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Charges.--Harb. dues inward, id per ton reg. ; inward and outward, if loaded, ifd, not loaded, id,

Pilotage.--2d per ton reg., inwards and outwards included.

Officials.-Clerk, Wm. Tregillas ; Harb. Master, Ily. Davey ; Lloyd's Agents, Bishop and Peter.

Hotels.-" The Ship” and “The Looe.”
LOSSIEMOUTH, Moray Frith, Elgin, Scotland. Lat. 58°

43. N; long. 3° 24' W. Ry. Lossiemouth & Aberdeen. Auth. Harbour Co., under Act 4 and 5 William IV., c. 86, and Prov. Order 31 and 32 Vict., c. 47. Accn. Area 5 acres 3 roods ; quayage 4,000ft. D. 8ft L.W. ; at HWST. 18 to 20ft. Used by vessels of up to 600 tons, drawing 15ft at AWST. THW. f. and c. oh. 23m. W. prev. W.; dangerous NE. to E. Crane power to 3 tons. A lifeboat station.

Charges.--6d per ton reg. inwards and outwards, foreign 8d.

Pilotage.--Coasting stations, 100 reg. tons and upwards, 2d ton, under, and all others 3d inwards and outwards.

Officials.--Sec., J. Allan ; Harb. Master, Capt. John Dean ; Lloyd's Agent, Wm. Adam. LOUGHOR, Glamorganshire. - See Llanelly. Lat. 51° 42' N ;

long. 4° 4' W; 6 miles NW. of Swansea. No harb. works. Ry. G.W. LOUGH STRANGFORD, Co. Down, Ireland. Auth. Owner,

Lord de Ros, K.P., K.C.V.O. An inlet of the sea between Belfast Lough and Dundrum Ray. It is studded with numerous rocks and islets, and the entrance is dangerous. Tr.-I. Coal, lime, bone manure, and timber; E. Potatoes, grain. Accn. There is good anchorage for ships in deep water inside. AST. 12ft bin, NT. rost. D. entrance Strat glord bar fri m 8 to gfms There are four berths at quays, 13, 12, and host ST., 10 and 8ft NT. THW. f. and c. 11h. zom. P. NC.

Charges --Harb. dues 3d per reg. tonnage when loading or discharging, including light, 1/ 10 1/6 plan kage, 1/ per ton for ballast.

Official. ---Harb. Master, Andrew McFall.
LOUGH SWILLY, Co. Donegal, Ireland. Ports, Buncrana,

Rathmullan, Ramilton, and Letterkenny, The entrance is between Fanad Point and Malin Head. Auth. County. P. NC. THW. f. and c. moon 5h 20m ; AST :3ft alongside of pier; NT oft ;_OT 12ft. W. NW. Rys. Londonderry and Lough Swilly. Tr.-I. Coal ; E. Bog ore and peat. LV. 350 tons burthen. Accn. Three berths piled ; one

D. 14st bin. W. of E. 30 yards. Charges.- Harb. dues 3d on reg. tonnage on all minerals ; 4d on goods. Loading and unloading by agreement.

Officials.- Pier Committee ; Harb. Constable, Jeremiah Logan. LOWESTOFT, Suffolk. Lat. 25° 28' N ; long. 1° 45' E. Pop.

About 30,000. Auth. G.E. Ry., under Acts 9 and 10 Vict., c. 132 ; 10 and 11 Vict., c. 98 ; 25 and 26 Vict., c. 223'; 40 and 41 Vict., c. 83, and 41 and 42 Vict., c. 154. P. N.C. THW... and c 9h 57m ; Sp. rise 6(t ; N. rise 5 ft ; R. of N. 4ift. D. on Lar 14tt. W. prev. È. ; most dangerous SSW. Ry. G.E. Tr.-I. Coal, timber, grain, seed, oilcake, ca'tle, stone bark. &c. : E. Bricks, grain, flour herrings, &c. LV. Hibernia 19st dft. At LWST. ss. Maris 16st dft. Accn. The harb. has an area of 48


acres iccluding inner and outer harbs. The length of quay in use for wharfage purposes is 6,500ft, and the length of piers and jetties not used as wharves is 4,00oft. The depth of water varies from 15 to 16ft at HT. The Trawl Fish Market has a covered area of 29,000 super. ft. ; Herring and Mackerel Market has a covered area of 48,300 super. st. There are, in connection with these markets, 59 offices occupied by fish merchants and others. Extensive improvements to meet fishing industry have been effected, and now show quay frontage of 1,1ooft, with a depth of water of 10 to uift ordinary tides. There is a patent slip up to 200 tons reg., and dry dock 240ft by 47ft. Ample warehouse accommoda. tion, and cranes of 7 tons' power.

