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choked up.

Humber is under the jurisdiction of the Humber Conservancy, Captain J. W. Dixon, R.N., Conservator of Humber (Francis Berry, Clerk); Pilotage, Chas. C. Hart, Clerk to Commissioners.

Hotels.—“Grosvenor” “Royal Station” “Vittoria,” “Imperial.” HUNSTANTON, Norfolk. Under jurisdiction of King's Lynn

Conservancy Board. HYTHE, Kent. One of the Cinque Ports. The harb. is

A lifeboat station. HYTHE, Colchester. River Colne. Auth. See Colchester.

Accn. A quay 1,485ft with D. 2ft LW. Used by vessels up to 60 tons.

Official.-. C. Bates.
IKEN.-See Aldeborough.
ILFRACOMBE, Devonshire. Lat. 51° 13' N ; long. 4° 7' 30" W.

Pop. 8,500. Rys. Barnstable & North Devon, L.S.W., and G.W. THW. f. and c. 6h om. Auth. Under Acts of Parliament and Prov. Order, and the Pier and Harb. Confirmation Act, 1870, No. 1, and Pier and Farb. Orders Continuation Act, No. 5, 1897, 60 and 61 Vict., ch. 30. Tr.-1. Coal, timber, and general; E. Fruit. Accn. Inner harb. has area of about 6 acres, and the outer harb. an area of 4 acres. Dry at LWST. Vessels drawing 2oft enter at HWST., and drawing 14ft HWNT. Quayage 6ooft. Also a low water jetty, 5ft LWST., much used by excursion steamers. Crane power to 2 tons, to be increased to 5, electric. Entrance dries at LW. W. prev. SE. to SW.

Charges.- Windbound id per ton, coasting to discharge ad por ton, foreign to discharge 4d per ton. Steamers embarking or landing passengers 2d per ton reg. Passengers without luggage landing and embarking within 24 hours ad each person, with luggage landing or embarking 2d.

Pilotage. --By agreement.

Officials.--Harb. Master, T. Gordon Ede, Comr. R.N.; Officer of H.M.'s Cust., C, McNamara; Lloyd's Agent, Capt. T. Birmingham.

Hotels. “ Ilfracombe,” “ Royal Britannia," Royal, "Clarence, · Queen's," “ Runnerclive,” &c. INCHARD LOCH, Sutherlandshire. Lat. 58° 27' N ; long,

5° 7' W. A small land-locked basin, used as an anchorage by fishing boats.

INCHYRA, a creek of Perth. D. HWST. 14ft, HWNT. 8ft.
Official.-Harb. Master, J. Manby.
INNISLYRE, Co. Mayo. A deep and spacious anchorage well

supplied with warping buoys in Westport Harb., Clew Bay. Auth. West Port Harbour Commrs. Vessels are discharged afvat in 2oft to 22ft low water. THW. f. and c. 5h 2m. The Govt. is about to build a deep-water pier with 24st at LWST. and with railway connections.

Pilotage.-C. ; outside P., N.C. For charges see Westport. Official. -- Joseph M. McBride, Sec. to Westport Harb. Commrs. INVERARY, Argyllshire. Loch Fyne. Lat. 56° 40' N ; long

5° 0' W. Nearest railway station, Dalmally, 16 miles off. Auth. Town Council, under the Royal Charter of the

Burgh. Accn. An anchorage, with a pier, used by steamers and vessels of about 70 tons. D. 16ft LW. and 24st HWST. THW. f. and c. 12h om.

Charges.-According to tonnage.

Officials.-Town Clerk, R. S. Corrigall ; Deputy Town Clerk, Wm. Mitchell; Harb. Master, J. McVicar. INVERGORDON, Ross-shire, Scotland. Lat. 57° 43'N ; long.

4° 15' W. THW. f. and c. uh zom. Auth. Owner, Capt. Macleod, of Cadboll, under Act 7 Geo. IV., C 43, Accn. Tidal harb , dry at LW., formed by a pier 700ft. long. carried out into poft at LW, and 2jft at HWST and West jetty LW 7ft, HW 18st. Extensions of zoost to jetty, with double line of rails thereon, are in progress. Crane power to 3 tons.

