,410 1,100 180 460 800 | 1,100 20 10 625,404 2,660 1,200

440 150 1,040 1,250 20 10 5$ 20,466 1,870 400 550 550


520 23 13 10 28,755 2,750 1,250 420 450 1,000 1,000 23 13

New Works :--Garvel Basin (tidal): quays, 2,48oft ; depth along south-west pier, 35ft HW. for boost. James Watt Wet Dock : 32st on sill ; 2,000ft long by 300 to 350ft wide ; central jetty ; length of quays 6,400ft ; grain stores. Great Harbour (tidal): 3,23oft long by 6ooft wide, 35ft deep HW. when completed. The Greenock docks and piers are approached direct from the deep channel of the Frith. The new works present the feature of an “always afloat " dock, hitherto unknown on the Clyde ; the James Watt Dock eastern and western entrances being closed by Kinipple's caissons, and keeping in 32ft water at ordinary spring tides. Crane power up to 100 tons. Graving Docks, &c.:

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Charges. -- Harb. rates. Foreign, divided into 6 classes, from 4d to 1/1 per ton covering in and out. River craft, coasting vessels, steam, for repairs, &c., in distress, exceptional, time, miscellaneous rates. Trimining charges, 1.d to 4d ion. Rates on goods, sugar 10d, grain and four 5d. Coal 3d.

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