Charges.-On vessels arriving inwards to discharge coal, reg. ton, 2d ; cargo other than coal, 4d. Refuge: on sailing vessels, reg. ton 2d ; if over 14 days id per ton per week ; screw steamers 2d, over 14 days 11d; paddle steamers 3d, over 14 days 2d. Minimum charge 2/6.

Pilotage. -District. For piloting vessels into and out of the harb. of Lowestoft. Rates per foot: 8ft dft. and under, 1/6; above Sft and under gft, 1/9; 9fc and under roft, 2/ ; Toft and under vist, 2/3 ; 11ft and under 12lt, 2/6 ; 12ft and under 13ft, 2/9 ; 13ft and under 14ft, 3/ ; 14st and under 15ft, 3/6 ; 15ft and under 16ft, 4/. All vessels receiving pilotage assistance inside the haib. are charged for such services a fixed sum, settled and determined by the SubCommissioners. Vessels piloted into the harb., if between 100 tons and 250 tons, pay 5/, and vessels ex. 250 tons pay 1/ for every 50 tons or any portion of 50 tons for use of boats.

Towage. -Sea rates. From roadstead into the harb., under 40 tons 5/ ; 40 tons and under 80, 716; 8o and under 100, 101 ; 100 and under 150, 12/6 ; 150 and under 200, 15/; 200 tons £1; over 200 tons, an alditional 2/6 for every 25 tons to or from sea. From harb, to the roadstead, under 40 tons, 3/6 ; 40 tons and under 80, 5/; 80 tons and under 100, 7/6; 100 and under 150, 10/ ; 150 and under 200, 12/6 ; 200 tons 17/6 ; over 200 tons an additional 26 for every 25 tons to or from sea. For vessels damaged, with losses, disabled, in difficulties, or in bad weather, &c., by agreement with the master of the tug or referred to the harb. master. Vessels requiring to be towed from or to sea, beyond half a mile from the pier heads in moderate weather, as agreed. When the steamtug's tow.ropes are used, a charge in addition to the above rates is made ; towage to be paid into the Dues Office when clearing.

Officials.-Gen. Man. G. E. Ry., J. F. S. Gooday; Harb. Master, H. J. Henderson; Coll. of H.M. Cust., A. Saunders ; Lloyd's Agent, F. Spashett.

Hotels. — “Royal," “Suffolk," “ Harbour," and " Crown." South Lowestoft or Kirkley--“Empire ” and “Grand.” LUNDY ISLAND, at the mouth of the Bristol Channel, si

miles N. from Hartland Point. In ancient times a noted stronghold of pirates. THW. f. and c. 5.15. Rise and fall of tide : OST. 27ft, ONT. 1&st. Accn. Open roadstead and beach. Safe anchorage. Weekly mail from Instow every Thursday, wind and weather permitting. Telegraphic communication by cable 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Sundays 8 to 10 a.m. Post office and Lloyd's signal station at same place. Important reporting station for shipping and war signal station.

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Official. Sub. Postmaster and Lloyd's Signal Master, E. W. Allday; Lloyd's Agent, H. G. Heaven. LYBSTER, Caithness. Lat. 57° 18' N; long. 3° 15' W.

Pop. 900. Auth. Owner, the Duke of Portland, under Prov. Orders, 1874 and 1879. Accn. Area 2), acres. D. 13ft at outer quay HWST., inner quay 1Ist; roft outer quay HWST. Used by vessels up to 145 tons.

THW. f. and c. Ilh 28m. W. prev. W. and SW.; most dangerous E. and SE.

Charges.—2d per ton on vessels of 15 to 45 tons reg. ; 4d on vessels over 45 tons ; ad per ton on vessels in ballast ; light dues 1); Port dues 4d ton reg.

Pilotage.-C. 3d ton inwards or outwards. Running out kedge 5/.
Official. ---Harb. Master, James Sutherland,
LYDNEY, Gloucestershire. Lat. 51° 43' N ; long. 2° 33' W.

Auth. Western, Midland, and Severn & Wye Joint Railway Companies, under Acts 49 Geo. III., c. 215 ; 50 Geo. III., 215; 51 Geo. III., c.

159; 54 Geo. III., c.

142 ; 3 Geo. IV., c. 175; 16 and 17 Vict., C. 196 ; 32 and 33 Vict., c. 137 ; 33 and 34 Vict., c. 16; 35 and 36 Vict., c. 124 and c. 109; 40 and 41 Vict., c. 120 and c. 168 ; 42 and 43 Vict., c. 163 ; 57 and 58 Vict, c. 189. THW. f. and c. about 8h. D. Average water on sill, ST. 25ft, NT. 12ft. Accn. Tidal basin, 270 x 75ft; width of entrance, 33st; depth at IIWST., 23st. Dock, 780 x 105ft; width of entrance, 25ft ; depth 14ft. Upper basin, 908

Upper basin, 908 88ft ; depth iatt. Canal, 3, 300 * 72st; depth 12ft. There is a gridiron. Nine coal staiths, capable together of loading 1,000 tons per hour. Crane power up to 10 tons. LV. 700 tons. W. prev. and most dangerous SW.