Used by vessels of up to 1,400 tons at timber jetty. Inside up to 200 tons reg.

Charges. -Dues under 100 tons 2d per ton 100 to 300 ons 4d per ton; 300 tons and upwards 6d per ton.

Officials.-Factor, W. G. Paterson ; Harb. Master, Roderick Maclean. Hotels.—The “ Commercial,”

" " The Victoria." INVERKEITHING, Fise. Lat. 56° 2' N; long. 3° 26' W'.

Auth. Town Council, under Crown Charter. Ry. N.B. Accn. 90 acres ; dries at LW., with above 9 to fost at HWST. Quayage about 1,00ost, land-locked. Used by sailing vessels and steamers of light draught. THW. f. and c. 2h 37m.

Patent slipway and shipbuilding yard. LV. Steamers of 1,000 tons built here have left the harbour light.

Charges.--According to table in charge of the harb, master.

Officials.—Town Clerk, J. R. Menzies; Harb. Master, Wm.. Walls, INVERNESS, Inverness-shire. On the Ness, about i mile

above its confluence with the Moray Firth and at the NE. end of the Caledonian Canal. Lat. 57° 28' N; long. 4° 13 W. Pop. 21, 193. Auth. Harb. Trust, under Statute 9th July, 1817, Provisional Order, 27th June, 1883, and Statute, 13th July, 1899. P. NC. THW. f. and c. at Kessock Pier, oh 18m; Sp. rise izst; N. rise 9 lt; R. of N. 7st. D. No bar, about 7st at LWST. W. The so situated that no wind is dangerous. Ry. H. Tr.-I. Grain, guano, timber, tar, bones, coal, lime, iron, slates; E. Herrings, pitprops, sleepers, staves, timber, tar, turnips, potatoes, and grain. LV. 1,140 tons, at LWST. 30 tons. Accn. The area of the harb., formed by the lower reach of the river Ness, is about 3 acres, and there are about 800 yards of quayage space. Depth at Upper Harb. ST. rise_13ft to 14ft; NT. roft to rist; New Quay at Upper Harb. ST. 17ft to 18t; NT, rise 14ft to 15ft. Thornbush Quay, 17ft to 18st ST; 14ft to 15ft NT. Crane to 4 tons.

Charges.--Dues i}d ton ; dues on ballast 2d ton.

Pilotage.--District. One section is licensed for the extent of the jurisdiction of the port authorities. Rates. Vessels under 50 tons 71 in, and the same out, and id ton additional for every ton over 50 tons. These rates only apply within harbour limits.

Towage.—2/6 per horse from sea to Thornbush ; and if stopped at Thornbush for one tide, then from Thornbush to Upper llar


bour 2/6 per horse. Direct from sea to Upper Harbour 3/ per horse.

Officials.-Clerk to Trust, Kenneth Macdonald, Solicitor ; Ry. Man., T. A. Wilson ; Harb. Mast., Capt. Donald Munro ; Coll. of Harb. Dues, D. Munro ; Coll, of H.M. Cust., W. Stevenson. See also Caledonian Canal. IPSWICH, Suffolk. On the Orwell, about II miles from the

Lat. 53° 35' N ; long. 0° 4' E. Pop. 70,000. Auth. Dock Commission, under Statutes 45 Geo. III., c. 1o1, I Vic., c. 74, 15 Vic., c. 116, and 40 and 41 Vic., c. 216, 61 and 62 Vic., C. 193. P. N.C. THW. f. and c. ch 35m ; Sp. rise 13}ft ât Ipswich Dock. D. Between the entrance lock and Pin Mill Reach there is a depth of water in the river channel of 21}ft at OST and 18}ft at ONT. In Pin Mill Reach there are iron screw moorings and buoys for lightering with 27ft at LWST. W. prev. SW. to W.; no wind can be considered actually dangerous within the port limits. Ry. G.E. Tr.-1. Grain, cheese, timber, seeds, pyrites, phosphate of lime, and coal; E. Iron, machinery, agricultural implements, grain, patent manures, bricks, oil, roots, &c. LV. Olive ss. Lauriston and Halewood sailing ships. Accn. The area of the port is the whole of the estuary of the river Orwell above an imaginary line drawn between Shotley Point and Fagborough Cliff (the limits of the jurisdiction of the Harwich Harb. Conservancy Board), including therein a large floating dock. The area of the dock, which is approached by an entrance lock 300ft long, soft wide, is about 29 acres. Depth on sill at mean HWST. 231st, NT. 20.jft. Warehouse accn. and every facility. The dock takes vessels of 18ft to 21st dft. Within the floating dock there are 1,150yds of walled public quay, 300yds of the same unwalled, and with earth slope, 400yds of the Commissioners' and private quays, and 300yds of the Commissioners' ballast quay. On the E. bank of the river there is a timber quay. Outside the dock there are 1,000yds of walled tidal quay, used by vessels up to about 200 tons burthen, and 1,500yds of dwarf tidal quay on the frontages of roadways not used for trade. There are also tidal quays at Bournebridge Creek, at Pin Mill, Chelmondiston, and at Levington Creek. Extensive new stone quays are completed, except the cquipment, which is proceeding. The new concrete quay is 81oft long and has 23}ft water alongside at mean dock level. The new timber quay adjoins the last, is 200ft long, and has 16st water alongside. The whole of the new quays will be equipped with cart roads, tramways, crane tramways, and travelling electric cranes, and sites are provided for transit sheds and warehouses as the trade may re. quire. For ships and boats the present depth of the channel at Mulberry Middle, Downham Reach is 231st, and in Cliff Reach 23.ft at HWST. The depth of the dock, over 15 acres, at HWST. level varies from 17}ft to 21st. Crane power to 25 tons. Slips, &c.:

Depth Heig ht of sides.
Owner. Length. Width. OHW.


on Sill,


ft. 6

Patent Slip


Orvis & Fuller


ft. ft. ft.



(Carriage can be lengthened to 140ft.)


Charges.—Tonnage dues, under 80 tons 3d, 80 to 90 4d, 90 to 100 4d, 100 to 110 6d, 110 10 130 70, 130 to 150 8d, 150 to 175 911, 175 to 200 10d, 200 to 250 11d, 250 to 300 1/ per ton reg. Foreigngoing vessels 20 per cent. in addition to above scale. The above dues cover one arrival and one departure. Vessels bringing coal only and departing in ballast pay only half the above scale. Coal vessels bringing other goods are charged full duty for such goods in proportion such goods bear to the register tonnage. Having paid all rates and duties a vessel may lie up in dock, for first six weeks free, alterwards per ton, per week id. On all coals, coke, and cinders, per ton 1/6; drawbacks are allowed on all coal conveyed by rail beyond the town, or transhipped beyond the river. There are sworn meters and weighers appointed by the Commissioners. Import and export as per tariff in Act of Parliament.

Ballast put on board at the Commissioners' Wharf at 1/3 per ton. Water supplied at the Commissioners' watering stations at 1/ per 100 gals.

Pilotage.--(Established Dec., 1901.) From Harwich to Pin Mill Reach, or vice versa. Sailing vessels - Under 100 tons reg. per ft dft 1/1}; 100 10 200, 1/6; 250 to 500, 1/81; 500 and upwards, 1/10$. Steamers-Under 100 tons reg. per ft dft 1/1} ; 100 to 500, 1/6 ; 500 to 1,000, 1/10 ; 1,000 and upwards, 2/3. From Pin Mill Reach to Ipswich Dock, or vice versa. Sailing vessels, Under 100 tons reg. per ft dft, 4 d ; 100 to 250, 60 ; 250 to 500, 6 d ; 500 and upwards, 7ļd. Steamers—Under 100 tons reg. per ft dít 410; 100 to 500, 60 ; 500 to 1,000, 7:d ; 1,000 and upwards, 9d. From Harwich to Ipswich Dock,or vice versa. Sailing vessels -- Under 100 tons reg: per ft dst 1/6; 100 to 250, 21 ; 250 to 500, 2/3 ; 500 and upwards, 2/6. Steamers -- Under 100 tons reg. per ft dft, 1/6 ; 100 to 500, 2) : 500 to 1,000, 2/6; 1,000 and upwards, 3/. Vessels discharging part cargoes at Pin Mill Reach and alterwards proceeding to Ipswich dock, to be charged upon reduced, and not upon original dft, and vice versi.