Charges. – Harb. dues do not exceed 7/6 per vessel. Local Lights Dues: Vessels loaded coastwise. jd per ton reg. ; loaded forcign, fd per ton reg. ; light or in ballast, or under 20 tons reg., no charge. Canal and dock dues, on all goods exported or imported, except coal, iron ore, and stone, 6d per ton. Wharfage, cranage, and use of coal tips, cranes, and wharf for coal and ore only 2d per ton, is conveyed over Company's Railways.

Pilotage. - For all vessels coming light from Kingroad to Sharpness or Lydney bona fide for coal, and for all such vessels laden with coal from Sharpness or Lydney to Kingroad :s. d.

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Officials.-Harb. Master, Samuel Kingsco'e Lewis ; Traffic Man. Docks and Rys., J. A. Carter. LYME REGIS, Dorsetshire. Lat. 50° 43'N ; long. 2° 56' W.

Ry, from Axminster will be opened April, 1903. THW. f. and c. 6h 21m. Auth. Mayor and Burgesses under Statute 1 and 2 Geo. IV., c. 99. Accn. Harb. is formed by a stone pier called the Cobb, and is an excellent shelter for small vessels. The ent. to harb, is on E side between two inner piers; the North


called North Wall; the South called Victoria Pier ; bottom mud and sand ; outside short breakwater of loose stones. Springs rise 13st, Neaps noft. D. Dry at LW.; at IWST. 1oft to 1211 6in. Crane up to 4 tons.

W. prev. SW. to WSIV. A lifeboat station). Charges.-Ship dues 2d reg. ton, coal 6d ton, timber 2/ load; cement 1/ ton landing. Labour : coal 2d ton, stone 13d. Export dues on stone, 2}d ton. Pilotage.--According to Trinity Scale.

Official.-Harb. Master, Wm. R. Rugg.
Hotels.-“ Royal Lion” and “ The Cups
LYMINGTON, Hampshire. Lat. 51° 46' N ; long. 1° 32' 56"

W. Ry. L. & SW. Pop. about 5,000. Auth. Town Council. Accn. There are five berths, and ships of Izst dft may be berthed at any time. W. prev. SW. D. at LW. 6ft to gst. AST. 12ft ; NT. Toft; RN. 6ft. THW. f. and c. II

There is a small slipway. P. NC. Tr.-I. Coals, timber. Officials.-Town Clerk, J. D. Rawlins; Harb. Mast., G. Keeping. LYNMOUTH, Devonshire. Lat. 51° 12' N ; long. 3° 50' W.

A small port between Combe Martin and Porlock. D. 15ft HWST. THW. f. & c. 6h 2m. A lifeboat station. LYNN (King's Lynn), Norfolk. On the outlet of the

Ouse into the Wash, Lat. 52° 45' N; long. 0° 15' E. Pop. 20,288. Auth. For the Port and Harb., Conservancy Board, constituted by the King's Lyno Conservancy Act, 1897, 60 and 61 Vic., chap. 196 ; for the Docks, the King's Lynn Dock Company, under King's Lynn Dock Act, 1865, and Acts, 1877 and 1889. P. C. THW. f. and c. 6h; Sp. rise 23ft; N. rise ust. D. on bar or sill of dock ST. 25ft ; NT. 18ft. W. prev. from SW. to NW. Rys. G.E., Midland, G.N , L. & N.W., and Mid. & G.N. Joint. Tr.-1. Timber, deals, sulphur, ore, coal, oilcake, grain, linseed, cotton seed, &c. ; E Corn, four, sand, coprolites, coal, oil, &c. LV. (sailing) 2,458, (steamer) 4,144 tons, both at HT. Vessels cannot enter at LW. Accn. The harb. is about 1,000yds long, and 150yds wide at LW. area about 30 acres, with an av. depth at LW. of about 1oft, and provides accommodation for at least 42 ships, besides the quay spaces ; and in cases of necessity the accommodation in the harb. could be greatly increased. Dredging has greatly improved the harb., there being now more uniformity of depth. There are two docks, viz., the Alexandra Dock, 64 acres area, entered by a lock 20ost long by 5oft wide, with depth on sill of 25ft ST. and 18ft NT. ; and the Bentinck Dock, with an area of 10

The quayage length is about 5,240ft; ample warehouse accommodation, hydraulic appliances, &c. There is a good and safe anchorage for vessels in Lynn roads, a deep channel to the docks (lighted by Pintsch's gas buoys and beacons), and there are powerful steam tugs for the assistance of vessels.