Towage.-Small vessels :

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15 I 18 2

£ s. d.
115 0

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2 TO O
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2 19 O
3 2 01
3 5 O

150 ,

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Officials.--Clerk to Commission, Henry Clement Casley; Engineer, Thos. Miller, M. Inst. C.E. ; Harb. and Dock Master, J. Wing; Accountant and Coll. of Rates, E. H. Drummond ; Assist. do., F. L. Page; Dock Traffic Supt., E. Hughes; Coll. of Cust., J. Ritchie; Lloyd's Agent, E. B. Lewcock. Hotels.-"Great White Horse,' “Golden Lion,''

“ Crown and Anchor,” &c. IRELETH, a creek unuler port of Lancaster. An open beach.

D. rost HWST., 4st HWNT. IRVINE, Ayrshire. On the coast, between Troon and Ardros

san. Lat. 53° 36' 10''N; long. 4° 42' W. Pop. 9 603. Auth. Harbour Trust, under Irvine Harb. Act, 1873. THW. f. and c. ih 50m; Sp. rise rost ; N. rise 8st

D. on bar is generally 6ft at LW. ; at HWST. 16 to 16.111; N. 1411. W. prev. SW. The harb, is safe for vessels in any wind. Ry. G. & S.W. Tr.-I. Limestone, ores, salt, grain, timber; E. Coal, pig iron, fireclay goods, and chemical products. LV.632 reg. tons. Accn. The area of the harb, is about 43,444 yards; of this area 31,752 yanils have a depth from about 5ft to an average of about 911 at LW. There are no docks. The length of the quay space is 1,93511, having a depth alongside of from 7ft to 15ft. LWST. There are steam hoists, cranes, &c.

Charges.-IIarb. dues, 3d per reg. ton; ballast 4d to Sd per ton; goods 2d to 6d per ton.

Pilotage. C. or boats' assistance, id per reg. ton.
Towage.-(Compulsory.) 2d reg. ton.

Officials.--Sec., James Dickie; Ilarb. Mast., Martin Boyd ; Coll. of Rates, W. Camlin ; Ry. Supt., T. Stewart.

Brokers.-A. & J. Guthrie, Wati & Co., Longmuir Bros., J. K. Campbell, Paton & Son, &c. ISLE OF MAN. In the Irish Sea, 26 miles W. of England,

between St. Bee's Head and the Point of Ayre, 153 miles S. of Scotland between Burrow Head and the same Point, 27) miles E. of Ireland between the point W. of South Rock and Contrary Head, and 39 miles N. of Wales between Llanhana Head, Anglesea, and the Cals. Extreme length 321 statute miles, breadth about 11. statute miles. Contains about 180,000 statute acres, Lat. 54° 18' N ; long. 4° 32' W. Auth. Harbour Commissioners. Tr.- 1. Spirits, wines, colonial produce and manufactured goods; E. Fish, agricultural produce, lead ore, paper, linen, sailcloth, &c. Accn. The principal ports of the island are :-(a) Douglas. Pop. 19,000. Formed by the outlet of Douglas river. The inner harb. is covered in and defended by a north-eastern pier 173} yards long and 13} to 30 yards broad. Is well quayed for about } mile. There is also a transverse jetty. Area of harb, about 11 acres, nearly all dry at LW. The bottom is principally gravel over marl. As a rule, vessels drawing 13st can enter at St., and those drawing gft at N. In the outer harb. are two deep-water landing piers, one extending ESE. 1,500ft., the other NNE. 700ft. Depth of water alongside the former at LWOST. 2ost, and 12ft the latter. Depth of water at entrance at OST. about zoft. No bar. W. prev. S. and W., but they do not affect the harb., which is open to winds from E. to SE. only. A swing bridge crosses the harb. LV. which has ever entered harb. was o! about 1,500 tons burthen. THW. f. and c. Douglas Bar 11h 12m ;

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