Charges.--Dock dues 3d to 1/ per ton reg. ; vessels loading coal only ad per ton reg. Port dues on goods shipped or delivered :Channel lights id. per ton; mooring dues d per ton; beaconage Id per ton (regular traders pay only 21 in any one year); bar flat, light, įd per. ton reg. Duchy of Cornwall, lastage on all grain shipped id quarter and the same to Conservancy Board.

Pilotage.-District. Into or out of the port of King's Lynn, or between St. Edmund's Ness (or Gore End) and Staple


Ware. In practice, the pilots conduct vessels between Lynn Harbsouth ward and the bell buoy in Lynn Lower Roads, north. ward. Rates. Not ex. roft, 1/6, ex. soft and not ex. 12ft, 1/9, ex. 12ft and not ex. 143ft, 2), ex. 141st, 2/6 foot dít. when loaded. No allowance made for any number of inches not amounting to half a foot. Additional rates for docking, undocking, mooring, and unmooring vessels or other extraordinary service, viz.:-Sailing vessels oversea.-Not ex. 100 tons reg: 4/, ex. 100 and not ex. 250 tons 5/, ex. 250 and not ex. 450 tons 6), ex. 450 tons 7/6, for all steamers oversea 10/. Vessels coastwise.—For every service rendered beyond the ordinary pilot service 1/, for mooring a vessel 2/6, lor every day after the first day a pilot is detained in the Channel on board any inward-bound vessel, 10), for attending any outwardbound vessel which subsequently proceeds to sea without a pilot 26. The Pilotage Authority, King's Lynn Conservancy Board.

Towage.--To and from the Bar Flat Lightship to Kings Lynn docks or harb. : Steamers inward and outward 2d per net reg. ton, docking only id; sailing vessels inward, all northern ports, 4}d, southern ports 6d; outward, loaded or ballast, 3d. Other distances, &c., by agreement. Tugs owned by the Board.

Officials.-Gen. Man. King's Lynn Dock and Ry. Co., A. G. Russell ; Clerk to the King's Lynn Conservancy Board, W. D. Ward, Solicitor ; Harb. Master, Captain A. H. Brown; Head Meier, W. H. Baxter ; Coll. of H. M. Cust., W. R. Twitchett; Lloyd's Agents, Garland and Flexman. MACDUFF, Banffshire. Lat. 57° 40' N ; long. 2° 30' W.

Moray Firth. Auth. Town Council of Macduff, under the Macduff Harb. Order, 1898 Accn. Outer basin, 43oft x 150ft ; inner basin, 7oost x 200ft ; entrance, 85ft wide ; quayage, 1,620ft. D. at ent. and over all harbour, HWOST. 164ft to 17ít, and HWNT. 133ft to 14st. There is a portable steam crane of 3 tons' power, and hand cranes lifting 1 ton. W. On shore from W. to E. ; most dangerous NE.

Charges.-Harb. dues, 4d per reg. ton home trade, 8d foreign. Ballast, receiving or discharging, iod per ton ; dues on ballast, 20 per ton. Berthing master's fees—Vessels under 30 tons, 80 per vessel ; vessels 30 and under 60 tons, 1/3 per vessel ; vessels 60 and under 80 tons, 1/9 per vessel ; vessels 80 and under 120 tons, 2/3 per vessel ; vessels 120 and under 300 tons, 3/6 per vessel ; vessels 300 tons and upwards, 4/6 per vessel. Water, d per ton.

Pilotage.-Inwards or outwards, 2d per reg. ton. Boat with kedve and warp, 5/.

Official.--Harb. Master, Alexander Wilson, shipbroker. MAIDSTONE, Kent. River Medway is navigable to this place for vessels of 40 to 50_tons.

D. 8ft. Pop. 33,000 ; belonging to port of Rochester. Ry. S.E. and L.C.D. Tr.-Paper, stone, fruit, and hops. (See also Allington Locks.)

Officials.--Lock Master, John Rose ; Cust. Agent, W. F.Wood. MALLAIG HARBOUR, Inverness-shire, W. coast of Scotland.

D. There are 3 fins at LW., and a good pier anchorage in 5 fms. Harbour works are in contemplation. Two steam cranes, 5 tons each. Official.-Harb. Mast., H. Grant. MALAHIDE, Co. Dublin, Ireland. Lat. 53° 28' N; long,

6° 8' W. 6 miles from Dublin. Auth, Owner. Lord Talbot de Malahide. Used by small colliers.

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